Predictions Spot On ! For Fortnight Till 5th July 2020 Havoc From Rains Earthquake Spikes In Virus India-China Stand-Off Surge In Gold Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

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Predictions Spot On ! For Fortnight Till 5th July 2020 Havoc From Rains Earthquake Spikes In Virus India-China Stand-Off  Surge In Gold Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

All Predictions made for the fortnight 20th June to 5th July 2020 prove spot on  for the Earthquakes  In the Central region of the India, Indonesia,  Non arrival of the Enemy China at the boarders, Heavy Rain falls in China and Japanand Spikes in the Coronavirus specially till the 5th July 2020


  1. “6.6 magnitude Earthquake jolts western Indonesia

2. 4.2 Magnitude gits Gujrat

3. 4.6 magnitude Earthquake hots Mizoram


For Earthquakes and Rains Read My Article “17 Earthquakes In 3 Months In Delhi-NCR 20th June-5th July 2020 Prone For World Also Astrologer Anil Aggarwala


Heavy rains  force evacuation of 1,27000 people in the Southern China”

“Torrential Rains and landslides create havoc in Japan” Heavy rainfall on one of Japan’s main islands, Kyushu, has triggered severe flooding and landslides. More than a dozen people are presumed dead and tens of thousands have been urged to leave their homes.

Several dead and missing in Japan due to heavy rains create havoc


Rains In Mumbai


India-China Stand -off Disengagement starts at 3 flashpoints


For the above Predictions read my Article  “Full Moon Chart of the 5th July 2020 Fate Of Brawl With Neighbouring Countries Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

Read this Text in this

Will  The Enemy  and the Neighboring Countries take an Aggressive stance in the ongoing Tension between India-China and India-Pakistan 

The Lagan is represented By India and the 7th house by the opponent  and since the 7th Lord is Retrograde it is weaker then the Sun the Lagan Lord , hence the Present Position of India is Strong . 7th house is also in paap kartari yoga

Lagnesh and Moon are related is good , but the 7th Lord in the 6th house is not good and the dispute between the Countries may prolong hence Between India , China and Pakistan 

7th Lord Posited in the 6th house makes the opponent weak

10th house from the Lagan is Venus in own house is stronger than the 10th house from the 7th house  who is placed in the 8th house . Hence the Battle field of the India is stronger than the opponent . Sun, Mercury and Rahu in the 11th house are good for India

Moon in the dual sign and Lagan Fixed is good for India in this Fortnight

Will the Enemy Arrive ?

Lagna Lord Sun is connected to Mars the 9th Lord  this indicates non arrival of the enemy

malefics in the 5th and the 6th house non arrival of the enemy

Signs Scorpio in the 4th house and having aspect of Benefic  defeat of the enemy

Mars from the 8th house aspects the 3rd house of Boarders hence there could be some aggressive stance from the opponents . The position may become more intense when Mars enters the sign Aries  the  Countries may become more aggressive in their actions after the 16th August 2020  specially from the 9th Sept 2020 when Mars becomes Retrograde in Aries sign

Since the Sun and the Moon are in Lunar Signs the Attacking king may not win. Since in the Lunar signs the defender King wins . Hence India should not take any aggressive stance in attacking . Hence if China or Pakistan Attacks then they will have to beat a hasty retreat

7th house in Paap Kartari Yoga.  The Opponent is in Trouble showing both China and Pakistan are in deep trouble 

7th Lord in the 6th house in own sign is secret enemy and may plan espionage  through Terrorism

7th house is open enemies hence India is at risk from Terrorism since the 6th Lord is Retrograde there may be 3 encounters or multiple encounters 

4th Lord in the 8th house the Place of attack may also change by the opponents and may shift its attentiontowards the South Direction and watery sign

Timing of Return of the King 

Asper the above Lunation chart the Venus is the strongest planet and counting from the Lagan to the 10th house is 10. Hence the dispute with China may last till 10 weeks  as per the Principles of Prashna Jyotish. Hence tensions till 20th Sept. 2020 with the neighboring Countries

Also when the 7th Lord begins to change its state of Motion and that will be 29th Sept 2020 when the Saturn 7th Lord will become direct

 No Treaty and Peace  

There are no good Combinations for Treaty and Peace, since the Lagna Lord Sun and the 7th Lord Saturn are in 6/8 axis , this indicates intense violent fight or keen contest between the Countries . 7th Lord in the 6th House the disputes continues between the Countries for a very long time 

Navamsha Rising is of Mercury

There is no affliction to the Luminaries in the navamsha and both in Benefic Signs. Hence good . From the above it is clear that even if the Neighboring Countries are in aggressive stance they may not gain any mileage . India will have the upper hand . The disputes will last long it is evident . The Above analysis is for the Fortnight starting from the 5th July 2020 only for 15 days . 5th July seems little malefic as per Rahu motion note this parameter .Earthquakes are not ruled out after the 5th July . 4th Lord in the sign Pieces Hence the movement of the Brawl between the nations  towards the South China Sea.


Xi’s Jinping’s legacy under threat

China to face the ICJ soon 9th Lord Mercury Combusted Retrograde and eclipsed by Ketu as I have Predicted , Ketu is Avyogi the Country is bound for Insolvency as per Astrology wait and see my Predictions. China may refute all allegations of the Coronavirus spread and the loss of the Lives of the People across the World . Another Parameter is the 12th Lord and the 22DK Lord Jupiter has fallen over the natal Jupiter and now see how China Dances to the tune of the Planets . If Xi knew Astrology he would not do what ever he is doing so is the case with Trump Both have Bleek Futures as already Predicted by me long back. Mars over stay in Pieces-Aries sign till 22nd Feb 2021 for 249 days may put the world in Enigmatic Spiral of Wars . Both China and US will have major losses

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Global Coronavirus tally 11 million 5.23 Lakhs deaths

Over 7 Lakhs Coronavirus cases  and 20160 deaths  in India

Read My Article for Coronavirus  “‘Beginning Of Coming Disaster’: The World Reopening Despite Skyrocketing Coronavirus Astrology Warns Again And Again Astrologer Anil Aggarwala”


As predicted Gold may Cross the 1800 $ Mark . It has Touched the 1790 $ Mark

Break In the Stock Markets taking all time Surge

7th July 2020 the Stock market facing roller coaster rides

North Node has retained its normal motion and is bound to invert the Stock Market rising at a stretch and as mentioned by me there will be correction proves spot on 


Starting from the Day Sun Enters the sign Cancer on the 16th July 2020 and then when Mars goes in Aries  and Taurus signs will be the time frame for the world getting into Enigmatic spiral of Wars . I wish My Predictions go wrong . The Highest point will be as under. It may happen or not has to be seen all the above Predictions are based on the earlier Planetary positions  and this is a Research Article Please note this 

16th July-21st July 2020—— Start of the ugly relations between the countries taking a bigger dimension . Saturn will be at 180 degrees from Sun on the 21st July 2020. There will be affliction to the Cancer Capricorn Axis —– Note this Time frame  Sun and Moon both will be afflicted and Saturn aspects Mars and Mars aspects Rahu and Mercury. 16th to 20th July Rahu is also in Forward motion. ——————Most Venomous Time frame for the world .  US, China will be in aggressive stance. China against India and US against China  some untoward happenings possible . Terrorism Possible even from Pakistan 

Saturn at 180 degrees from Sun on the 20th July 2020 most prone to untoward happenings 

Nodes Ingress in Taurus-Scorpio axis on the 20th Sept. 2020


4th  Oct 2020 Mars Retrograde Fallen and nearest to Earth may create havoc.Most prone for wars  between the 4th Oct to 24th Dec. 2020. In this Connection read my Article—- “Red Planet Mars Nearest To Earth Oct. 2020 Warns Of Warlike Conditions In Globe Astrologer Anil Aggarwala   link

Jupiter Fallen till 20th Nov. 2020

14th Dec. 2020 Solar Eclipse and Luminaries in Gandantha 

16th Dec. 2020 Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Capricorn

26th March 2020 The Chart is given above   Most Crucial date for the Brawl between the nations taking ugly turn. From the past it has been observed that when Ketu is afflicted by Mars and Saturn then there is intense fight and wars, here the combination with Saturn is missing. I have mentioned this in my Video also. Hence the War may not be of Intense kind  please make a note of this  

Worst Influenced will Be US and China in the above game of War . India may also have to bear the burnt it so seems specially due to Nodes influencing the 1/7 axis of the India Foundation chart  and when Mars and Rahu are in Rohini star — note this parameter

Detailed Predictions as per Solar Ingress and Lunation chart will follow shortly  specially for the 16th July Solar Ingress in Cancer and the lunation chart of the 20th July 2020 which acquires a special attention since the Luminaries Sun and Moon will be opposed by Saturn degree-wise   at 4. degrees and Rahu  will be in 6/8 axis with Saturn and also in 2/12 axis with Luminaries 


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In the end I Thank God Bow Before him and Stand Up  to Give Ovation to My Guru For Inculcation of Astrology skills  

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Read the Predictions for China made on the 17th Sept 2019 much before the Virus actually spread and anu News . It is basically due to the Cluster of the 6 Planets at the time ogf the Solar Eclipse on the 26th Dec 2019 over the Natal Fallen Jupiter the 12th Lord and the 22DK sign and China Dasha starting in Sept of Mer-Mer the 6th Lord with Ketu the disease Giver and Specially the Transit of Ketu over the 22DK sign. Rahu and Ketu also Ingress in the 7th house of the D6 Shatasmhsa

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