Pisces New Moon Chart & Solar Eclipse Of 8th April 2024 May Prove Bolt From The Blue For Canada

by astrodocanil
“Pisces New Moon Chart & Solar Eclipse Of 8th April 2024 May Prove Bolt From The Blue For Canada”

Hindu Astrologers solved the problem of the conflicting Lagna of the Country by casting a horoscope of the Country at the time of  Sun and Moon in the Sign Pisces on the Amavasya day. This Hindu New Moon Year sets the trend  for the Country for one year. In the Case of Canada from the 8th April 2024 to March 29th 2025. Unfortunately the Solar Eclipse is also falling on the same day in the Sign Pisces and it is visible in Canada.

The Monday, April 8, 2024, total solar eclipse will cross North America, passing over Mexico, the United States, and Canada. The total solar eclipse will begin over the South Pacific Ocean. Weather permitting, the first location in continental North America that will experience totality is Mexico’s Pacific coast at around 11:07 a.m. PDT.

Solar Eclipse and Pisces New Moon Chart For Canada of the 8th April 2024 14-20-20 hrs  On Monday Hence the King of the Year is Mars and the Minister is Saturn and both are placed in the 8th house where the Planetary war is taking place which is explosive.


When Lord of the year is Mars and in affliction with Saturn  the Following happenings could take place.

  1. Kings at daggers drawn around the world and India
  2. Trouble by thieves.
  3. Plenty of fire in forests and other places.
  4. Terrorist activities.
  5. Life and Property will not be safe.
  6. There will be less food crops.
  7. People will be unhappy.
  8. Crime will increase.
  9. Mass happenings.
  10. Earthquakes and Typhoons.
  11. Destruction of Properties all over the world.
  12. Political Turmoil.
  13. Instability in the Country and general happiness will suffer.

The Minister of the year is  Saturn and Mars and Saturn are enemies , hence a difficult year for the Globe and Canada in particular.

The effects seem explosive  due to Mars and Saturn in the 8th house 

Mars in the 8th house is evil position sudden and terrible deaths by fire accident and crime, death of military naval and medical men, notable people in the Iron and Steel Industry and Traders relating to fire works may suffer the most.

Saturn in the 8th house  is also an evil position . Death of important and elderly people and important Personalities.

 The Placement of Sun Moon Rahu Venus in the 9th house . Shipping , Religion,  Trade,  Judiciary,  Film Stars, and Judges suffer the most. Foreign Policy will not be successful, women will suffer, Adverse changes will spoil the general condition of the Country. Visa and other  things related to Travel there may be restrictions.

 The Placement of Jupiter and Mercury in the 10th house is good, but the 10th Lord in the 8th house and in Planetary war spoils the tastes of the Chart. 9th Lord in the 10th house is very good but since the 10th Lord in 8th house adverse happenings .

Ketu in the 3rd house Fraud and swindling, secret movements and crime in neighbouring places. 3rd Lord in the 10th house in gandantha is not good either strong press to control the Govt. may fail.

The Ascendant does not have aspect of any benefic planet. The General conditions of the Country may not be good

The Country is also running the Dasha of Saturn-Saturn till April 2024  and in both the Charts Saturn is connected to the 8th house and afflicted badly. Hence there will be mass happenings in the Country which may put the Country in Hot Waters .

The Solar Eclipse and the Pisces New Moon chart falling in the Ascendant of the Canada Foundation chart is self explanatory as already predicted. The eclipse will fall in the 8th house of US, in the 7th house of Russia. 3rd house of China of Boarders in the 12th house of Pakistan and in the 11th house of India .

For Canada it will be a bolt from the Blue since Saturn fallen in the 8th house and aspects the 2nd house  and in the 8th house from the 7th house marka hence Saturn -Saturn Dasha will bring a down fall in the Country and Economy. The Khalistani and Terrorist groups will be most Active during this period .

The Relations with India  will get ugly and  total diplomatic relations will break.


The chart above remains the same .

The following parameters are of concern in the above chart.

  1. Solar Eclipse and the Pisces New Moon chart fall on the same day, most crucial and venomous.
  2.  There is Vedha between Mars and Saturn in the Nakshatra Sanghatta chakra since both will be in Shatbisha star from the 24th March  to 7th April 2024 Mars and Saturn will be in Planetary war on the 8th April 2024 at the time of the Solar Eclipse most explosive for the Globe in every respect.
  3. Mars and Saturn will be in the sign Aquarius from the 15th March to 23rd April 2024. Most Crucial for the war like situations in the World. There will be vedha in the Rashi Sanghatta chakra.
  4.  Disease and Virus may also be a concern due to Transit Of Rahu-Ketu in the 1/7 axis of the Foundation chart of Canada.
  5. The Most explosive parameter in this Eclipse chart and the Pisces New Moon Chart is the King of the year is Mars and the Minister of the year is Saturn and planetary war between them at the time of the Eclipse chart and the Pisces New Moon Chart of 2024. This may lead to war like conditions in the Globe and the Brawl between the Countries may take ugly Turn. Needless to mention the Countries. North Korea, China and Russia  along with  Iran will be together and the rest of the World may be on one side. 
  6. All the above parameters indicate warlike conditions in the world and Canada in particular, natural and unnatural calamities and even a slow down in the economy.
  7. North node in adverse motion for a long period again at a stretch will also drag the Stock Market in the negative direction. between 26th March to 12th April and then from the 16th April to 24th April 2024
  8. Oil Prices may touch all time high  and Economy all time low.
  9. When Time comes I will write more .
  10. MARS THE PLANET OF AMMUNITION DUMP WILL ACTIVATE THE ECLIPSE POINTS ON THE 7-8TH AND 21-22 ND APRIL 2024 WILL BE MOST EXPLOSIVE FOR THE WORLD IN EVERY RESPECT AS PER MY ARTICLES ALREADY POSTED ON MY WEBPAGE. The Eclipse Point of tjhe Solar eclipse is 25 degrees in Pisces amnd Mars will Transit over this point on the 25th May 2024 will be most explosive for the World and Canada.
  11. North Node Rahu at a stretch in adverse motion  from the 26th March to 24th April 2024 some thing similar to what happened during the demonetization on the 8th Nov. 2016. This parameter alone can be like a snake bite
  12. Justin Trudeau will face a down fall and the Canada-India Relations will further Sour.
  13. Canada will be in Hot Waters due to slow down in the Economy, Housing Crisis and Terrorist Groups and Khalistani’s


Mars and Saturn degree conjunction is taking place on the 10th April 2024 at 20.30 degrees and in the Aries Navamsha . Saturn looses in the planetary war and is debilitated in the navamsha . This may bring mass happenings in the world.


Mars and Saturn conjunction is considered to be most inauspicious. Even Jahangir-Mughal King  of India was afraid of this conjunction.  It is mentioned in Jahangir Nama ‘ Since  a conjunction of Mars and Saturn the two inauspicious planets had occurred , I ordered gold, silver, other metals and all sorts of grains to be given  to the poor and needy and distributed through out the realm’


In this battle Rana Pratap was defeated by Akbar. Mars and Saturn conjunction in Sagittarius.


It was a fearful day when Mars and Saturn both were in Gemini. The whole population of Delhi was put on sword. Nadar Shah mounted the roof of Golden Mosque in Chandini Chowk- Delhi and ordered the general massacre (katle aam) . The Carnage began at 09-00 am, the persian soldiers forced their way into shops and houses killing the occupants and laying violet hands on anything of value. The Money Changers bazaar  and shops of jewellers and merchants were set on fire and destroyed. No distinction was made between male and female, old or young.

The dark day has become proverbial in the history of India and Nadar Shah stands for  a symbol of cruelty, anarchy and as an incarnation of devil himself.


Operation Blue Star took place in which Golden Temple was stormed by the Indian Army. The Conjunction of ZMars and Saturn was in the sign Libra the 6th house of the Foundation chart of India.


Russo-Japanese War 1905

Murder of King and Queen of Portugal 1909


  • Feb 6th  – Markale massacres a Bosnian Serb Army mortar Shell kills  68 civilians and wounds about 200 in a Sarajevo marketplace.
  • Feb 24th  – In Gloucester , local police begin excavations at 25 Cromwell Street, the home of fred west, a suspect in multiple murders. On February 28, he and his wife are arrested.
  • Feb 25th – Israeli Kahanist Branch Goldstein opens fire inside the  in the west bank ; he kills 29 Muslims before worshippers beat him to death.
  •  March 15th – U.S. troops are withdrawn from Somalia.
    • March 23rd  Green Ramp Disaster : two military aircraft collide over , North Caroline causing 24 fatalities.
    • Mexican presidential candidate Luis Donaldo was  assassinated at a campaign rally.
  • APRIL 1994

    • April6th  – Rwandan  President and Burundi  President  die when a missile shoots down their jet near,Rwanda. This is taken as a pretext to begin the Rwandan Gemocide begins on 7th April 1994.
    • . April 21st  – The Red Cross  estimates that hundreds of thousands of Tuttsi have been killed in Rwanda.


There is vedha between Mars and Saturn  in the Nakshatra Sanghatta Chakra since both will be in shatbisha star.

There will also be vedha between Mars and Saturn since both will be in Aquarius as per Rashi Sanghatta Chakra.


The Foundation chart of Canada is of the 1st July 1867  00-00-00 hrs Ottawa below

The Dasha in operation is of Saturn-Saturn-Saturn  from the 13-4-2021 to 16-4-2024 and since the Dasha Lord is placed in the 8th house  in fallen state and aspects the 10th house will put the Head of the Country in Hot waters . For the Following parameters . In Jupiter dasha lot of Terrorist groups find Canada a safe heaven and shift to Canada.

  1. Saturn as a fallen planet in the 8th house is most venomous for the growth of the Country.
  2.  The eclipse will be at 25 degrees Pisces and exactly over the MEP of the Foundation chart of Canada at 24.59 degrees.
  3. The Lagna Lord Jupiter Retrograde and with Ketu in the 12th house  and 4th Lord Mercury having aspect of Fallen Saturn crystal clears indicates what ever is happening in Canada.. The Dasha of Saturn-Mercury will therefore be more venomous then the present dasha.
  4. Saturn aspect on the 10th house
  5.  Saturn placed  in the 12th house of the Dashamsha Chart and aspects the 10th Lord Mars in the 6th house .
  6. Saturn, Jupiter and Moon Placed in the 8th house of the Dreshkanne chart in the 22DK sign.
  7. Dasha of Saturn-Mercury will also be most enigmatic since the 22 DK Lord and as stated above.8th April 2024 Solar Eclipse will fall in the 1/7 axis of the chart most crucial for the conditions in the Country.
  8. The Country may have Housing Crisis which may lead to Economic down fall after the Solar Eclipse of the 8th April 2024 falling in the 1/7 axis of the Foundation chart
  9.  The Relation between India and Canada went for a Toss in G20 only when Rahu the demon was in forward motion. The relations can never become normal due to this factor and it will be suicidal to rely on such commitments.
  10.   TRANSIT : Saturn has activated Mars in Leo and Mars will activate Saturn after the 3rd Oct to 16th Nov. 2023. This can prove to be explosive for Canada.
  11.  The future of Canada is also insecure due to reasons best known since it a safe heaven for Terrorist Groups and the Country may get bad names due to same . 
  12.  Due to the Policies of the Govt. the Country may enter into Controversies .
  13. Transit Saturn over natal Ketu and Transit Ketu over the Natal Saturn is also not good till the 16th Nov. 2023.
  14. The Country will suffer extreme conditions from the 8th April 2024 to 29th March 2025.


The parameters acquiring important dimension are as follows.

  1. 6th house Leo of the Foundation chart is rising and the Lord  Sun is in Paap Kartari yoga between Mars and Saturn.
  2. Rahu and Ketu in the 1/7 axis is not good since Rahu is in Forward Motion  and Moon in then Star of  Rahu. Most Venomous parameter for the general condition of the Country and any thing connected to Foreign nationals and significations of Rahu and will be adverse. War like situations, crime , murder, rape, communal tensions. Mass Tragedies.
  3. 4th house has malefics and Sun  Mercury  Saturn and Mars prestige and power of Govt. suffers., Economy goes for a toss. Bad for Property market.
  4. Moon, Jupiter and Ketu in 7th house , trouble in foreign affairs, Violence and strife in armed forces, spying and scandals and epidemics.
  5. When in Transit Mars, Sun and Saturn will be in the sign Aquarius will be the most difficult time for the Country between the 14th-15th March 2024.
  6.  Mars and Saturn will be over the natal Jupiter and Moon and Ketu at 20 degrees on the 8th April 2024, most explosive for the country since the conjunction will take place in thew 7th house of wars.

From the above it is certain that the Present Prime Minister down fall is indicated as per the above even before the Start of the Saturn-Mercury Dasha in April 2024 as already predicted by me  since the Eclipse is falling in the 8th house of his natal chart over the natal Moon and Mars is explosive for his down fall and the Country suffering as predicted above can be explosive.


Future Of Canada & Khalistan Movement What Star’s Foretell ? – Astrologer Anil Aggarwala (astrodocanil.com)

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  1. Brawl Between Nations India and Canada  relations become ugly.
  2. Terrorism —–Congress Leader Shot Dead In Punjab, Canada-based Khalistani Terrorist Claims Responsibility.
  3. Stock Market Looses 800 points on BSE Sensex and 240 points in Nifty on 20th Sept. 2023
  4. Brent crude futures eased from 10-month highs overnight but at $94.26 a barrel are up 30% in three months thanks to Saudi Arabia and Russia vowing to extend output cuts.
  5. Sensex Tanks 450 points and Nifty 120 points at 09-45 hrs  21st Sept. 2023. It seems the Market will tank till the 24th Sept. 2023 along with Crude oil prices may go up .
  6. The Oil Prices predictions are also part of Research and predictions may differ, but will come to some conclusions after this prediction.
  7. Fed indicates increase of interest in the future creating further confusions for investments.
  8.  My Predict5ions for Joe Biden, Justin Trudeau and Gatuam Adani for Down fall  may come true soon as per  Predictions already made

My word of Caution for players in the Stock market to be very vigilant and invest carefully else  you may land in troubles and loose money. The conditions in the Stock market will be volatile as already predicted and then the most crucial time in the Financial sector and may face the toughest time in the year 2023 as already predicted by me in so many articles on my webpage as per the partial Lunar Eclipse falling on the 29th Oct. 2023. It has been observed that ill effect of the eclipses are also felt before the actual eclipse and after the 3rd Oct. 2023 when Mars joins Libra and after the 18th Oct. 2023 when Sun also joins the Libra sign and a parallel combinations in the sign Libra for a Stock Market to take a beating.

I salute my Guru for the Teachings in Astrology.


Written on 25th Sept.  2023 10-00 hrs .

Jyotish Acharaya BVB New Delhi and Astrology Research under the Guidance of Shri  K N Rao

Award Winner In Research in ASTROLOGY




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Disclaimer Clause applicable : The writer of the Article is not responsible for any bodies loss if he invests according to the above Predictions, May be a Individual, Corporate and any Company for that Purpose. The Investor will be responsible for his whims and fancies for the Investment and shall be responsible  for losses incurred. This is only for Educational purpose and the Predictions can be wrong also. This is to see if Astrology has replicable effects 




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