Prashna Event Chart Gives Accurate Predictions Even After 14-15 Years Astrology Research

by astrodocanil

“Prashna Event Chart Gives Accurate Predictions Even After 14-15 Years Astrology Research”

Some of My Most amazing Research in Astrology. I had 3 Major Issues in my Life . The Issues were as Follows .
1. I Left My Parent’s house in Sept. 1983. The Question was when will I shift back ? One Astrologer did most accurate Predictions for this, but when I opened the Event chart of the Sept. 1983 It gave the exact day I would return back to my Parents house . One Astrologer Predicted the same that I would Return in Jan 1999 to my Parents house. . This Proved 100 %.
2. Heart Attack in June 2007. What will be the Results and will I Undergo a surgery or not ?. No One Predicted about this and when I opened the event chart of the Heart attack it showed that I will under go Surgery after 14 years In March 2021and the exact day of Surgery on the 9th March 2021 which Proved spot on.
3. Court Case Regarding Ancestral Property In April 2007. When will it get solved ?. After Opening the Event chart I could see when It will be solved and most amazingly all Happened 100 % as per the event chart even after 15 years of the events in my life . In 1983 I knew very Little about Astrology  but after 1986  I developed  interest in Astrology due to Predictions of my visiting abroad proved spot on . In 2007 I had joined Bhartiya Vidhya Bhawan and started Learning Astrology . The Event Chart if Studied Properly can give you most amazing Results provided you know the exact time and Details about the event. All the 3 events as per the Event chart disclosed the Dates when I would get relief. The Event Chart is Like the Prashna chart and opening the secrets even after 14-15 years is most amazing when Astrologer say that Prashna chart is valid for one year only . As per my Research now Prashna chart and the Event chart acquire an important dimension and can give you most accurate predictions since the time of the event is known.

BVB Research Scholar and Award Winner
Jyotish Acharaya anil aggarwala
BSc. Engg. P. E.C Ch

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First Astrologer To Predict Virulent Virus From China Global Economy Burst Delhi Riots Nirbhaya Case Astrologer. .All My Predictions on the Virus Spread and ease have proved 100 % correct even the dates .

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