Oath Chart Of Champai Soren Rahu On Steering Wheel May Turn the Tables Upside Down

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“Oath Chart Of Champai Soren Rahu On Steering Wheel May Turn the Tables Upside Down”

Champai Soren swearing-in ceremony

North Node  Demon Rahu when afflicted in Transit is extremely bad specially when in the 11th house. Shastra says that any commitment made when Rahu is Stationary or in Direct motion  it may not be completed.  Rahu is Transit is also having aspect of malefic Mars. When  Moon  and Saturn are also in the Star of Rahu then Rahu becomes most malefic and has the Capacity to turn the tables upside down. Present Chief Minister of Jharkhand  Champai Soren has taken Oath on the 2nd  Feb 2024 when Rahu is Stationary at 23.40.17 degrees. It Remains in this condition till the 5th Feb 2024. On the 5th  Feb late evening Mars changes to it’s Exaltation Sign in Capricorn and Becomes very strong and remain vargottam  from the  time of Oath taking to 10th Feb 2024. Keeping all these parameters I will Analyse the Muhurta Chart of the 2nd Feb. 2024 of 12-18 hrs Ranchi when the Chief Minister took Oath.

The Chart of the Taurus Ascendant is below

 The 5 Limbs of the Day

The Day is Friday and the Lord is  Venus . Venus is also the Lagna Lord and Placed in the 8th house of the Chart with 7th Lord Mars is not good at all for the Strength of the Lagna . The Lagna is also Taurus a fixed sign but Prishtodayo and has no aspect of the Benefics. In Navamsha also  Venus is Debilitated  and Malefic sign rising though shirshodayo but with Afflicted Rahu in Aquarius and again no aspect of the benefics on the Lagna of the Navamsha. Hence Lagna and Lagna Lord along with Day Lord are extremely weak.

The Tithi  is KP-7

The Star is Swati not bad for the Oath , but unfortunately the Lord of the Star is Rahu and Stationary is not good overall.

The Karna is  Bava and not connected to the 10th house or the 10th Lord for good fructifications.

The Yoga is Shoolam. Not very auspicious.

The DBA Planets are Rahu-Saturn-Mercury. Rahu adverse, Saturn though in own sign but in Rahu Star is most malefic and only Mercury is a grace . The dasha of these planets as per the Vimshottari chart is till the 31-3-2024. The Dasha is not very conducive to give good results for the Oath Taking Ceremony.

The Oath taking ceremony took place in difficult circumstances when the Former Chief Minister was taken in Judicial Custody in Land Scam by the ED.

  The Combinat6ion of the Lagna Lord Venus who is also the 6th Lord with Mars as the 7th and the12th Lord shows humiliations of 8 types. The 7th Lord Mars is Vargottam till the 10th Feb 2024 and is stronger then the Lagna Lord Venus who is debilitated in the navamsha as mentioned above. This also shows conspiracy against the Party of Champai Soren and his MLA’S may join the opposition party.

Champai Soren has to prove his majority on the 10th Feb 2024. The Following Parameters show difficult situations for the same apart from what ever we have discussed above of the Rahu in Stationary mode will not give conducive results for the Commitment to show majority in the Floor Test.

  1. The day Lord , Lagna Lord and the 6th Lord Venus is afflicted badly as discussed above.
  2. Rahu Stationary in the 11th house of gains but stationary and afflicted by Mars from the 8th house most explosive parameter.
  3. Lagna is Prishtodayo and no benefic aspect on the  Ascendant.
  4. Poorna Ithasala of Moon, Jupiter 8th Lord and Saturn the 10th Lord, In fact it is also Kambool Yoga  and then Fall since the placement of Jupiter in the 12th house  and also with Venus the Lagna Lord in the 8th house . The difference is of 1 , 2 and 8 degrees hence after the 8 days there will be untoward results and not as per expectations to prove his majority. Planets connected to trik bhavs give bad results when they also own the trik bhavas.
  5. As Per Prashna Marg for healthy results the conjunction of the Lagna Lord and the 1th Lord  should be in the same navamsha or in same dreskanne or in the same hora chart, which is missing. Hence the Muhurta Chart has very poor score
  6.  The Luminaries should be strong and not connected to the 6,8,12th house . Moon Placement in the 6th house reduces the Longevity of the power of the Chief minister, Also the Dispositor of Moon Venus is debilitated . Makes Moon weak. Sun is placed in the 9th house with Mercury but no aspect of Jupiter.. Hence due to Moon weak there will be troubles and strife.
  7. 10th house has the Saturn in own sign forming a shasha yoga, but unfortunately it is in the star of Rahu is not good , since the planet of masses and democracy. It is also the planet of death and destruction. 10th house is also in Paap Kartari yoga .


  1.  Placement  of Moon should be in the highest nadi which is missing, but in simha nadi, hence some powers.
  2.  As mentioned the placement of Saturn is very important in this chakra, it is placed in the simha nadi in the Star of Rahu is not desirable specially when Rahu is most afflicted and becomes very strong malefic.
  3. Jupiter is in lowest nadi of Aadhar will not give any protection more so it owns the trik bhaves and placed in trik bhav.
  4. No major planet Sun or Moon in the simhasan nadi is again a shortcoming in the muhurta chart


As per  Prashna Marg the concerned nakshatras of Sun and Rahu are important for fructifications and  when Sun joins Pisces will be bolt from the Blue for the Chief Minister from the 10th Feb to 15th March 2024 and there after.



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