Mercury Messenger Of God In Atichari Motion In August 2022 It’s Mundane Significant Impact

by astrodocanil

“Mercury Messenger Of God In Atichari Motion In August 2022 It’s Mundane Significant Impact”

Mercury is the smallest planet in the Solar system. As per mythology is is the messenger of God. As per the Principles of Astrology Mercury is the Lord of the 3rd and the 6th house of the Natural Zodiac, It owns the sign Gemini and Virgo respectively.

Mercury is responsible for our day to day expression  and communication and  phycology and in turn impacts our relationship with people. It is a planet of intellect, awareness,  logical and analytical reasoning as well as the memory which forms the core basis of our skills .

The Month of August will witness Mercury in Aticari motion and will enter the Sign Leo on the 1st August 2022 at 03-38 hrs IST. Just on the 21st August Sunday it will enter the Sign Virgo it’s Exaltation sign because of it atichari motion.


The Atchari motion of Mercury makes it vital and crucial for the Mundane Predictions. The Following Areas will be impacted the Most. The Time Frame of Mercury Being Atichari is happening when the major planets Saturn and Jupiter are Retrograde and slow moving.

  1. Rumours Mongering
  2. Politicians and Celebrities will face Public Criticism.
  3. Riots  till Leo sign
  4. Scams
  5. Weather Volatile
  6. Stock Market Faces Volatility  Sine Wave
  7. Wrong Decisions
  8. Earthy signs will be impacted  When in Virgo Vedha from Saturn Earthquakes after 21st August 2022


This is only Astrological analysis and on the bases of the earlier happenings .  This Can Have an Adverse impact on the Stock and the Financial Markets and The writer does not hold himself responsible if any person invests according to the above Predictions. He shall be doing at his own whims and Fancies . The Writer of the Article is Not at all Responsible for any bodies loss note this

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