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For Astrology Consultation , I want to brief you my Method of analysis.

I follow a different Procedure for analysis of a Horoscope AS COMAPRED TO CONVENTIONAL ASTROLOGERS who use only BIRTH CHARTS and by one method only.
Module 1.Ashtamangla Prashna Like going to Super Speciality Hospital
Module 2. Prashna Jyotish like going to a Good Medical Hospital
Module 3. Birth Chart like going to a Clinic

Module 4  Jamakkol

Module 5 Superimpose Prashna on Birth chart

Module 6 By  Declination of Planets

Module 7  Dasha Varga charts for Dasha  and Profession like D6 of D10 analysis and DPYH charts  unlike Parashar


Prashna Jyotish by 17 methods as follows as against one method of Birth Chart By Parashar used by Traditional Astrologers

1.Prashna Triangle (My Research)

2.Panch Pakshi

3. Naisargik and Tatlika Chakra for Direction from which asked a question

4. Arudha Lagna by Direction Faced By Querist

5.Spristanga Rashi

6.Nakshatra Number

7.First word uttered by the querist when approaching the astrologer for query.

8. By Color of Cloths Worn by the Querist.

9.By Omens and Shakun Astrology

10. By Activity of the Querist at the time of Prashna .

11. By Ashtmangla Number Between 100-999

13. By Number Between 1-108

14.Prashna Kundali using Tamil Texts and Not Parashar

15. BY breath from Right or Left Nostril

16. By Left or Right Foot Firm at the time of Prashna

17. By Drawing a Square and Rectangle at the time of Prashna


Then Proceed to Birth chart, since Prashna shows the Present Karma and Birth chart the Previous Karmas and Time of birth is often wrong and the Vargas change .

1. Correction of Birth time by Prashna Chart

2. Parashara and Nadi Predictive analysis.

3. Jaimni astrology.

4..Nadi Progression charts to evaluate the coming years

5.Mathematical Analysis of the Dasha Perioods not by conventional methods , but nadi methods and Tamil methods. e.g Dasha of Saturn is for 19 years a Divisional Chart Constructed by Tamil Method to see the Placement of the Dasha Lords Mathematically in the Chart

6. Dasha Analysis by Bodhkan and other 3 Parameters by Tamil Shastra

7. For Career D6 of D10

8. For Unearthed Gains D11 Rudramasha Chart

9.By Modern method of Dasha Analysis By H R Shashdari Famous Astrologer of South

10. Dasha Analysis by South Indian Technique of Bhodkan, Vedhkan, Pashkan and Karkan
The Above Techniques are not used by 99.9 % Astrologers

Comprehensive Analysis By the 3 Modules as mentioned above

All the Analysis is on the Tamil Texts , Parashar, and Predictive Nadi Astrology

Professional Fee

  1. Predictions By Prashna Jyotish 4 modules of Prashna Rs 7100/- only for one query
  2. Predictions By Birth charts  General Readings Rs 11100/-
  3. Predictions by Prashna and birth charts R$s 11100/- for specific one query
  4. Prediction by Declination of Plane Total 7 Modules Rs 13100/-
  1. Professional Fee will be entirely on the Query of the Querist and depending upon the

above 3 Options and Shall be informed upon submission of the query , or Talk on Phone , or Message through email 

Once Decided to Take the Consultation I would require the following Parameters as well

1.D.O.B Place of birth and Time of Birth,

2. Direction Facing w.r. t. Sun rising from East at the time of Query

3. Your activity . Body parts touched by you at the time of writing or consulting me for query

4. One to one Talk will be better for queries .

5 . Query should be asked with Pious Mind and the one Bothering you most.The Query should be in one line Put in Inverted comas.

6. Number between 1-108

8. Colour of Clothes worn at the Time of Query

9. Any Omens and Shakuns(Happenings) at the time of Query Around you. Please write what ever is Happening Predictions through Birth chart and Prashna Chart

10. A Number between 111 to 888 3 digit not using 9 and 0 may also be chosen and sent to me with above information.

Professional Fee shall be informed Upon the Query as mentioned above

Book an Appointment Now Between 9.00 AM to 9.00 PM on Phone +918527884764, Email: Skypee ID aggarwalaanil WhatApp +919810038903

Consultation Fee as per Query

Birth Chart analysis As Per Query
Birth chart and Prashna chart together using 7 Modules As Per Query

Financial Analysis and Career Analysis

Jyotish Acharaya anil aggarwala 3 times Jyotish Alankar and 3 times Jyotish Acharaya , 2 years for Research with Shri K N Rao and 3 Years with Tamil Astrologer most talented and following his father and fore fathers doing Astrology by South Indian Techniques .

Call +918527884764 whatapp also email

Disclaimer : The Predictions are purely on Astrological Texts and Classics as per Vedic Astrology. The Predictions as per birth chart will be toatlly on the Data given by the Querist . Any variation in the Data will change the Predictions and hence the Responsibility of the Querist, because any difference in the time of birth will change the Predictions. Only Serious queries Give very good results and Casual queries donot give good Results . Astrology also works for those who believe in Astrology .


 Teaching  Astrology By Tamil Texts and other Relevant Astrology Classics

Prasha Jyotish Semester

Course Details

Prashna Jyotish By Tamil Texts 

Analysing the Query By the Prashna charts using  the Following Parameters

    1. 5 Limbs of the Day
    2. Direction Faced by the Querist
    3. Body Parts Touched By the Querist
    4. 28 Nakshatras
    5. By the First Letter of the Word Uttered By the Querist
    6. Color of the clothes Worn By the Querist
    7. Activity of the Querist
    8. Shakuns at the Time of Query
    9. Analysing the Planetary Positions with Respect to Birth chart
    10. By Ashtakvarga
    11. Using the Chakras

Total 15 Methods employed to answera Prashna By Ashtamangla Prashna, Prashna chart and other Advanced Techniques

Duration and Timings

10 Lectures of 60 minutes each  and Minimum 2 Lectures a Day for Basic Course in Prashna
Ashtamangla Prashna along with other Techniques 10 Lectures

There are 4 Modules in the Prashna course.

  1.  By 15 methods stated above
  2. Ashtamangla Prashna
  3. Prashna By B V Raman and Parashar
  4. Jamakkol
    Total Prashna Course with Advanced Methods Total as per above 40 Lectures

Natal Astrology Details given below
Text  Material

For Text material only and no Lectures Rs 8000/- for each Module of Prediction and each Semester. There may be total of 13 Semesters including the Mundane Astrology.

In Case a Person wants Lectrures individually It will Cost Rs 2000/- for each Lecture for 60 Minutes

Text Material will be given on the Mail and those Interested can also Get Photocopies as well

Audio Recordings Can be Made for the Lectures

Minimum Group of 5 Students Required for One Class .

Professional Fee

According to Number of Students

For any Queries

Please Call Acharaya anil aggarwala 8527884764

anil aggarwala BSc.Engg. P.E.C Ch.

 Jyotish Acharaya , Research  BVB New Delhi Year 2007 to 2012



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Award Winner in Research in Astrology in Bhartiya Vidhya Bhawan New Delhi

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Teaching and Consultation

Financial Astrology   Teaching Please contact me on +918527884764 

Skypee ID aggarwalaanil

 Disclaimer Clause as Per the webpage applicable .




My  Email ID  or call Mobile number+918527884764 , WhatApps No.  +919810038903

Syllabus Astrology will Talior made 

Total 10 Semesters as mentioned above

Each  Class would have First  10 minutes to solve Problems of the Student Relating to Lessons Taught .

One free Trial Lecture For Students want to Learn Astrology through Skypee.

Special Course 

10 Lectures for each Subject like Marriage, Career, Diseases and other queries

All Notes and Audios will be Given by me
Tamil Text Relevant with the Teaching will also be given in a Spirialed form after Payment of Actual Photocopy and Binding About Rs. 500/- Each

Complete Text and Audios will be given with Lectures .

Professional Fee

As per Number of Students  or Group of Students. Single Student Teaching will be More

For Foreign Students the Fee schedule is separate

The classes could be given Personally or on Skypee as well
Jyotish Acharaya anil aggarwala  Email

Ph. 9810038903,8527884764


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