Senior AAP Leader Atishi Says She Would Do ‘Explosive Expose’ On April 2nd 2024

by astrodocanil

“Senior AAP Leader Atishi Says She Would Do ‘Explosive Expose’ On April 2nd 2024”

Senior Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Atishi on Monday (Apr 1) posted on social media that she would be doing an “explosive expose” at 10:00 am (IST) on Tuesday, with many left speculating that it could be linked to the alleged excise policy case.

My Predictions on  Kejriwal   till date have been on the spot and even the time frames mentioned for him.

Let us see what this senior leader wants to expose from the chart of the 2nd April 2024 at 10-00 am

The Day is Tuesday and the Lord is Mars placed in the yama of the 2nd house and the Yama Lord is placed in the 12th house with 8th Lord Jupiter the Karka for  Wealth and the Black Money

The Day Lord and the Karna Lord Mars is vargottam and placed in the 10th house digbali hence karya siddhi will take place and the Senior Leader will expose the Chief Minister throughly.

Moon is Placed in the 8th house and Venus the Lagna Lord Exalted  and with Rahu and Sun in 11th house. Rahu is afflicted due to its motion.

Most surprising combinations in the Prashna Kundali at the time of the Senior Leader would do some explosive expose.

Moon and Sun also have close Ithasla see the degrees of the Planet involved.

Moon in the 8th house secrecy will be exposed at 19.23 degrees

Saturn in 10th house in Aquarius at 19.32 degrees

Jupiter in 12th house 23.24 degrees

Moon has poorna ithasla with Saturn the 10th Lord and also the 8th and the 11th Lord Jupiter. Crystal Clear indicates she is going to expose some under hand transactions  done by Arvind Kejriwal in the Liquor Scam.

The Time for Kejriwal has come and it will be difficult for him to get out of hot waters. His Career is finished as already predicted in my n number of Articles on my webpage.

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