Venus Godess Of Love & Beauty: What It Foretells When Afflicted

by astrodocanil

This is with reference to my Articles mentioned below . In this article I am going to discuss the Affliction to Venus in the Kendra, 12th and the 8th house apart from this the Dispositor of Venus should be well placed and not in affliction. In the Present Transit today Venus is in deep combustion in the sign Libra with Sun and we see lot of happenings related to Venus significations sprouting with magnitude  

1. “Astrology Predicted Loud And Clear For Venus Affliction In Natal and Transit From 1st Sept. to 1st Jan 2019 : Venomous”…an-2019-venomous/  

2.”Fugitive Billionaire Diamond Merchants Nirav Modi & Mehul Choksi Fate By Jyotish Shastra”…-jyotish-shastra/ Both Mehul Choksi and Nirav Modi have Afflictions in Kendra from Venus  and Venus is the Significator of Diamond. And whatt ever ASTROLOGY SPOKE LOUD AND CLEAR  HAS PROVED ON DOT. I had Written an Article” North Node: The Key Planet For Rise And Fall” in the EXPRESS STAR TELLER  in the August 2018 Edition on the page 38 and had Predicted for Nirav Modi and we all know both Mehul Choksi and Nirav Modi are in Hot waters and their Properties worth 500 Crores have been attached  veryafter 11th Oct and 24th Oct. 2018

3.”New Moon Chart of the 9th Oct. 2018 What It Foretells ?”…hat-it-foretells/

As per the above article let me reproduce the text what I had written on Venus and the predictions in the Fortnight to come 

Significations of the 5th House 

Educational Institutions,  Entertainment Industry, Speculations , Hotel Industry,weather conditions, Volcanic Eruptions , Trade and Agriculture , The Trade wars will also not be solved it so seems in this Fortnight though Venus Retrograde may help in the same after it becomes an Evening Star as indicated in this article .Bollywood Stars could suffer Marital Disputes and may become the breaking news.  Kendra and Kona from Venus afflicted badly in this fortnight , in fact from the 1st Sept. 2018 onwards . Shastra says Venus has to be seen as a separate planet and  when the Kendra and Kona from Venus are afflicted then Luck and Fortune are missing also when Kona are afflicted then the Women does not get the apnapan and the security . In the present Scenario till Venus is in Libra till 1st Jan. 2019 the Kendras are afflicted badly by Mars, Ketu and Rahu and Kona by Saturn , hence the Luck, Fortune, Apnapan and Security of the women suffers to a great extent . The Marriage taking place in this time frame is there for critical specially for those Men and Women who have entered into relationships and also have such afflictions can there suffer to a great extent . Such cases will also be exposed in the Entertainment Industry and Bollywood from the  Sept. 2018 to 1st Jan 2019. Women blaming Men for Exploitations and could be breaking news for some  and in some case Marital Relations Break by some Bollywod Actress

4.”“Venus The Godess Of Love And Beauty In Libra for Over 121Days : What It Foretells ?”…hat-it-foretells/ dated 1st Sept. 2018

As per this Article I hereby reproduce the important text here in this Article 

Venus the Godess of Love and Beauty will over stay in Libra for over stay for 121 days  from the 1st Sept. 2018 23.27 hrs. to 1st Jan 2019 20.43 hrs .

Venus Facts. Venus is the second planet from the Sun and the third brightest object in Earth’s sky after the Sun and Moon. … The planet is named for Venus, the Roman goddess of love and beauty and is the second largest terrestrial planet.

Sept. 2018 is a special month since so many changes of the planetary positions are taking place . Before I take up Venus let me write the Planetary effect of the Planets in the month of Sept. and Oct. 2018

Mars will remain in Kendra from Venus from 1st Sept. to 6th Nov. 2018 not supposed to be good for the significations of Venus as per Shastra 

Rahu and Ketu will remain in the signs Cancer and Capricorn till 25th March 2019 and will be in the Kendra from Venus till 1st Jan. 2019  and not supposed to be good as per shastra

Let us now Talk about Venus in detail 

Venus the Godess of Love and Beauty will over stay in Libra for over 121 days  from the 1st Sept. 2018 23.27 hrs. to 1st Jan 2019 20.43 hrs .

Venus Facts. Venus is the second planet from the Sun and the third brightest object in Earth’s sky after the Sun and Moon. … The planet is named for Venus, the Roman goddess of love and beauty and is the second largest terrestrial planet.

Venus is a planet of love and romance, beauty, dance and music

Day of  Venus Friday

Direction South East

Color  White

Orbit time in one zodiac sign 28 days average

Orbit time of one zodiac cycle 11 months average

Declination of Venus is 8 years and every 8 years when it reaches its exaltation sign Pieces overstays for 128 days like it did on the 27th Jan 2017 and stayed in Pieces . The Declination of Venus is extremely important for deciding the year of Marriage . The Stone of Venus is diamond which has 8 heads

During the transit in the sign libra venus will transit in the nakshatra of Mars, Rahu and Jupiter in the nakshatra of  chitra, swati and vishaka. In the cyclic period of retrogression Venus shifts from a morning star to evening star and when it becomes an evening star it becomes extremely powerful and major events take place concerning the war. Venus became an evening Star  9 months back on the 10th Jan. 2018 and will become a Morning star on the 25th  Oct 2018. this 9 month period is symbolic as it is the gestation period for a baby, the world is therefore coming to a new birth. The Jyotish shastra also says that when jupiter, Sun and Moon were in  pushya nakshatra the world came into existence, which is not happening in the near future, hence this may be a segmental change for the global events. and till it becomes a Morning Start there may be Brawl between the nations, Trade wars may Escalate , Financial and the Stock Markets may behave like a sine curve, a Rollar Coaster rides in the Financial sectors  and specially after Saturn also becomes direct will be the Key Date for the same 


Venus joins Jupiter in Libra on the 1st Sept. 2018 at 23.27 hrs.. Venus is out of the Debilitation sign . Venus will become Retrograde on the 5th Oct. 2018 at 16.43 degrees and in 6th Navamsha of its Exhaltation sign and become direct on the 16th Nov. 2018. Venus will stay in Libra for 121 days . The entire month of Sept. 2018 transitting Jupiter and Venus will be together in Libra. This will bring peace and togetherness. Another interesting feature of the Month of Sept. is these 2 planets are in opposition to Uranus. Conjunction of Of Jupiter and Venus as per Mundane Astrology are times of Disaster . Late Hardeo Sharma Trivedi made brilliant use of the time tested Principle(1971 Nov. Mukti Vahini of East Pakistan and Blood Shed) July 1988 Teheran —– 30000 executed . Saturn is also reaching the 30 year mark when in 1988 Saturn was also in sagitarius when specially Mars will be hehind Ketu till 26th Sept. 2018 and the Kendra from Venus and Jupiter will be afflicted . Fortunately Jupiter and Venus will not degree conjunct . Venus is supposed to be very strong in Libra  since in navamsha it will also exalt when in the 6th Navamsha .The aspect of Neptune on these 2 planets will cast spirtual awareness and heal the angry issues proved by the conjunction of Mars and Ketu. Inspite os all this there will also be a healing by the energy of Venus in Libra. 10th house from Venus will be Rahu and Mars  andd hence the Focus will be more on Venus after Venus ingresses in Libra  

Venus Retrograde and the power of love 

When Venus becomes Retrograde it becomes extremely powerful. It turns retrograde every 18 months .Venus is the planet who spends the least time in retrogression and in the present trasit it will be retrograde for 42 days . It will turn Retrograde on the 5th-Oct. 2018 and become dorect on the 16th Nov. 2018. It becomes Direct at 1 degree Libra where it is also Vargottam. Major peace treaties take place when Venus is retrograde , hence it seems the Brawl between the nations and the trade wars may escalate till 5th-6th Oct. 2018 after which there is a possibility of some relief , but mind you the Mars will activate the Eclipse point of the Solar Eclipse on the 26th Oct. 2018, hence the peace treaties can only take place when Mars leaves the sign Capricorn and Venus is stationary at 1 degrees Libra on the 16th Nov. 2018. 

On 5th October Venus became stationary, stopped moving from our perspective until 6th October.

On 2nd November Venus will become visible again as a Morning Star, but still will be retrograde., Hence Roller -Coaster rides in the Financial markets, Global events and hence no improvbement till this time in the Stock and the Financial Markets . The Longitudnal distance will start reducing after 5th Oct. 2018 between Mercruy and Venus in the sign Libra the most crucial sign for the Financial Astrology 

From 15 November Venus will be stationary again until on 16th November she becomes direct and visible.

The unfortunate part is that the Kendras from Venus are afflicted  by the Nodes and Mars  till 25th March 2019 by the nodes and till 6th Nov. 2018 by Mars  during the stay of Venus in the sign Libra its mooltrikona sign

Shastra says when the Kendra from Venus are afflicted then there is no luck and Prosperity rather scams, and negative significations of Venus sprout and all those who have the afflictions to Venus in the natal chart suffer on account of the Venus significations, may be it is Marital Relations, Flirting with women, Marriages, Vehicles Accidents etc. When the 4,8th and the 12th from Venus are afflicted then the Married life of the native suffers to quite an extent . When the trikonas are afflicted then when a women goes to a house of her spouse may not get the apnapan and the Security for her life , These parameters are to be seen both in the case of the boy and the girl before marriage while matching the Charts , Hence those Natives who have afflictions as stated above should not marry till Venus is in affliction as per the above . Fallen Venus even denies Marriage and is the most malefic and Venomous parameter for Venus for any individual .

At the time of my writing the article Venus is in the sign Virgo and Venus is also Vargottam neecha  and aspected by Saturn who is moving extremely slow and reaching its stationary point and Moon in Bharini nakshatra and Placed in the 8th house from Venus and  Delhi has rains for 2-3 hrs and lot of Vehicles have been damaged due to rain water entering the engine through the exhaust pipe .Any Planet changing sign and specially when about to change its state in any respect brings good or bad effects. 

Now Let bring forth the happenings specially in regard to Venus significations  in the Bollywood .

Actress Tanushree Dutta‘s allegations of sexual harassment in 2018 was a catalyst of the “Me Too” movement in India


Actress Tanushree Dutta‘s allegations of sexual harassment in 2018 was a catalyst of the “Me Too” movement in India

On 26 September 2018, after having been out of the Bollywood spotlight for about a decade, actress Tanushree Dutta gave an interview to Zoom TV in which she publicly accused Nana Patekar of sexually harassing her on the sets of the 2009 movie Horn ‘Ok’ Pleassss. This declaration would be seen as the catalyst of the Me Too movement in India, similar to one which happened in the U.S. a year earlier with Harvey Weinstein, in which more and more women in the entertainment industry would publicly announce high-profile individuals who had sexually exploited them. Dutta had first made the allegations against Patekar in 2008, filing a complaint with the ‘CINTAA'(Cine & TV Artists Association) but no action was taken as the case was considered a criminal case. The allegation was repeated in 2013 in an interview, and again largely ignored. It was not until her September 2018 statements that the CINTAA apologized to Dutta, admitting that the “chief grievance of sexual harassment wasn’t even addressed[in 2008]” but added that since the case was more than three years old, they could not reopen it

Nana Patekar 1st Jan 1951

Now see the chart Natal Planetary Positions and the Transit Positions  below as on today the 27th Oct. 2018

In the natal chart he has Venus and Mercury in Sagitarius and Mercury under deep combustion and Dispositor of Venus in Guru chandal yoga and in Kendra from Venus Saturn placement with Moon , He is Manglik from Moon and Venus 


Alok Nath Born on the 10th July 1956 

 See the Planetary positions in the natal chart and the transit on the 27th Oct. 2018 below 

I dont have the Birth time but comparing the Planetary positions in the natal and ther Transit we get wealth of information for the native present scenario in his life 

Note the following Parameters in his chart

1. Venus Fallen and Retrograde most malefic  and in 6/8 axis with Transit Venus

2. Venus in Rahu-Ketu axis and all 4 Kendra from Venus under affliction by the Nodes , Mars and Saturn, In Transit the same Position and Venus under deep Combustion on the 26th Oct. 2018

Now Read this Court rejects Alok Nath’s plea for injunction on Vinta Nanda’s-plea-for-injunction-on-vinta-nanda/ar-BBOVmuf?ocid=spartanntp


The City Civil Court in Dindoshi rejected a plea filed by actor Alok Nath seeking an injunction to be placed on screenwriter Vinta Nanda from speaking to publications about the rape allegations she has levelled against him.

Earlier this month, Nath had through his wife Ashu Singh filed a civil defamation suit against Nanda, asking for damages of Rs. 1 apart from directions from the court seeking a ban on Nanda releasing any statement publicly that would defame him further.

 Sessions Judge S. U. Baghele observed that neither Singh nor Nath could claim to having been defamed by a post that Nanda wrote on her Facebook page on October 8 in which she alleged that he had raped her 19 years ago.

Judge Baghele observed that Ashu Singh, who is plaintiff number 1 in the suit, and Alok Nath would be not granted any ad interim relief.

No date was set by the court to hear Singh and Nath’s suit.

Vinta Nanda’s lawyer Dhruti Kapadia prayed for the suit to be dismissed outright.

All about India’s #MeToo movement

Reacting to the judgement, Kapadia said that it was a great victory for women. “I am very happy that the court has passed this verdict. More women will now come out and speak up. Many people had advised my client not to take on Nath as he is an influential man. We will now fight this till the end,” she said.

On Thursday, Advocate Ashok Saraogi, who is representing Alok Nath, had argued in court that Nanda, being a screenwriter, has made up a story of being raped. He also accused Nanda of making allegations against him for money and to gain publicity. He claimed that his client is a victim of a media trial. In court, Sarogi also argued that Nanda chose not to complain about the alleged assault when it took place nearly two decades ago and questioned why she had decided not to approach the authorities then and instead write about her account in detail in a Facebook post.

All other cases not named for reasons best known and not discussed and media bringing forth all have afflictions to venus in their Natal Chart and since similair afflictions in the transit are trapped due to their misconduct with women

There are so many cases reoported by media

Anu Malik 2nd Nov. 1956

Venus Debilitated and aspected by Mars 8th aspect  and Exchange of Venus and Mercury, dispositor of Venus with Debilitated Sun and Transit we all know today

Kailash Kher 7th July 1973

Venus  in the sign Cancer with Mercury Retrograde and 12th house from Venus in acute affliction and 7th House from Venus Debilitated Jupiter . Eclipses over the 1/7 axis of the Venus and Jupiter most crucial time for all this 

Vijay Mallya 18th Dec. 1955

Venus with Mercury  and 12th house from Venus in acute affliction Venus 28.55 degrees . Bound to Suffer immensely after Ketu Transit over the Natal Venus on the 25th March 2019 and when Jupiter also Touches the Sign on the 29th March and then Jupiter is fallen after 23rd April 2019, all his ewealth will be attached and he will suffer the maximum on account of his wealth and scams sprouting on account of Venus significations 

Vijay Mallya 18th Dec. 1955

Venus with Mercury and Sun, 12th house from Venus in acute affliction by Saturn and Rahu and after 25th March 2019 Ketu will move over the natal Venus will ruin him  when Jupiter will also touch the Sign between 29th March to 23rd April 2019

Rajat Kapoor 11th Feb 1961

Venus Exhalted and Kendra from Venus Mars  and Dispositor of Venus Jupiter in Debilitation and Eclipses over the natal Sun, Sat and Jupiter in Capricorn

Rahul Gandhi 19th June 1970

Read my Articles on him link

Rahul Gandhi has Libra Lagna and Venus in the 10th house in Cancer and the dispositor Moon in 6/8 axis from Venus and Kendra from Venus Debilitated Saturn, Mars in the 12th from Venus 

Present Scenario

Rahul Gandhi has Libra Ascendant and today his Venus in the Lagna is totally under deep Combustion and the Moon Sign Lord is in the 12th from Moon . Transit Sun Debilitated in the Lagna aspects his Debilitated Saturn, what can you expect from these planetary combinations .At 11.30 am Sagitarius Lagna is rising and the Lord in the 12th house and 7th and 11th Lord in the 11th house , there is no relation of Moon and the Lagna Lord so the dispute will prolong  for political tug of war with the ruling Govt. , Talking of the movement on the 26th Oct. 2018 at 11.309rs  Saturn in the Lagna, Moon in movabale sign and 4th house a watery sign is not good for Rahul Gandhi, since his Saturn is also Debilitated and Transit Saturn in trine from his natal Saturn. I dont think this will bring good results for him any wayspecially when His Venus is at 9.00 degrees in Cancer and in Transit malefics in the Kendra from his natal Venus and also strong malefics from his natal Venus very close degrees in Transit. Transit Mars is at 24 degrees in Capricorn in the 10th house from his natal Saturn at 24 degrees the most malefic parameter for him. Navamsha again Mars is in the Lagna with Leo Lagna , not good at all

From the above it is crystal clear that if Venus is afflicted in the natal chart as explained above and Transit positions are similair one suffers from all kind of Troubles related to significations of Venus. Also it seems that the Transit of the Nodes till 25th March and till 23rd April 2019 could be bolt from the blue for the above since  Venus is afflicted in all the above cases 

Written on 27th Oct. 2018 06.25 Hrs. New Delhi

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