Russian Warships Enters Red Sea Amid Houthi Attacks Mars Saturn & Demon Rahu On Wheel Of Catastrophe

Tensions spilling over from Gaza To Red Sea Explosive as Mars and Saturn come closer & Demon Rahu in Affliction

by astrodocanil

” Russian Warships Enters Red Sea Amid Houthi Attacks Mars Saturn & Demon Rahu On Wheel Of Catastrophe”


Red Sea Crisis: US using ultra-expensive missiles to knock out cheap drones

This is with reference to my articles on my webpage where I have crystal clear pointed out that there could be war in the red sea since the Solar Eclipse is taking place in totally watery sign Pisces the 7th house of the Russia and Israel Foundation chart on the 8th April 2024 and heavy malefics Mars and Saturn conjunction in the 6th house of both the Countries. For US the conjunction is taking place in the 7th house.  I have also mentioned that during the Conjunction of Mars and Saturn in Aquarius for 38 days the North Node demon Rahu will be in most afflicted state for 31 days who is in the sign Pisces a totally watery sign can escalate the Tensions in the Red Sea. The Time from the 2nd April to 6th July 2024 will be most explosive.

Now two Russian warships from the Pacific Fleet have entered the Red Sea and this comes amid attacks by Yemen’s Houthis on Merchant shipping in a region already crowded with Naval vessels. Tensions spilling over from Gaza to Red Sea.

The Houthis in Yemen have informed China and Russia that they can travel via the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden without fear of attacks. My Fear is that since Mars and Saturn the heavy malefics  as explained above can prove to bring a catastrophe in the Red Sea.


As per the news the Hamas Attacked on Israel on the 7th Oct. early morning at 06-30 hrs from Gaza Strip. The Chart is Below

The Parameters which acquire an important dimension.

  1. The Day is Saturday and the Lord is placed in the 6th house is the most evil positions as the 6th Lord in Retrogression. Saturn aspects the Stationary Rahu by third aspect on the 8th house where Jupiter the 7th Lord is also placed in Retrogression.
  2. Tithi is  KP- Navami a Rikta Tithi is good for a war.
  3. Karna is Mercury and placed in the Lagna in Exaltation also as the 10th Lord hence karya siddhi will take place for the Terrorist Group Hamas.
  4. Gulika in the Lagna at 19.26 degrees and the Lord is Mercury and in navamsha it has gone in the sign Gemini which is also ruled by Mercury and also aspects the Lagna but is in debilitation.
  5. The DBA planets are Jupiter-Ketu-Saturn
  6. The Trishamsha Lord of the 6th Lord Saturn is Saturn and the Trishamsha Lord of Mars is Mars is most explosive for the War and Terrorism between Hamas and Israel since both are connected to the 8th house . Hence Blood shed.
  7. Mars and Ketu conjunction is some what parallel to the time of 9/11 attack on the US Tower. This Combination is catastrophic in all respects.
  8. Lagna Lord Mercury and 7th Lord Jupiter are in 6/8 axis indicates blood shed.
  9. The Dispositor of the Sun and Moon in the Navamsha is Mercury the Gulika Lord and in Debilitation  is not good for the Hamas Terrorist group. Initially they may pounce on Israel but they will suffer the Most when Israel retaliates.
  10. 9th Lord is not connected to the Lagna Lord hence the enemy arrives again and again.
  11. Lagna is moving towards the movable sign hence the War and Terrorism may escalate into a bigger war.
  12. Generally a Malefic in Lagna  is good for taking a revenge and since  Sun is placed it is good, but as explained above the Sun and Moon are weak  in Navamsha
  13. In Navamsha Bhadak in Lagna the Terrorist Group may suffer.
  14. Rahu Stationary  in the 8th house and having aspect of 6th and 8th Lord Saturn and Mars there will be blood shed and war will last very long. Mass Tragedies, Fall of the Govt., Death of Important person, Earthquakes and epidemics are on the Cards.
  15. Mars and Ketu Conjunction in the 2nd house Explosive.
  16. Dasha of Jupiter-Ketu till the 15-1-2024 explosive for the world.


As per this method 6×3 = 18 months most crucial for Israel and  Hamas Terrorist Group till 7th April 2025

The Solar Eclipse of the 8th April 2024  and the Mars and Saturn conjunction on the 10th April 2024 will be the ugliest day for the war between Israel and Hamas. The War can escalate and number of Countries may directly or indirectly join the Crisis and a big war in the red sea looks to be in the Red Sea

Immediate violent fight is indicated


The houses from 9th to  2nd house Govern the attacker and has 2 benefics and 4 malefics

The Houses from the 3rd to 8th are governed by then defendant and Israel  has 2 malefics and one benefic  Jupiter may bring success for Israel after Lot of Efforts.

My word of Caution for players in the Stock market to be very vigilant and invest carefully else  you may land in troubles and loose money. The conditions in the Stock market will be volatile as already predicted and then the most crucial time in the Financial sector and may face the toughest time in the year 2024 as already predicted by me in so many articles on my webpage as per the Total Solar Eclipse of the 8th April 2024 falling in the 7th house of Israel, Russia and Mars and Saturn conjunction in the 7th house of the US foundation chart. This time frame has come and I fear a Blood Bath in the Red Sea

I salute my Guru for the skills I have got in Astrology.


30th March 2024 07-30 hrs New Delhi

Jyotish Acharaya BVB New Delhi and Astrology Research under the Guidance of Shri  K N Rao

Award Winner In Research in ASTROLOGY




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Disclaimer Clause applicable : The writer of the Article is not responsible for any bodies loss if he invests according to the above Predictions, May be a Individual, Corporate and any Company for that Purpose. The Investor will be responsible for his whims and fancies for the Investment and shall be responsible  for losses incurred. This is only for Educational purpose and the Predictions can be wrong also. This is to see if Astrology has replicable effects 


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