Some Amazing Research Parameters Observed Through Prashna & Omens Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

by astrodocanil

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In this Article I am going to share my research in the Prashna Jyotish and some amazing Experiences through Shakun and Omens. Prashna chart not only works for a year but if used properly and with logic it works for many years . I have used the Prashna chart even after 15 years and found most amazing results
A client approached me for a Project of Crores in 4 figure. I visited the sight and Predicted as follows without using any Birth chart or Prashna chart. PRASHNA CHART 1
For Reasons best known I am not disclosing the details For Astrology Students and Lovers of Astrology the Chart is below

1. I was Taken by a narrow shortcut to the Project by the Querist messengers.I Predicted the Project has bottle necks and any shortcut in the Project will be detremental. The Querist Replied in affirmative.
2. The Color most Predominant in the Project was Blue and as per Vedic Numerology and Ashtamangla numberology the planet is Saturn and rules the number 6. I predicted 6 is most predominant in the Project Since it was a Real Estate Project only 6 would have brought some Results out of the Total say X or Y. The Querist Replied in affirmative.
3. The Total of the Real Estate was 8 and this number is represented by Rahu and most Venomous for the Query
4. Since Saturn and Rahu are Predominant as per Shakun and Omens the Project will take off after the 8th year only

5. On the Day of the First Query Saturn was Fallen in the sign Scorpio at 27.42 degrees and was in the Ascendant of the Prashna chart. Clearly shows that inspite of repeated efforts there was no success. Saturn aspects the sign Capricorn by 3rd aspect hence when Saturn reaches the sign Capricorn will then aspect the Sun at 1.20 degrees in the Prashna chart on the degree-wise then some changes in the Project are on the Cards. When Mars in Transit reaches Scorpio at 27.42 degrees there will be some achievements. These 2 parameters took place simultaneously when the Second Prashna was raised exactly when Mars reached the Saturn degrees at 27.42 and Saturn at the degrees of Sun 1.02 in Capricorn aspected the Sun in Cancer at 1.02 degrees at the time of 1st Prashna.
6.Mercury was in the Sign Leo at 8 degrees and at the time of the 2nd Prasha exactly activating the Mercury at 7 degrees in the sign Aquarius aspecting the Mercury at the time of First Prashna, Mercury is the 8th and the 11th Lord of the 1st Prashna and 2nd and the 5th Lord of the Second Prashna. Mercury acquires an Important dimension
7.Since at the time of 1st Prashna Rahu was with Mercury in Leo Now at the time of 2nd Prashna Rahu in the sign Of Mercury Gemini the 8th house of the Prashna of the First Prashna
8.Rahu and Ketu were in the 4/10 axis of the Prashna at the time of 1st Parshna, hence when Rahu and Ketu get out of the Kendras on the 11th July 2022 there will be success in the Project after changes since Saturn is strong in the 3rd house and a Project of Servitude.
Total Success along with Saturn in own sign Aquarius after 29th April 2022.
9. At the time of the 1st Prashna Moon was Exhalted in Taurus at 16.17 degrees in the Navamsha and on the 2nd Prashna again Moon was at 18.17 degrees at the same degrees after a long time almost 2.5 years
10. Rahu and Ketu in the sign Aquarius and Leo respectively in Navamaha in second Prashna exactly opposite to the 1st Prashna and almost same degrees
11. Retrograde Planet in the Lagna at the time of Query one will have to do the acts 3 times for sure.
12. When Transit Jupiter goes in the Sign Pieces and aspects the Jupiter in the 1st Prashna there will be total success after May 2022 specially when Jupiter reaches the 22 Degree mark


Jyotish Acharaya anil aggarwala
BSc. Engg. P. E.C Ch
Jyotish Acharaya from BVB New Delhi
8th Feb 2020 06-00 hrs
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