Stock Markets Rise & Fall Political Trauma Tsunami Rise In Inflation Crude Oil & Precious Metals Till April 2022

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“Stock Markets Rise & Fall Political Trauma Tsunami Rise In Inflation Crude Oil & Precious Metals Till April 2022”

 The Planetary Positions  from the 1st Jan to 24th April 2022 are taxing for the Globe in every respect. The World may go through Roller Coaster Rides specially in the 1st 4 months of the year as already predicted and all my predictions seem to be coming true.  The Avrohi Kaal Sarpa yoga from the 14th Dec. 2021 to 24th April 2022 is indicative of all this since all the planets will be under the shadow of the Nodes Rahu and Ketu. There may be strong Rise and Fall in the Stock markets,  Political Trauma’s  Tsunami’s , Rise in the Inflation, Crude Oil Prices and the Precious Metals Gold  and Silver.

  1. The Chart of the 1st Jan 2022 has the 3 Planets conjunct Moon, Mars and Ketu in the sign Scorpio a watery sign, Solar Ingress in Capricorn has Mars and Ketu in Scorpio and 5 Planets in the sign Capricorn on the 27th Feb 2022 again a watery sign for Mundane events.1st to 8th April  2022 is Explosive for Earthquakes  Tsunami’s Political Trauma Terrorism and Warlike situations in the Globe. All these parameters  may be responsible for the extreme cold weather and Tsunami’s Parallel situations like 16th June 2013 when we had the Uttarakhand Cloudburst in India and the 26th Dec 2004 Tsunami of Indonesia. The Coastal Areas of the world may be influenced adversely  specially  the Countries most prone are Indonesia, Japan, and Coastal Areas of India.
  2. 1st Feb New  Moon Chart 4 Planets in the sign Capricorn and Saturn the Lord of the sign Combusted  in the 10th house as the 10th Lord  may give rise to Political Trauma’s , Brawl between nations. Ukraine-Russia, China-India, China-US and Crisis in the Gulf Countries .
  3. Mars and Venus in the sign Sagittarius and Capricorn coming close to each other between the 10th Feb to 10th March 2022 Most Crucial for Stock Markets all, Untoward happenings and for the Virus Spread.
  4. Mars in the 12th house of the Saturn from the 17th Jan to 27th Feb. 2022  and then Conjunct in Capricorn till 2nd April 2022 again responsible for strong Volatility first and then big corrections in the Stock Markets respectively. Rise in Inflation, rise in the cost of the  Precious Metals, Political Trauma’s During this time  frame. This time Frame is   parallel to 7th Feb -24th March 2020 when we had 1st Wave of Corona and the Stock Markets had Crash and Nifty touched 7511. Now the situations may not be that grim since Jupiter the Karka is is not debilitated but in the sign Aquarius and also not very good for the Economy.
  5. 27th Feb to 2nd April  2022 Strong Corrections in the Stock and the Financial Markets specially after the 18th Feb. 2022 to 2nd April 2022. Rise in Inflation and Rise in the cost of the Precious metals would also take Place 
  6. Pisces New Moon Chart of the 1st April 2022 for  the year 2022-2023 is of Gemini Ascendant  and Lagna Lord in the 10th house in Debilitation and having aspect of Saturn from the 8th house, Mars and Saturn in the 8th house in the sign Capricorn in close degrees.   Mars aspects Rahu and Saturn aspects Ketu in very close degrees is another parameter which may bring adversities and Warlike situations in India and the Globe .Saturn is the Lord of the year and may bring all adversities as can be seen in the earlier times of 1991 when Saturn was the Lord of the year in the Pisces New Moon chart.
  7. We will have Parallel situations like the Harshad Mehta Scam of the April 1992 since The Slow moving Planets cycle LCM is 30 and  we are 30 years from the year April 1992 and Saturn in the Dhanistha Star may give the worst Results for all the above after the 18th Feb. 2022 to 31st March 2022.
  8. 17th March 2022 True Nodes will change their Axis to Aries-Libra and in the Kendra from Mars and Saturn and having degree aspect by Mars on Rahu and Saturn on Ketu may prove explosive for all the events discussed in this article including natural and unnatural calamities  . From the 17th March to 2nd April 2022 also there could be deep corrections in the Stock Markets .
  9. Stock Markets can be Volatile till the 18th Feb 2022 and rise and Fall in the Markets is not ruled out
  10. 1st to 8th April 2022 Time frame is the most difficult time frame for all the above happenings and the peak of the adverse situations  for Natural and Unnatural Calamities Earthquakes  etc.





My Disclaimer Clause is applicable . This is just an Astrological Analysis as per My Research Techniques . My Predictions may also May go wrong since exact data taken may be wrong  This is  a Research Article  The Above Predictions have been made on the bases of the information available on the Internet and Planetary positions some what parallel to earlier Stock Market Crash.

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This is only Astrological analysis and on the bases of the earlier happenings .  This Can Have an Adverse impact on the Stock and the Financial Markets and The writer does not hold himself responsible if any person invests according to the above Predictions. He shall be doing at his own whims and Fancies . The Writer of the Article is Not at all Responsible for any bodies loss note this

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