Rahu North Node The Key Planet For Rise and Fall

by astrodocanil

Let me reproduce the Article “The Celestial Drama of North Node Rahu From 1st To 16th Feb. 2018” link https://www.astrodocanil.com/2018/02/celestial-drama-…st-16th-feb-2018/

All Planets have Physical and Visual Existence , but the Nodes Rahu and Ketu are imaginary points in the Ecliptic and have no Physical Existence, even then Rahu the North node is considered most Powerful and has been allotted the status of a Planet by our Maharishis and Seers . Rahu and Ketu have a Retrograde motion and stay in a Rashi for 1 year 6 month and approx. 18 days and they become stationary and direct   almost twice a month when the Luminaries are approaching them in Transit.

In Hindu Mythology there is an interesting Fiction how Rahu and Ketu came into existence . It is believed that once Gods and the Demons both decided to form an alliance to Produce Nectar that could impart immorality to them. We all know the story of the Nectar how it was produced by churning the Ocean. After the Nectar was produced and the process of serving the same to the Gods was there Demon Rahu disguised as the God sat between the Sun and the Moon to acquire the Nectar. The Demon was recognised by the Sun and the Moon who complaint of the Demon to Lord Vishnu. On this Lord Vishnu immediately severed the Head of the Demon, but the Demon by then have consumed enough Nectar to make him immortal. The Head of the Demon Rahu thus became immortal and the remaining corpse of the Demon was Named as Ketu, ever since then Rahu and Ketu became strong enemies of the Luminaries . Solar and Lunar Eclipses occur when Sun and Moon are near Rahu and Ketu who swallow the Luminaries . Rahu is the North Node of Moon and Ketu the South Node.  Rahu is a powerful and a malefic planet . It is the most Powerful planet for the Politicians  and gives them great opportunity and power to  rise in Politics through any means.

Rahu Rules the Thieves, Jail, Magicians, Snakes, Poison, Drugs and Isolated Places . Rahu also has the Power to confer sudden wealth and even taking the native to  to the highest level if placed well, but does not give any thing easily one may have to also suffer due to Rahu nakshatra in Aquarius sign the sign of Saturn who signifies sufferings . Since a shadow Planet no sign has been allotted to Rahu. Rahu is supposed to be most powerful in Taurus and Virgo, through its sign is 11th House of the Zodiac Aquarius which controls our desires. When negatively placed in the chart  can create confusions, depressions, emotional imbalances  and on the other hand when placed strongly in good houses  and in highest rajyoga with Sun with in 5 degrees has the capacity to take the native on the highest level  unexpectedly.

The Following Parameters make the North node extremely strong.

1.Rahu Placed with in 5 degrees of Sun in a good house and preferably has aspects of Jupiter.

2.Rahu placed in the 3,6,11th house.

3. Rahu placed in the 6th house having 9th aspect by Jupiter forming Ashtlakshmi yoga.

4.Rahu Placed in the Kendra or Trikona and the dispositor in the Kona and Kendra respectively , making him a Yoga Karka Planet.

5. Rahu is extremely powerful when placed with a Debilitated Planet ,the dispositor is Debilitated , specially in the house of Moon or Sun, When Dispositor is weak Rahu gets strength.

5. Rahu In dagdha Rashi .

6. Except Mercury Planets with in 5 to 12 degrees are Eclipsed by Rahu and the Planets lose their significations and give sufferings .

Direction of Rahu  South West .

Color Black , Grey, Purple 

Constellations  Ardra, Swati and Satbisha

Friendly Planets  Mercury, Saturn and Venus

Enemies Sun, Moon and Mars 

Neutral Planets Jupiter.

Rahu has a Maha Dasha Period of 18 years , when adversely placed in the chart indicates arrogance and jealous nature.

For Rahu Dasha Mathematical Chart of D18 should be drawn to see the Effects

Sura Suram Rog harnam and Ketu Rog Karnam, it is clear that in the dasha of Rahu the Diseases come out and in the Dasha of Ketu one gets disease , Rahu placed well then good for Rog harnam, Ketu is Disease giver. Rahu is not Disease giver , specially when a native is running the Dasha or anter dasha of Rahu and the Ingress of Rahu-Ketu takes Place and the age is in the Multiples of 9 plus-minus 1.5 years at the relevant age of the disease the diseases sprouts  and cured if Rahu is Placed well.Rahu gives  Fever, Leprosy, snake bite, Restlessness, emotional hurdles when afflicted  .  

Rahu is Up-Karka for Marriage  and decides the quality of married life . Afflicted Rahu specially when also Darakarka spoils the Marriage specially when in Venomous state

When In Direct or Stationary Motion then most malefic but when with in 5 degrees of Sun forms a special rajyoga in a good house having aspects of  Jupiter is an added advantage. 

As per Theory of Astrological  Inevitability  Chapter IX  of THE NEHRU DYNASTY  of Vani Publications , Eclipses falling in the 1/7 axis of the Lagna, Sun and Moon meaning that Rahu or Ketu falling   in 1/7 axis of the Lagna, Sun and Moon can be a agonising Period .Now with the above combinations the Sub Dasha is also of a Planet which is Rahu or a Planet who has the potentiality to kill, what can happen ? If the above parameters are in the 4/10 axis  or the 1/7 axis the native may have a fall or if the span of life has come to its terminal point, die 

As per My research I would like to add a few more Parameters .

1.If the Native has a Very Powerful Rahu with in 5 degrees of the Sun and aspected by Jupiter he would rise in life during the Eclipses when Rahu is in adverse motion specially in the age group of 9 plus-minus 1.5 years 

2. The native will have a fall if Sun or Moon is eclipsed with in 5 degrees to 12 degrees  and the age is in multiple of 9 plus-minus 1.5 years .

3. Generally it has been seen that  when Rahu or Ketu are malefic in the chart then when Ketu falls on Rahu and Rahu over Ketu in transit the Period for 1.5 years will be most agonising , on the other had if Rahu and Ketu are strong and powerful to give effects the Native rises in life to top positions specially when Rahu and Ketu fall on the natal positions . All this happens generally in the age bracket of multiple of 9 plus-minus 1.5 years  and Mostly Positive in the Multiple of 18 Plus-Minus 1.5 years 

4. As Per Jaimini sutra when one planet is retrograde in the chart then irrespective of the degrees Rahu becomes the Darakarka and if afflicted and malefic spoils the Marriage.

5. Marriage Celebrations should not be done when Rahu is Stationary or in Forward motion  specially when one planet in Transit is retrograde and Rahu is Darakarka . Rahu may spoil the Marriage.

6. If a Boy or a girl has Rahu Stationary or in Forward motion should be married to one who also has such combinations.

7. Even though Rahu may be extremely strong since he has the nakshatra of shatabisha in Aquarius and in the sign of Saturn,  Rahu also gives success after some sufferings and false allegations  and finally coming out with flying colours .

8.North Node Rahu also has the capacity to turn the tables upside down . It can Turn the Stock Market  according to its motion.The Stock Market was influenced with Magnitude when Rahu was adverse for 16 days in a stretch from 1st Feb. to 16th Feb. 2018.  Specially near the Eclipses  it effects the stock Markets .. Demonetization took place when Rahu was adverse in a stretch for more than 5 days  on the 8th Nov. 2016 

9. MH-370 plane with more than 228 passengers went missing in March 2014 and still no whereabouts . Rahu was adverse on the day of its disappearance of the flight and still the search is going on.

10.North node stay in a rashi is 1 year 6 month and 18 days , hence I am taking Multiple of 9  when Ketu comes over Rahu  and stay of Plus-Minus 1.5 years , Multiple of 18 plus -minus 1.5 years would mean Rahu over Rahu


Let me take up the case studies below

Donald Trump

 Chart of Donald  Trump 14th June 1946 10.54 hrs. Jamacia IL NY


Sun and Rahu in close Degrees have aspect of Jupiter hence  a very strong Rajyoga in the 10th house  , such a person does not leave any stone unturned for his meeting his goals He has Rahu in forward motion. At the time of Elections Rahu was in Forward Motion on the 8th Nov. 2016 and Rahu-Ketu in the 1/7 axis of the Ascendant .Trump is Born on a Eclipse day  and in close degrees when Sun is very close to Rahu then it is a special Rajyoga and the Person is born to do  a special karma in Life . In Transit Rahu was Transitting in the 10th house from Moon and the dispositor Sun when had aspected  the 10th house in Transit gave a Rise to the Native  which happened  on the 16th Nov. 2016 .Trump Age at this point was  Multiple of 9 Plus Minus 1.5 years . Multiple of 9 here was 72 and he was 72-1.5 years= 70.5 years . Rahu in Kendra from Rahuand would reach the Natal Rahu  when Trump will be 72 Plus 1.5 years  or so

Narendra Modi

Chart of Narendra Modi  Born on the 17th  Sept. 1950 Mehsana Gujrat Time 12.05 noon

Sun with in 5 degrees of Rahu and Ketu and Sun and Ketu placed well in the 11th house with 11th Lord. Narendra Modi rose to the position of the Prime Minister of India when he was 64 years approx. in the year 2014 The Strong Rajyoga paid him the dividends . Rahu is in adverse motion hence Eclipses may help him in his career though may give initial sufferings as well

My Chart 4th May 1948 08-23-20 hrs  New Delhi

Just see the degrees of Sun and Rahu and this conjunction together with the Lagna Lord has aspect of Jupiter from the 7th house making a Panch  Maha Purush Yoga . Rahu here is extremely strong with Mercury  and Sun though in Exhaltation is in Mrityu Bhag, makes Rahu extremely strong . Rahu here is also Dara Karka , but fortunately my wife also has this Rajyoga in her chart  and in both cases the Darakarka is Rahu and similar strong in strength.

1983 to 1986 were the most  Fruitful years of my life  I was in the age Bracket of 36 to 38 years .

In 1983 I was falsely implicated in a Case  which was quashed the same day and I came out with Success. In 1986 I was appointed the General Manager in a Joint Venture with Maruti and my salary and perks rose upto almost 5 times my salary. I visited 3 Countries in the East, Japan, South Korea and Hongkong. It was considered a jackpot to visit Japan in 1986. On several other occasions when I had a contract with the Delhi Administration I was implicated in a false case and the same Day the Case was quashed and the concerned persons were suspended in the age Bracket of Multiple of 18 Plus Minus 1.5 years  .

Some of the recent Happenings after Rahu ingressed in Cancer on the 9th Sept. 2017 and specially between the 1st Feb. to 16th Feb. 2018 when Rahu was in forward motion after the Lunar Eclipse on the 31st Jan. 2018  as below 

The above Extreme right side Rahu motion is mentioned clearly shows the True motion  in forward direction of Rahu from the 1st Feb. 2018 to 16th Feb. 2018 which was a exception , since normally Rahu is adverse for 4 to 5 days maximum

As Per the above Principles natives in the age Bracket of Multiple of 9 plus -minus 1.5 years  will be influenced with magnitude negatively  or positively in their Life as per the placement of the North node  . The Following People were influenced and the Breaking News  covered them 

Priya Prakash Varrier

The Singer and Actress of the South of 18 -19 years old rose in her life to an unexpected level, she had to face a false case also which was freezed by the Supreme court . I dont have the birth details , but for sure she has Sun and Rahu Degree conjunct in the 10th or the 11th house and having aspect of Jupiter as per the Planetary combinations. This happened when Rahu was adverse and unexpected event happened  on the 14th Feb. 2018 for Priya Prakash. Rahu north node just on the Natal Rahu or about to Touch it in her chart it so seems 


Birth Chart Analysis Sridevi was born on the 13th Aug. 1963 05-30 hrs Chennai. 

Sridevi was born on a Monday  in the Krishna Paksh and before Sunrise hence the Planets who are strong are Mars and Saturn, and both making strong rajyogas . Saturn making the Shasha Yoga a Pancha mahapurush yoga  and Mars making the Poorna Yoga Karka , since connected to the 9th Lord Jupiter  , Saturn is the 7th and the 8th Lord and in the nakshatra of Rahu and in Vish ghati  and aspects the 6th and the 9th Lord Jupiter who is Stationary in the chart degree-wise. Saturn is also Retrograde and at almost 180 degrees from Sun  causing a bhandan yoga  . There is also Exchange of the Lagna Lord and the 11th Lord another Strong Yoga . Needless to speak for the Venus Placed in the Lagna , makes her attractive and Beautiful, Jupiter aspecting the Lagna and Venus in the Ascendant makes her most attractive. The Connection of the 9th and the 10th Lord Jupiter and Mars makes Mars extremely strong and a Poorna Yoga Karka .

Rahu in the 12th house in Vish ghati   Multiple of 18 years is a malefic time for the native in the 3rd Paraya of The Nodes, hence after 54 plus minus 1.5 years  years completion will be crucial perod for her due to Dara Karka Rahu , specially when Rahu in the 12th house is in Vish ghati  she died in a Foreign country  and since Rahu is also muslim  she died in a muslim country .Hence Transit of Rahu in the Lagna after 9th Sept. 2017 proved to be malefic for her specially when it reached the  MEP of the Lagna and very near the Lagna Degrees. On the 24th Feb. 2018 Rahu was 20-47 and Lagna is 19.06 . Rahu was also Poison then since in Forward Motion  on the 24th Feb. 2018

Nirav Modi

The News for Nirav Modi was brought to light between the 1st Feb. to 16th Feb. 2018  and he is in the age Bracket of 45 Plus 1.5 years , showing that his Rahu is eclipsing Sun the Govt. and will be brought to Book when Rahu Transits over the Natal Rahu or the Natal Sun degree-wise . I don’t think Nirav Modi will get any relief specially when Rahu is in Cancer and may be brought to Book near the Eclipses of July 2018 and 2019

Cricketer Mohammed Shami

Charged with attempt of Murder of his wife HasinJahan. Cricketer is 27 year old and the age is in the Multiple of 9 and he must be having Rahu as Daraarka and in most malefic State  and will bring his down fall. This happened on the Day when Mars ingressed in Sagitarius and aspected the North Node Rahu by 8th aspect.

Roger Federer 36 year old Born on the 8th August 1981 08-35 hrs. Basel

Swiss Tennis genius has made a come back recently. His North Node Rahu is in Cancer  Transit Rahu exactly over the Sun degrees of 22 give him the success with flying colours 

From the above we can say that the Role of the North Node Rahu is immense in the rise and fall in the life of a native and The eclipses influence in a big way on the positive and negative side as per the Natives chart


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