Xi Warns Biden Playing With Fire Over Taiwan Pelosi Defies Beijing Lands In Taiwan Despites Threats

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Xi Warns Biden Playing With Fire Over Taiwan Pelosi Defies Beijing Lands In Taiwan Despites Threats “

China had threatened “serious consequences” if Pelosi – the highest ranking US official to travel to Taiwan in 25 years – went ahead with her visit.

“The US side will bear the responsibility and pay the price for undermining China’s sovereign security interests,” foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying told a regular news briefing in Beijing..

Pelosi US Speaker and Senator Lands In Taiwan despite threats from China.  This will be a turning point between China and US and the Relations may go for a Toss. China is in War Mood and take an aggressive action  against Taiwan and capture the Territory by invading it asper Astrology day after tomorrow  on the 4th August when Moon is in Swati star and Moon is placed with Ketu in the 7th house of the Chart

 The Planetary positions are extremely explosive since the Red Planet Mars the activating Planet  is with Rahu degree-wise at 24 degrees in Aries in the Bharini Star over the Natal Saturn and Moon at 20-22 degrees in the 8th house in the sign Aries of the Virgo Ascendant of Taiwan. Unfortunately this is the Eclipse point of the 8th Nov. 2022 Lunar Eclipse and Mars has already activated this point even before the Eclipse .

The Flight Lands In Taiwan at 22.54 hrs. on the 2nd August 2022 as per Taiwan time. The Chart is of Aries Ascendant and Mars and Rahu are Placed in the same degree conjunct at 24 degrees in the star of Bharini . The sign Rising at the time of Landing is Aries Signthe 8th house of the Taiwan Foundation chart  which it self shows extreme conditions  which could trigger a war like situation between the China-US and China _Taiwan

The Lagna is Prishtodayo and a malefic sign and strong during the night . The Matter of the Subject is also strong. Lagna is also adhomukh hence difficulty in achieving the Results . The Navamsha Lagna is also  Prishtodayo and a movable sign shows losses in the matter for the US since the Lagna is represented by the Pelosi and Hence the US. The Nodes in the 1/7 axis is explosive parameter and the situations may not ease easily specially till the nodes change sign in  Oct 2023

There is Poorna Ithasla between the Lagna Lord Mars and Venus since both are at  24 degrees and the relation is 3/11 , In the Navamsha both Mars and Venus are in their own signs but again the Rahu-Ketu axis . This clearly indicates the situations may not ease easily  as mentioned above .

China May  be in an aggressive stance and pounce and retaliate after Moon joins Ketu in the Star of Swati the Eclipse Star of the Solar Eclipse of the 25th Oct. 2022. In fact Mars has already activated the Eclipse point of 22 degrees  in Aries of the Lunar Eclipse of the 8th Nov. 2022 which  exactly falls over the Natal Moon, Rahu and Saturn in the 8th house degree-wise on the Moon and Saturn in the Republic Chart of Taiwan. This parameter is responsible for the Brawl between China-Taiwan and China-US taking an ugly turn.

In Case of the conflicts the Houses from the 9th to 2nd Are the houses of the Person Afflicting Harm and the Houses from the 3rd to 8th are the houses of the Defendant , which ever group of houses have more benefics wins. Here the Benefics are more in the Case of China hence China May win

Mars and Saturn Position in the chart is not good for the Mars to be in the Lagna and the Saturn in the 10th house  but both are placed in their own house and both afflicted badly

Lagnesh and the Moon are not related the dispute will linger for a long period

Lagnesh and the Venus the 7th Lord are both Placed in the own sign and both in the Rahu-Ketu axis indicates the Dispute will linger on.

 Will China React or Not

Lagnesh and the 9th Lord are not connected hence  China may take aggressive stance .

Timing of the Arrival of the China with Force 

The Navamsha Rising is of Cancer  and Moon is in the Mars Navamsha  Hence Immediate action will be taken by China

The Situations may become Tense  as Time passes and and As per the Rashi and Nakshayra Sanghatta chakra there may be extreme situations after the 24th Sept to 13th March 2023 since there will be Vedha between Mars and Saturn which are the Karka for War 


This is only Astrological analysis and on the bases of the earlier happenings .  This Can Have an Adverse impact on the Stock and the Financial Markets and The writer does not hold himself responsible if any person invests according to the above Predictions. He shall be doing at his own whims and Fancies . The Writer of the Article is Not at all Responsible for any bodies loss note this

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