Hemant Soren In Deep Waters As Under The Shade Of Blue Star Operation Astrological Analysis

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“Hemant Soren In Deep Waters As Under The Shade Of Blue Star Operation Astrological Analysis”

I have been mentioning in all my articles that Govt. Action Against the Corrupt Politicians on the Steering wheel till 26th May and to fine tune it till the 10th April 2024 and parallel to Indira Gandhi’s Blue Star Operation of the 5th June 1984 when Mars and Saturn were conjunct in Libra the 6th house and now the 10th house of the Foundation chart of India. The Scams Related to Finance are more then Twenty Lakh Crore as indicated by the Prime Minister in his speech 2 days back On India TV. MODI IS THE ONLY PERSON WHO CAN COMBAT CORRUPTION.

Saturn in the sign Aquarius in it’s mooltrikona sign is also very strong to give us the fruits of our Karma as per his 3rd,7th and the10th strong aspect. Any planet which is connected to the 10th house, 10th Lord, MCL of the 10th house either one of the parameters which is afflicted  activated by Saturn will give results accordingly. Note this Parameter this will be used in analysing the chart as per this parameter and any bhandan or bhandak yoga in the chart which shows imprisonment. Since he is arrested, We will check the bhandan saham and bhandak saham as per his natal chart to confirm his duration for imprisonment.

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In this Article I will use the Tamil Classics and Not Parashar to evaluate the Birth Chart

The Natal Chart of Hemant Soren the previous Chief Minister  of Jharkhand is below of the 10th August 1975 16-00 hrs Ramgarh Jharkhand below as per reliable sources.

 Garbshishta Planets & Career

The Garbshishta Planets are Sun and Saturn and both placed in the 8th house of the chart above in the sign Cancer. Both are ill placed from the 10th Lord Mercury who is powerfully placed in the 9th house as the 10th Lord and with Venus the 6th and the 11th Lord. The Placement of the Garbshishata Planets in the 2/12 position as per the Tamil classics is a shortcoming in the horoscope for the Career and when ever the Dasha of these planets will be in operation will give fall in the status of the person. Presently the Dasha in operation is Jupiter-Sun from the 18-5-2023 to 5-3-2024 which will bring a down turn in the Career of the Native.

10 Parameters for the Career as per the Tamil Classics which depict the Strength of the Career and Profession. In the Chart above out of 10 parameters the native scores only 4 and and an above average score and shows down fall  as per the following constraints.

The Following are the Constraints in the Horoscope for down fall and imprisonment as per Tamil Classics

  1. Garbshishta Planets ill placed from 10th Lord Mercury in the Rashi Chart. They will lose ordering powers and opponents will overtake them.
  2. MCL of the 10th house Mars In Rahu Ketu axis in all the Charts D1, D9 and D10. This indicates Imprisonment. Mars and Ketu are degree-conjunct with Ketu.
  3.  MCL Mars and Mercury the 10th Lord are natural enemies , hence no stability in Career. 
  4. MCL Mars in the star of Sun who is placed in the 8th house  and afflicted in all the Charts D1,D9 and D10. In D10 it is also debilitated and in the 6th house of troubles.
  5.  Bhandan Saham in the Chart is the Sign Scorpio the 12th house of Imprisonment where Rahu is placed for losses and Imprisonment. The Lord Mars is also afflicted badly shows Imprisonment. The Sign Scorpio has been activated by Transit Saturn. Sun in Transit will activate the natal Sun at exact degrees on the 10th Feb 2024. Transit Sun when Joins the Saturn at 2 Degrees will give the Results for his Imprisonment.
  6.  In the Chapter 14 of Prashna Marg when Saturn is placed in the 8th house  such yoga in stanza  112 Saturn in inimical house and with inimical planet can give imprisonment, But the Grace in the horoscope is Saturn is in Pushkar navamsha and Amrit bhag. Hence the above 5 Parameters may put him in deep waters and in imprisonment. Saturn here aspect on the 10th house is a saving and not malefic.

 Break in Education

Asper the combinations Mercury is the Karka for Education and the MCL of the 10th house is Mars afflicted badly in his chart in the 6th house Shows Break in education as per the Tamil Classics. He Took Admission in the Mechanical Engineering Course and could not complete the Course due to the above reason although the 4th Lord in the 5th house a rajyoga of Jupiter.

Garbshishta & Marriage

Out of 5 Parameters of Marriage only one is conducive to give marriage and is Jupiter who is well Placed from Garbshishta Planets , 7th Lord, 7th house and Venus gives Marriage but a late one due to 1 parameter out of 5 and asper the Tamil Classics when Venus joins the Natal Venus as per declination the marriage will take place after the 31. 5 years of Age and since the 7th house is also in Paap Kartari yoga. This house is also the sukshma stan of the Career which depicts no job in reserve if he losses the Present one.

 Planets in the Sarp Dreshkanne are Sun and Rahu. Rahu is also in the sign 22DK sign in the Dreshkanne chart is most Venomous.

22DK sign is Scorpio and Mars is Kharesh and death like giving planet. When Saturn goes in Pisces will give further trouble to the native.  D6 and D8 Charts are also not strong  and the native may suffer due to lingering and chorionic diseases. I don’t want to name the diseases.   Saturn is Debilitated with Jupiter and Venus in the D8 chart is explosive for Health and as mentioned  for lingering diseases.

 The Solar Eclipse in the 4/10 axis of the Natal chart and in the 1/7 axis of the Moon on the 8th April 2024 will put him in deep waters and no relief what so ever starting from the 10th Feb. 2024 onwards. 

Progression chart by Manu Smriti of the completion of the 48th year is most explosive. Moon in Rahu Star and Rahu in the 9th house  of legal affairs and in Vish Ghati. 10th Lord Mercury of the Natal Chart  Mercury in Vishghati  with Sun in the 7th house  and Transit Sun and Mercury in Transit at the same degrees in the Capricorn sign. Hence the year 2024 will be full of troubles.



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