Roman God Saturn As King Maker Or Breaker A Research

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“Roman God Saturn As King Maker Or Breaker A Research”

In this Article I am going to discuss the Saturn Influence in our life. Most of the People Think that Saturn is a Dreaded Planet and specially afraid of Sade Sati, When Saturn is in the 7th house from Moon or the 8th From Moon Called the Kantak Shani and Ashtama Shani respectively. It is not always true.

Saturn takes 29.46 years for one full round of the Zodiac, So it shows its influence for 30 Years per sign, starting from the Birth sign. This amounts to proportionately one year per degree, so an 11degree natal Saturn indicates 19 years of influence left on the natal sign  in terms of age. Accordingly the next sign will be from 19 years to 49 years.

It is very interesting to note that many secrets of Hindu Astrology are found abundantly in the Nadi-Granthas what we call Nadi Principles.

According to Nadi Principles Saturn Transit results can be delineated from 4 different Phases as follows.

1.House wise Results of Saturn

Meaning that the House from which the 8th house when Transited by Saturn and the other 3 houses from which the respective 8th house when has aspects by Saturn, suffer afflictions. To understand the above verse, we have to take the house from where the Saturn is Transiting and the 3rd house which Saturn is aspects.

When Saturn Transits the ASC, it is the 8th house from the 6th house ,Saturn 3rd aspect falls on the 3rd house, it is the 8th from the 8th house. Saturn 7th aspect here will be on the 7th house , it is the 8th from the 12th house and the 10th aspect falls on the 10th house , which is the 8th from the 3rd house , Hence When Saturn is Transiting in the Lagna , it is most malefic and unfavourable in matters connected to 6,8, 12 and the 3rd house. Saturn also does not have digbala in the Lagna and for this Reason Saturn Debilitates in the Lagna of the Natural Zodiac and not considered good in the Lagna.

Let us take the example of the Present Saturn in the sign Aquarius from the 23rd Jan 2023 to 29th March 2025

In fact Saturn changes sign as below , it was retrograde and then fell back in Capricorn and again joined Aquarius on the 23rd Jan 2023

In the Present Context Saturn Transit over the Aquarius Lagna and the Aquarius Moon sign in Lagna may not be good for the Matters related to the 6,8,12th and the 3rd house , Specially in the Nakshatra of Mars and Rahu.

2. Saturn Transit Results as Counted from Chander Navamsha Rashi. When Saturn Transits the Chander  navamsha Rashi in the Birth chart or the sign occupied by Moon in the Rashi chart, the native suffers from fear from enemies, mental anguish, humiliation from secret blemish, meaning when Saturn Transits the 8th house from Chander Navamsha Rashi, the native will suffer great calamity during Rahu Dasha period and will have termination of some running favorable Yog Phala or Yoga Bhang Results.

3. Degree wise Results of Saturn over the Trines to the 7 planets  and the nodes

When Saturn Transits over a position which is identical degree wise to the natal position or its Trine position, it gives unfavourable results

The Natal Planet (As Significator)

The House owned by the Planet

The house occupied by the Planet

4. Degree wise Transit Results of Saturn over the Lord of the 8th house or its Trines

Mental upsets due to denial of Results, signified by the house, Inheritance, Gada hua Dhan. When Saturn coincides with the natal  position, it gives Trouble according to the Houses in the natal chart.

Fine Tunning of the Results of any Planet can also be seen from the Following Ways

The Transit of a Planet irrespective he is Saturn or any other Planet Depends upon the Following Factors . In this Article my focus will be on Saturn

  1. Saturn Relation with the Lagna Lord  Natural Relationship.
  2. Saturn Relationship Natural in the Sign he Transits.
  3. Saturn Transit in a House from the Natal Moon.
  4. Saturn Bhinashtakvarga in that house . Total Sarvashtak Varga in that House.

Some Research Observations by me

  1. Saturn influence on the Natal Saturn and Mercury  Downfall , If Ketu is also Involved , it is not good
  2. Saturn influence on Natal Sun Change in the work Station.
  3. Saturn influence on Jupiter and Sun simultaneously Rise in Life , if these Planets are in Rajyogas they will attribute the highest Rise in Life.

I am taking here my Own example  of 4th May 1948 -8-23-40 hrs New Delhi India

Even in My case when Saturn was over Natal Saturn in Cancer  in   March -2007 and had aspects the Natal Mercury and Sun in the 11th house brought Health issues and a Court Case for Me .When Saturn was in Libra it aspects my Natal Jupiter and Sun in Aries and brought a Rise in My Career and over all Prosperity .

Presently Saturn over the natal Moon in the 6th from the 4th house and in the 8th from the 2nd house  and aspects on the Sun Mercury and Rahu gave me issues related to the 4th house and loss of Money  since my House is delayed by the Govt. for free hold title in New Delhi. When Saturn was in Sagittarius at the time of Covid gave me  lot of Name and Fame and the Court Case against my Ancestral Property was solved , but the Moment it went to Aquarius  every thing is delayed  in Capricorn it gave me health problems . Now although every thing is settled with the sisters and the Builder, Govt. not allowing free hold conversion in New Delhi after 23rd Jan 2023 ever since Saturn is over my natal Moon. Now Saturn in Rahu star from the 4th Nov. 2023 I expect the Govt . may allow the Conversion to Free hold , but lot of Losses I have to incur since I have to Pay the Builder the interest on the Money paid to my Sisters for the settlement. After Saturn goes in the 2nd house from Moon  will be in the Kendra  but in the 12th from the 11th house , 6th from the 5th house and in the 8th from the 3rd house , will be much better .

After 26th Jan. 2017 Saturn activated Jupiter and Sun was activated till 26th Jan 2017 and hence the Research Principles work amazingly well  and Brought  strong upliftment in the Life of the Yogi Adityanath to a Level of Chief Minister.

Similar Case of Amitabh Bachan When Saturn was over the natal Jupiter and had aspects on Sun Amitabh Bachan came ot of all troubles in the year 2007

As per the above Principles  Transit of Saturn after 15 degrees will bring upliftment in his Career again since it will influence the Natal Jupiter and Sun  in case of Narendra Modi and so many other Politicians as discussed on my webpage.

For Rahul Gandhi it will be over his natal Rahu and aspect the Natal Saturn debilitated  and in the 8th house from the 10th house hence no achievement in the Current year.

For Arvind Kejriwal Saturn in the 7th house aspects the Moon and the Debilitated Saturn and in 8th house from the natal Sun and Mars hence no success.

Shiv Raj Singh Chouhan also gets upliftment according to this principle

Vasundra Raje also gets Raise in Status


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