Down Fall Of Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau As Solar Eclipse Falls On Natal Moon & Mars

Theory of Inevitability & Eclipses In 1/7 Axis Of Moon And Mars

by astrodocanil
“Down Fall Of Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau As Solar Eclipse Falls On Natal Moon & Mars”

This is with reference to my Article  below

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As per the above article the Solar Eclipse of the 8th April 2023 is falling in the 8th house  and over the natal Moon and Mars in the sign Pisces. See the chart below.

Let us Now Analyse the Chart of Justin Trudeau of the 25th Dec 1971  21.25 hrs Canada Ontario Ottawa of Leo Ascendant and Pisces Moon sign as per the unique Principles of Nadi Shastra.

The Garbshishta  Planets are Mercury  and Mars  both related to the 8th house . There are 2 exchanges of Jupiter and Mars  and 2nd one Venus and Saturn, since the trik bhavas are involved they are called Khala yogas and not good specially when related to the Garbshishta Planets 


 Dasha at birth connected to 8th Lord  Jupiter and Venus in the 6th house eclipsed by Rahu is another Factor not good . In navamsha the Rahu in Aries and Ketu in Libra indicate then when Rahu and Ketu will transit over this axis after 18 years there would be an issue in Marriage  as predicted earlier and Dasha of Mars-Rahu dasha till 6th May 2024 will be taxing due the above article principles since the Solar Eclipse of the 8th April 2024 will fall in the 8th house over the natal Moon and Mars and in close degrees of Moon . The Eclipse point is 21 degrees and Mars in Transit will activate this sensitive arc around the 21st May 2024. This can prove to be a bolt from the blue for Justin Trudeau. This time frame will alkso not good for the Country it so seems . I will write an Article regarding the same soon.

As per the progression charts by Manu Smriti the Chart 2 years from Dec. 2023 are most taxing and may put him in deep trouble and may have a status fall for sure. The Country may also suffer during this time frame. I will write another Article soon on that score. The most crucial time frame is from the 8th April -26th May 2024 and then from Dec. 2024 onwards .The eclipse point in Canada is 25 degrees in Pisces——-Note these predictions


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