South Node Ketu Over Natal Venus Plays Havoc For ‘Fugitive Billionaire Diamond Merchants Nirav Modi’ As Predicted Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

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Venus afflicted and Transit of Ketu over the Natal Venus exposes all scames related to Venus specially when Nodes are in Adverse motion in the natal chart in the Age group of 40-45 years

As per Jyotish Shastra When Ketu moves over the Natal afflicted Venus degree-wise and also in the same navamsha then all type of Scams related to the Planet are unearthed. Venus has a Declination of 8 years since the Diamond has a shape of an Octagan and every 8 years Venus reaches the sign and the house where it is placed in the natal chart . If this Venus is afflicted , it gives malefic results and if placed well in good houses then it gives all the luxuries of life. Venus Declination also helps in finding the year of Marriage as per Tamil Texts and gives the exact day of the year of Marriage . Sage Parashar does not say any thing regarding this parameter for Venus declination. Rahu and Ketu influence the natal Rahu and Ketu every 9 years and hence when they are also not well placed and specially in adverse motion in the natal chart they mudslinging you and put you in deep trouble, The Placement of Rahu and Ketu w.r.t Venus is therefore critical and can put one in trouble as this Fugitive Billionare.

“Nirav Modi’s Alibaug bungalow to be demolished using 100 explosives” dated 7th March 2019

Shape of an Diamond


Coming to Nirav Modi I have written the following Articles and all predictions relating to him are proving on dot . I dont have the exact birth details never the less I use the Moon chart and compare the planetary positions at the time of the birth and the Transit event and give the future Predictions and have been proving on dot.

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I like to work on horoscopes where the time of birth is not available and is a challenge for the Astrologer. I have worked on N number of Horoscopes where the exact time of Birth is not available and I have been able to Predict on Dot. May be it was Priya Prakash Varrier, Rishi Kapoor , Sridevi, Cricketer Mohd Shami, and Nirav Modi . Today in this Materialistic world in Astrology Rahu the North Node is the prime planet to analyse one’s status along with other planets ,mentioned in this article. My Article ” NORTH NODE: THE KEY PLANET FOR RISE AND FALL” was published in the August 2018 edition of the EXPRESS STAR TELLER ON THE PAGE 38.

3. I have already written an articles
“Astrology Predicted Loud And Clear For Venus Affliction In Natal and Transit From 1st Sept. to 1st Jan 2019 : Venomous”…an-2019-venomous/

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Now As per he is born on the 27th Feb. 1971
Nirav Deepak Modi (born 27 February 1971) is a fugitive businessman and is wanted by the Interpol for criminal conspiracy, criminal breach of trust, cheating and dishonesty including delivery of property, corruption, money laundering, fraud, embezzlement and breach of contract since August 2018
Criminal conspiracy, criminal breach of trust, cheating and dishonesty including delivery of property, corruption, money laundering, fraud, embezzlement and misrepresentation.
Have a Look at the Planetary positions with respect to his birth details below

The Following Parameters acquire and important dimension
1. Venus is placed in the sign Capricorn at 00.30 degrees and mrityu avastha and the dispositor is Saturn and Debilitated . Ketu Transit over the Natal and Navamsha Venus almost degree-wise.
2. Transit Mars over the Natal Mars reaching the degree-wise on the Natal Debilitated Saturn. Transit Mars aspecting the natal Mars and also Natal Jupiter degree-wise on the 20th March will put him in more trouble .
3. Rahu and Ketu are in Adverse motion in the natal chart and Ketu has crossed the Natal Rahu and Sun till Sept. 2017
4. Rahu and Venus 2/12 axis is most malefic for Venus significations to give him trouble after 45 years of age
5. Transit Sun over the natal Rahu, Mercury and Sun
6. Transit Saturn aspecting his Natal Sun and Transit Saturn and Natal Saturn in Trine and same Degrees and both in Fiery sign in the nakshatra of Venus
7. Transit Moon over the Natal Moon along with Debiliated Retrograde Mercury and Fallen transit Mercury will be over the Natal Rahu, Sun and Mercury . The Date 20th March may prove to be a Bolt from the Blue for him
8.Diamond Dealer and Venus the Karka for Diamond in his Cart is placed in the Sign Capricorn and Debilitated Saturn aspects the Venus by 10th strong aspect . Note this Parameter when Transit Saturn reaches the Capricorn over the natal Venus he will be in Hot waters and all his assets may be taken over by the Govt. after Saturn Transit after 24th Jan 2020 Around the Saturn 2-3 degrees in Transit will influence the Venus in the natal chart and may prove as a Bolt from the Blue for him specially when Sun and Mercury will also be over his Natal Sun and Mercury in mid Feb 2020 . Typical case of Riches to Rags
8. Ketu over the Venus
9. Saturn Transit over the Natal Saturn
10. On the 29th March 2019 Jupiter will be over the natal Ketu in Aries in navamsha
11. Transit Mars will be over the natal navamsha Saturn on the 13th March 2019
12. Saturn, Ketu, Jupiter in the trinal house from his Debilitated Saturn after 29th March can puut him in deep trouble specially when Jupiter will fall on his natal Jupiter in Scorpio after 23rd April to 5th Nov. 2019. Sealing his fate

Written on the 7th March 2019 at 16-00 hrs
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