Presidential Elections Poll : Draupadi Murmu Or Yashwant Sinha ?

by astrodocanil

“Presidential Elections Poll : Draupadi Murmu Or Yashwant Sinha ?

In this Article I am going to discuss what ever little information I have for the Birth details of the above two candidates. The exact Birth details are not available, but I will use the  Slow moving Planets in the chart of the 2 and the Transit of the same on the 18th July 2022 10-00 am

Yashwant Sinha Born 6th Nov 1937
Jupiter , Venus , Mars Vargottam and Mars and Sun Exhalted in Navamsha , Jupiter in own sign Vargottam  and Natal Saturn in Pisces activated by both Jupiter and Saturn Transit
His age is 84 , hence Venus and Jupiter both over the natal Jupiter and Venus as per declination. Saturn Transit aspects the Natal Sun in Libra and who is exalted in Navamsha . Saturn activated in Pisces is in Leo Navamsha.
His Horoscope is strong 
Droupadi Murmu Born 20th June 1958
Saturn In Scorpio Retrograde and Fallen and Aspects the Transit Saturn Fallen in Capricorn at exact degrees , both Saturn are afflicted , Jupiter in Virgo Vargottam, Jupiter and Saturn Transit activate Mars Natal in Pisces and in Scorpio  Navamsha . She is running 64th year hence Venus in declination over the natal Venus in Aries sign with Ketu
Transit Planets Mars in own sign Favours Droupadi Murmu since Mars is activated in her Chart
Transit Saturn in own house activated in Chart of Yashwant sinha
Both Saturn and Mars are afflicted in Transit 
Planets are stronger in the case of Yashwant Sinha , but from the opponent party , but the time of elections indicate the Party in power candidate will win
Voting on the 18th July tomorrow if at 10-00 -11.00 hrs then the Ruling party candidate wins , if Voting takes place after 12-30 then Opponent candidate Yashwant Sinha wins . All depends what time the Voting is done.
The Rajya Sabha Secretariat said in a statement that the voting will take place between 10 AM and 5 PM in Room Number 63 of the Parliament House, and in notified rooms in state assemblies.
Leo Ascendant is rising which favours Droupadi Murmu Even if The Elections start with Virgo Lagna it is success for her
since the Ascendant Lord in both cases is stronger then the 7th Lord of oppositions and Lagna Represents the Ruling Party Candidate.. 
Please note that these are Predictions  are based on the Day of Birth of the 2 Candidates and no Authentic Information on their Birth details is available. What Time the Elections Start is another Question. At 10-00 am the Leo Ascendant at 27.56 degrees  and the Lagna Lord Sun stringer then the 7th Lord Saturn. 
It seems the elections will start after 10-15 hrs when Virgo Lagna is rising and the Sun and Mercury both in the 11th house Vargottam and both have ithasla with Moon  and an auspicious yoga is formed  and Draupadi Murmu gets better votes then Yashwant Sinha. As mentioned  if the Voting starts after 12-30 then it may the other way round and Yaswant sinha may be the winner
This is My Research Article and Can be wrong in the absense of the Euthentic Information, but from a Bird’s eyeview it seems the BJP candidate Draupadi will win the Election.


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