Rahul Gandhi Born With Silver Spoon Gather’s No Miles For Lok Sabha Elections As Predicted

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“Rahul Gandhi Born With Silver Spoon

This is with reference to my Articles on the Politician Rahul Gandhi from the Nehru Dynasty. Let me reproduce my Analysis made on my webpage on the 6th June 2018 and no post-mortem as done by most of the Astrologers after the happenings.

Let me reproduce the same here for ready reference below.

‘Marriage and Career Prospects’ Of Rahul Gandhi: A Study By The Jyotish Shastra Using Unique Principles – Astrologer Anil Aggarwala (astrodocanil.com)

Source http://archive.indianexpress.com/news/delhi-underground-meticulous-records/1185170/  As per the above link Rahul Gandhi is born on the 19th June 1970 at 02-28 PM 

In this Article I am going to analyse the Marriage and Career prospects of Rahul Gandhi by unique principles of Jyotish Shastra by Tamil Texts

Let us have a look at the chart  below 

Lagna is Vargottam in the 4 Charts  below and  is good . Also  Ketu  Promises 80 %  which indicates that the native is born to Rich, Strong and Parents having a high status as per the D12 Dwadamsha chart . He is born on the Friday and the Day Lord is Venus  placed in the yama of  Virgo its debilitation sign and the Yama Lord Mercury is placed in the 8th house  shows the weakness of Day Lord and the Venus in his chart. Placement of Venus in the 10th house  again shows High status but since the depositor is placed in the 6/8 axis there may be loss of the Power and Prestige .     

Let us have a look at the Garbshishta planets to see the strength  of the Horoscope , since they are the seeds of our life and what ever  happens in our life is dependent on them  good or bad

The Garbshishta Planets are Ketu-Venus .The Strength of the 2 planets in the Respective varga chart with respect to specific Parameters with Garbshishta are as follows



Let us have a look at the Garbshishta planets to see the strength  of the Horoscope , since they are the seeds of our life and what ever I happens in our life is dependent on them  good or bad

The Garbshishta Planets are Ketu-Venus .The Strength of the 2 planets in the Respective varga chart with respect to specific Parameters with Garbshishta are as follows

                                                    Ketu                               Venus                          Remarks

D1 Rashi Chart                        70 %                                        30 %                           Ketu and Venus are also 2/12 axis very poor  for career

D9 Navamsha Chart                80%                                         10%                            Venus Debilitated in the 12th house and 3/11 with Ketu                                                                                                                              No promise of marriage

D3 Dreshkanne  Chart             60 %                                         30%                            Ketu and Venus 6/8 axis The chart of Poorva Janma Karma

D12 Dwadamsha chart            80%                                          70%                            The Chart is for Parents shows the same is very strong hence the person is born with silver spoon in his mouth.

From the above we can make out that the D12 the Dwadamsha Chart for the Parents is the Strongest and hence the Native is Born to very Strong Parents with power and Prestige since the Lagna of D12 is Vargottam, the Lagna Lord Venus is also Placed in the Lagna who is the Anter Dasha Lord  and Lord of Fructifications as per Garbshishta and also well placed from Venus the Anter dasha Lord  . Ketu the Dasha Lord is very strong in all the Chart further shows that the Promise in the Chart is Very Strong, but since the Anter dasha Lord is weak  in the  remaining 3 Varga charts  shows the weakness of the native Losing strength in the Rashi Chart since the dipositor Moon is placed in the 6/8 axis with Venus ,and being the Day Lord Placed in the Yama of Virgo the Sign of debilitation and the yama lord of the day Mercury placed in the 8th House of the Rashi Chart, Debilitated in Navamsha  and a parallel position in the Dreshkanne chart showing our Poorva Janma Karma.

In the D12 Dwadamsha Chart for Parents 3rd and the 10th Lord are marka for Father hence  Moon is Marka for Father and in Rahu-Ketu axis placed in the 3rd house  makes the event with his father crystal clear. 5th and 10th house are marka for Mother. 8th house from the 4th house is the 11th house and  has aspects  Of Mars who is with 5th Lord and the dasha of Mars-Sun is in operation and Sonia Gandhi has gone abroad for Treatment . Sun is placed in the 10th house is very strong but connected to Mars and Saturn reduce the Longevity of the father. In the Rashi Chart the depositor of Sun and Mars in the 8th house and Sun and Mars having aspect of Debilitated Saturn explains the event with the Father Rajeev Gandhi. As Per Progression chart By Manu Smiriti  also shows that on completion of the 20th year will be a most malefic one for the  Native and his father

First let us see the Dasha Varga Vhart in operation at the time of Death of the father . The assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, former Prime Minister of India, occurred as a result of a suicide bombing in Sriperumbudur, near Chennai, in Tamil Nadu, India on Tuesday, 21 May 1991. At least 14 others were also killed.

Dasha Varga Chart  of Venus Dasha By Tamil Texts

The Dasha in operation at the time of 21st May 1991 was Venus-Saturn -Mars. The above dasha Varga chart is crystal clear showing the event , 9th Lord of the Birth chart Mercury and Karka for Father Sun afflicted badly  and placed in the 6th house . Sun is in debilitation and both have aspects of Mars and Saturn

The Lagna Lord of the Dasha chart though very strong is afflicted in the 6th house.  Moon the Karka for Mother has aspects by Jupiter who is the 8th and the 11th Lord  hence mixed results

Vedic Progression chart of the Year after completion of the 20th Year is below

The 9th Lord 9th house of the birth chart  totally combusted and Sun the Karka for Father afflicted by Debilitated Saturn, Mercury 9th Lord of the Birth chart is also in the Vish ghati, see the poorna  ithasla yoga and close degree difference of Saturn and Sun. 7th Lord Mars placed in the 2nd house of the Marka sthan for father  in Debilitation. Father demise . See the D12 Dwadamsha Chart and all is obvious

The Tamil Principles are amazing .

Career of the Native as per the Jyotish Shastra with unique techniques.

The 10th house from Lagna the Physical Condition  is Cancer sign and the Lord is Moon and a malefic since in Poornima , it is also placed in the 6th from the 10th house and has no connection with 9th Lord Mercury and rather they are in 6/8 axis .10th house is also in Paap Kartari yoga  

10th house from Moon Mental condition is again Mercury and the 9th and the 10th Lord from Moon are again in 2/12 axis, in both cases the 9th from Lagna and 10th from Moon is Mercury and placed in the 8th house from the Lagna and in the 6th from Moon are the most malefic  combinations for a good Career .

10th house from Saturn the Longevity of Profession is Saturn again and in Debilitation and  aspects the 11th Lord from Lagna , 9th from Moon and the 7th and the 2nd Lord Mars from Lagna , who is also the 12th from Moon and the 5th from Lagna . I have already Explained the Position of the Lagna Lord Venus  is weak in the Chart  . For the Marriage we will discuss in this article after we do the Career first .

Saturn the Karka for Profession and Politics and is weak since in debilitation, it is also the Yoga Karka planet but not a Poorna Yoga Karka since not the Lord of the 9th and the 10th house . Saturn is in the 3rd  Dreshkanne and placed in Durvasa – Hot Tempered, Egoistic, Orthodox and follower of Traditions, no patience, inflicts great harm.

Avastha of Dreshkanne  Adham Nature of results bad  Results will be inconsistent , pessimistic and slow. Saturn is also in Ayidh Dreshkanne and is Violent and Murderous Saturn is also in Satwik Dreshkanne  and Provides administration capabilities

Saturn is debilitated but placed in the 7th house is digbali and since in Satwik Dreshkanne the aspect is good  on Sun and Mars , but bad for Father . The Relation of Saturn with 6th Lord Jupiter is not good since it gives  dispute and imprisonment . Saturn should be strong in the Rashi, Dreshkanne and the Dwadamsha Chart . It is strong in the D12 Dwadamsha chart  in own house , and since placed well in this chart they need not work and will get the Promotions very easily. This has Proved on dot . Saturn is related to the 2nd and the 11th Lord in the 9th house . The fame and recognition come from this combination but unfortunately the Depositor of these 2 planets is in the 8th house spoils all the fame and the recognition. In the navamsha Chart Saturn is weak

Up Karka Sun for Career  

Sun is a royal planet and should not be weak in the chart and hence Govt. related issues and loss of permanency in Profession

Bhavat Bhavam the 7th house The micro work place , difficulties and problems in profession and has Debilitated Saturn is not good  . 7th Lord in dual signs is bad  here Mars is placed in this sign and as mentioned the depositor in the 8th house . 7th Lord and the 10th Lord are connected is good but when the 7th Lord is not well placed the Native is always distracted . The 7th Lord is also attichari and not good

Dasham Arudh

Sign Taurus. The  inspiration  and competency is seen from this sign. Here in the Chart the same is placed in the 8th house and the sign Taurus  and the Lord is placed in the Kendra in the 10th house , such people do their work with no discomfort and can scale in heights in Profession. From DA the kendras should have benefics here both Jupiter and Debilitated Saturn is placed . Saturn gives the strength to fight with odd behaviour, Trines from the Lord are vacant . There are no malefics in the 3rd and 11th to give it strength and the support level which is missing . In D9 Navamsha it is Debilitated making it weak to say that the inspiration level and competency suffers

 Vyavasaya Balam

The sign is Gemini and in the 2/12 from the Dasham Arudh Sign. this indicates that he may not have cordial relations with every one

Midcusp Lord of the 10th house  is Mercury and placed in the 8th house , well placed from the Garbshishta planets but ill placed from Saturn, Sun and Mars and hemmed between Saturn and Mars . Hence the native may face bad situations in the professional career  like imprisonment etc.

The MCL of the 10th house  and the 10th Lord are in 6/8 axis   

The Nakshatra Lord of the MCL of 10th House Mercury is also in the 6/8 axis  , hence difficulties in Profession

MCL  of 10th house Mercury is not friendly to Moon and they are Bitter enemies in the Chart

Nakshatra Lord of the 10th Lord Ketu and the MCL of the 10th house are also not Friends , hence the native will neither have stability nor Satisfaction in his career

Mercury is placed in the DashamArudh but ill placed from the 10th Lord in D1, D9 but well placed in D10 and states that inspite of negatives the native will achieve only bleak success .

Dashmasha  D10 Chart  This chart has the same Lagna as the Rashi chart is not good, inspite of all other Parameters have improved

Success and achievements  The 10th Lord of the D10 in D1 is seen and the 10th Lord and the Lagna Lord of D1 if afflicted by malefics then one will face professional hazards. and the same are visible in the D10 chart

D6  of D10 chart

The 10th House of the D10 Chart is rising  and the Lagna Lord of theD1 and  D10 Chart is strong but the 8th house has become the 11th house in the chart hence then native will try to meet his goals by hook or crook,  the 10th Lord Moon is strong  but Debilitated Saturn in the Kendra not good  and is the 8th Lord of this chart

D11 Rudramasha Chart

The Dasha of Rahu-Jupiter and even Rahu-Saturn will not good results since not placed well from Sun the Karka for high prestige and royalty.

Special Lagnas

Indu Lagna  Capricorn placed well from Jupiter but not Moon  

Yogi point  Taurus

Yogi Planet Sun in Trine from Jupiter , till the native works hard will not be able to achieve good positions.

Avyogi is Saturn and Debilitated is good

Shree Lagna  Sagitarius Lord is Jupiter and the Indu Lagna Lord is Saturn and both are Enemies in the chart as far as the compound friendship is concerned hence legal hassles the native will have to face regarding wealth associated issues.

Let us study the Marriage Prospects of Rahul Gandhi 

Shastra says one should not get married after the age of 50 years and if his marriage takes place it will be like a no marriage .


As per the Garbshishta Planets Ketu and Venus the Promise has to be seen from 7th house, 7th Lord , Venus , MCL of the 7th house , Saptamarudh and the Promise is only 40 %  and Fructification only 10 % Hence the native cannot have married life.

7th house from the Lagna has Saturn Debilitated and the Lord Mars is totally Combusted placed in the 7th from Moon with Sun.

7th house from Moon the Lord is Mercury and placed in the 6th from Moon and in the 8th from Lagna . The depositor of Mars the 7th Lord  is also in the 8th house

7th Lord from Venus is Saturn and is Debilitated and aspects it  Hence there are weak Combinations for Marriage for the Physical. Mental and Sexual Relations.

Karka graha Venus

This Planet is weak due to the following Parameters

1. Venus in Paap Kartari yoga

2. Depositor of Venus Moon in the 6/8 axis with Venus . What ever is Promised by Venus how it will fructify  this will be depicted by the Moon in this case  and how it will run, conform to marriage or not , since in 6/8 axis is not good at all. Moon is also influenced by Sun and Mars , making it extremely weak, other wise Placement of Venus in the 10th house is considered most pious. Makes the Person hot tempered . If we take the Aspect of Ketu on Moon the depositor of Venus then it further spoils the Total promise for Marriage , and if the marriage takes place then there are obstructions in marriage and is like no marriage since both will not be meshing with each other.

3. The 4th, 8th and the 12th from Venus should not be afflicted by Malefics , here the 4th house from Venus is aspected by Debilitated Saturn , 8th house has Rahu and the 12th house has Mars and Sun making Venus extremely weak. 4th house from Venus is luck and the 10th the Fortune  and both are afflicted but some relief since Jupiter is placed but Jupiter is also the 3rd and the 6th Lord and a malefic planet for Libra Lagna . To see if there will be Lakshmi or not then we have to see the 5th and the 9th house from Venus . To see if the girl who goes to the house of such person if she will get apnapan and security or not is also seen from these houses. Since the Kendra from Venus are not strong the Tenure of Married life is also reduced .

Planets in the 7th house 

Placement of Saturn in this house is not considered good , it delays Marriage to quite an extent , Saturn when activates the natal Saturn then Marriage can take Place as per Declination and in the Present context Saturn has activated the Natal Saturn. Saturn will not let the native  do the proper role and makes it restatic and Saturn is detachment , it makes it difficult to understand the relations and keeps the native away from this role. Saturn in the Lagna of the natural Zodiac debilitates hence when Debilitated in the 7th house is most malefic and Saturn has the maximum role in the 7th house , he may be there but mentally they are not there . The Atma is not along with them . 7th house shows the atishokasham sthans of the 4th from 4th and the 10th from 10th. Life is like a Pendulam of a watch  and the Pendulam Fulcrum is Lagna and it touches the 5,7th and the 9th house , here all the houses are afflicted  and losing strength although initially they are strong

Up Karka Rahu

As per Jaimini Sutra if any planet becomes Retrograde then Rahu takes the Role of Dara Karka , in the Chart of Rahul Gandhi Jupiter is Retrograde and hence Rahu apart from being the Up-Karka for Marriage is also Dara Karka and is Placed in the 5th house  and the dispositor is Debilitated , makes Rahu very strong , but since the Depositor of Rahu is connected to the 7th house it spoils the Marriage . Saturn placed in the 7th house is therefore not good for Marriage . 

Bhavat Bhavam

This house means the Lagna and shows how the Person will mix with his in-laws and is afflicted then no charm in life , Saturn aspect on the Jupiter who is a Malefic Planet for this Lagna is not good at all

Saptamrudh 7th Pada

The 7th Pada in the Chart is Leo where Ketu is placed  and the 7th Pada is in 2/12 from the karka Venus , but well placed from the 7th Lord Mars. The amount of love ,confidence,, reliability and dependency  all depends on the 7P, Since Ketu and Rahu Placed in the Kendra from this house is affliction to 7P, hence lack of perfect relations in marriage , now as per this they will not forgo each others mistake as well. How life will flow after marriage is depicted by 7P, Lagna Lord and Karka for Marriage both in 2/12 axis , hence there will be no prosperity  and progress after marriage , there can be break in marriage also since the 7P is ill placed from the Lagna Lord  and the Karka Venus . The Dasha of the 3rd Nakshatra Mars from 7P is in operation at the moment  and considered most malefic  and can bring adversities in Marriage after fixing up of the alliance . Arudh is the shadow strength. Note this Parameter in the Present context

MCL of the 7th house

Midcusp Lord of the 7th house is Venus and ill placed from the 7th Lord Mars  and 7P, The Juice of the Married life is seen from this house and Venus is not placed well as mentioned above.


The MCL of the 7th house Venus , the Lagna Lord of the Rashi chart and the karka Venus is Debilitated in the navamsha and placed in the 12th house and again ill placed from the 7P, 7th Lord Mars is also ill placed from 7P. 7th Lord Mars is afflicting the Venus Debilitated , Moon dispositor is ill placed from both Venus and Mars . The only good parameter which suggest marriage is the dispositor of Venus Moon is connected to the 7th house of the navamsha

Mathematical Navamsha

As per this chart the Nakshatra Lord is Bharini an aggressive nakshatra and the Lord is again Venus  and not strong in the Rashi and Navamsha Chart hence very poor promise for Marriage

Yama Shukra is  Gemini 15.48 degrees and Yoga Sputha is 9s 6 degrees and 19 minutes Hence the Sign Capricorn and the Lord is Saturn and debilitated and placed in the 7th house of Marriage denies Marriage.

 We Have see from the above that in spite of Rahul Gandhi Born with Silver spoon in his mouth he will not be able to retain his honour and prestige and will remain unmarried due to denial of marriage in his chart.

Rahul Gandhi  “Bharat Jodo Yatra”

Rahul Gandhi “Bharat Jodo Nayay Yatra” Stars Foretell No Success – Astrologer Anil Aggarwala (astrodocanil.com)

I had Predicted in Advance that he will not have iota of Success in his mission which is proving on spot

Let us see the Vedic Progression chart of the year June 2023 to June 2024 what he has up his sleeves ?

Rahul Gandhi Progression Chart By Manu Smriti : Bolt From The Blue Till June 2024 – Astrologer Anil Aggarwala (astrodocanil.com)

I had Predicted in March 2023 that he will have no success what so ever . He may pull all his strings even then he may miserably fail in the Politics and any gain in the Lok Sabha Elections in 2024 specially till June 2024

Important text below



  1. Moon debilitated in Lagna ,Lagna Lord and the 6th Lord Mars Debilitated , 4th house has Rahu aspect of debilitated Mars, 4th Lord Saturn in the 6th house debilitated -and in Mrityu Bhag——- Trouble to Mother and Happiness.
  2. Mars Debilitated and combusted and in Mrityu Bhag
  3. Sun 10th Lord in Vish ghati with Mars .—– TROUBLE IN CAREER
  4. 4 Planets debilitated  Saturn, Mars , Moon and Venus—- VERY POOR CHART

What can you expect from this kind of Planetary configuration  ?. All this points out total failure in Politics and any rise  in the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections 2024. He will earn and bad name for sure.

D10 and D11 charts do not bestow any rise in life asper the natal chart of Rahul Gandhi

As per the Dasha the Rahu-Saturn will be most enigmatic  from the 21-5-2024 and with anguish and pain. See the Placement of Rahu and Saturn in the D10 chart shows struggle pain in Career and Politics in the natal chart. Even the Rahu and Jupiter are placed in the 6/8 axis and Rahu in the 8th house of total loss hence the Present and the Future are bleek for Rahul Gandhi till the June 2024.


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