Roman God Saturn Transit In Aquarius 29th April 2022 What It Has Up It’s Sleeves for 75 Days ?

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“Roman God Saturn Transit In Aquarius 29th April 2022 What It Has Up It’s Sleeves for 75 Days ?”

Saturn will ingress in the sign Aquarius on the 29th April 2022. At the time of the Ingress the 5 Limbs of the day are not auspicious. . The Karna is Visthi a malefic Karna and Yoga is Vishkumb .The Tithi is Chaturdashi Rikta Tithi and Moon is in Gandantha star Revati.. Saturn will ingress in the 11th house its (mooltrikona sign )of the natural zodiac which is also the Bhadak house . It will join Mars who is already present there since the 8th April 2022. These heavy planets in the Bhadak house of the natural zodiac is a big constraint for Untoward happenings since Saturn will also aspect Sun, Rahu in Aries by 3rd aspect . Saturn on this day 29th April will first aspect Ketu almost degree-wise by 10th aspect in the sign Libra and then aspect Rahu and Sun in Aries after it ingresses in Aquarius all these parameters  explained above are most malefic and can be responsible for Untoward happenings in the coming 75 days from the 29th April 2022 but there are some positives which may control the situations in totality specially the Saturn Exhalted In navamsha and Mars Vargottam and in Amrit Ghati.

Saturn will transit in the sign Aquarius for 75 days on the 29th April 2022 and will go in Retrogression on the 5th June 2022 and fall back in the sign Capricorn the 10th house of the natural zodiac on the 12th July 2022 till the 18th Jan 2023 when it will join back Aquarius sign. All this time Saturn will be in the Star Dhanistha . It will be in Fallen State from the 12 July to 23rd Oct 2022 for 103 days and then in Fallen and Progressive state for 86 days from the 23rd Oct to 18th Jan 2023. In this Article we shall l be discussing the Transit in the sign Aquarius for 75 days .

The Following Parameters acquire an important dimension

  1. The Panchang Parameters are not conducive to bring healthy results for this transit of 75 days as explained above .
  2. Conjunction of Saturn and Mars in the Sign Aquarius the Bhadak Sthan of the Natural Zodiac and a dreaded conjunction. What  ever goes in the 11th house it grows hence Saturn in Aquarius in totality may not be bad .
  3. Saturn aspect on Ketu the disease Karka almost degree-wise by 10th aspect on Libra from Capricorn and then 3rd Aspect on Rahu and Sun in the sign Aries from the Sign Aquarius is most Crucial parameter for Untoward happenings across the globe.
  4. Planetary War on the 30th April 2022 between Jupiter and Venus are times of Disaster and Blood shed as per the Mundane Classic ‘Myur Chitram ‘This is indicative of   clashes  at the Ladakh Boarder Brawl between Countries taking a new dimension specially the Ukraine-Russia Crisis.
  5. Partial Solar Eclipse on the 30th April 2022 in the Month of Jyestha  between 17th May to 14th June 2022 and 5 Tuesdays the Lord of which is Mars  in this Month is indicative of the Ukraine-Russia War taking a greater dimension.The Brawl between the Countries may take ugly dimension.
  6. Ashtam Shani as per the Foundation chart of India, since Natal Moon in the Foundation chart of India is at 3.59 degrees and Saturn will be moving exactly in the 8th from the Natal Moon at the MEP  from Moon  may prove to be most Crucial for India  for Untoward happenings , Boarder Clashes with China and Pakistan, Terrorism In Jammu & Kashmir, Earthquakes and Cyclones  of Dimension.
  7. Political Turmoil’s specially in the state of Maharashtra . Political Trauma’s not ruled out in the Country.
  8. At the time of the Ingress Aries sign is rising and Ketu disease Karka ill placed from the 6th house and the 6th Lord   and from Moon is indicative of Virus spread in India and Europe, although it may not be fatal one as already predicted by me as per the Transit of Jupiter in Pisces and the Solar Ingress of Sun in Aries . The Saturn from the Bhadak stan aspect on the Rahu and Sun in the Lagna is a crucial factor and the general condition of the Country may not be good one .
  9. I have already Predicted a Cyclone and an Earthquake of Dimension in the North, North west and the Central Part of India between the 29th April to 3rd May 2022.
  10. The Grace is Mars is Vargottam and in Amrit Ghati, Lagna in Subkartari yoga , Saturn in own Moola Trikona sign and Exalted in Navamsha , Hence all will be in control in a nut shell good progress and growth and new energy systems will come into play.
  11. The Fallen Saturn from the 12th July 2022 may bring disasters for the Head of the Countries , Saturn in this state will be in the 9th house if the India Foundation chart and the Cancer -Capricorn axis will be afflicted  which has been bad for India always 
  12. Saturn Touching the 24-25 Degree arc in Capricorn will bring a Rough time for The Prime Ministers and the Head of the Countries specially for India it could be most Crucial between July to Oct 2022.
  13. Maximum Troubles in the Asian Continent. Earthquakes Indonesia, Philippines, Japan, India. Countries Facing Financial Crisis In  Asian Continent.
  14. Sun and Venus Exhalted , Jupiter and Saturn in own house are definitely attributing  positive impact in spite of negatives .
  15. Strong Volatility in the Stock and the Financial Markets . There is also Gajkesri Yoga but ill placed from the Lagna and the 5th house of Speculations . Monday Market seem to Crash  Since as per the Transit of Jupiter in Pisces and Sun in Aries there is Strong Shatak Yoga which indicates speculations may bring huge losses——— It could be a Black Monday on the 25th April 2022 and Recovery after the 27-29th April 2022 due to Gajkesari yoga .The Sine Wave in the Stock Markets may  continue  till specially the Planets Jupiter and Saturn go in Retrogression. Metals and Agriculture  may surge, new energy and alternative energy stocks may grow in totality 

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