Total Solar Eclipse 20th April 2023 What It Has Up It’s Sleeves ?

by astrodocanil
Total Solar Eclipse 20th April 2023 What It Has Up It’s Sleeves ?

All My Predictions made till date have proved spot on . Talk about the Subject and my predictions are there. Now In this Article I am talking about the Solar Eclipse on 20th April 2023

Eclipses have great importance in mundane astrology as they represent peaks of energy discharged and their period of influence  extends over considerable period of time. In Lunar eclipse the effects are immediately available  but in Solar eclipse some months elapse before greatest effects appear. Effects of the eclipses depends upon the duration of the eclipses.

According to Varahamihra if Sun and Moon are eclipsed there would be danger to autumnal crops as well as the Kings of the Country. On the other hand if eclipses are total and eclipse orbit is also influenced by malefics as well, there would be famine and pestilence all over the Country. The effects are seen more in the Countries where are eclipses are visible.

In the movable signs as the case of the Total Solar eclipse on the 20th April 2023 the effects will be over soon and since in fiery sign people working with fire would suffer . Since the Solar Eclipse is not visible in India and its sutak (religious ritual) will not be observed, but since the Rahu will be eclipsing the Luminaries and there is aspect of Saturn on the Rahu almost degree-wise  and number of planets in the star of Rahu and Ketu the effects  will may be seen .

Horoscope of the Solar Eclipse

As per the above chart there are 6 planets in the star of Rahu and Ketu. The most disturbing factor is the Saturn in the Star of Rahu and aspects Rahu degree-wise by 3rd aspect and Jupiter just after the Eclipse joins the Sign Aries in the Star of Ketu. Due to the above cases of Corona virus may be on the increase for the coming few months, although there is no affliction to the 6th Lord in the D6 and D8 which is a saving factor and indicates the virus may not be a fatal one. The Grace is the eclipse is taking place in Ashvini Star and a star for healing ,hence not much effect even  and will disappear soon 

The Possibility of the new variant spreading across the world is not ruled out where the Eclipse is visible  specially in the South-East Asia but not fatal and rather it may subside slowly


On the 22nd April 2023 just after the eclipse Jupiter will shift to Aries sign in the Star of Ketu. The Following will be the effects.

  1. Weather Change and unseasonal rains
  2. Increase in the Prices of Gold.
  3. Effects on the Global Economy. Upheaval in the Stock and the Financial Markets . Already Predicted long back.
  4. Financial scams will come out of the bag.
  5. Gautam Adani May suffer the most as already predicted and my predictions have been spot on .
  6. Rulers of the Country may suffer opposition.
  7. The effects may be seen in the coming month or 2


For India I have already Predicted that the dasha of Moon -Ketu till the 11th July 2023 will be most malefic since Ketu is not well placed in ther foundation chart of India in the 7th house of wars and in the Lagna with Mars in the rudramsha chart and we all know what happened in the Dasha of Sat-Sat-Ketu at the the of Independence . There could be Terrorism, Religious Fundamentalism, Strikes Processions and losses since the Eclipse is taking place in the 12th house and there is exchange of the 2nd and the 12th house Mercury and Mars. There could be extreme heat wave just after the Eclip0se since the eclipse is taking place in fiery sign.

Countries Like Russia having Virgo Ascendant and the Eclipse taking place in the 8th house may suffer along with Vladimir Putin.

For Individuals Ketu as the 3rd 5th and the 7th Tara is bad and 2nd 4th and 6th are beneficial from the Janam star


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The above predictions are educational purposes and if any body invests according to the above predictions he shall be doing at his own risk and fancies. The writer of the Article os no way responsible for any losses made by the Investor who so ever. Please note

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