Paush Purnima Full Moon Chart Of 25th Jan 2024 What It has Up It’s Sleeves ?

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” Paush Purnima Full Moon Chart Of 25th Jan 2024 What It has Up It’s Sleeves ?”

Paush Purnima 2024: According to the Hindu calendar, Paush Purnima, which falls on the full moon day of Paush month, is one of the most revered and auspicious days for Hindus. On this day, a large number of people bathe in the sacred Ganga and Yamuna rivers. On the eve of Paush Purnima, people come from all over the nation to Prayag Sangam to take the ritual bath. The last day of Shakambhari Navratri is called Shakambhari Purnima, or Shakambhari Jayanti also.

Paush Purnima 2024: Date 

– Paush Purnima 2024 Date – 25th January, 2024

– Purnima Tithi Begins – 09:49 PM, 24th January, 2024

– Purnima Tithi Ends – 11:23 PM, 25th January, 2024

In Hinduism, Paush Purnima has great significance. It is observed with an array of religious and spiritual rituals as the conclusion of the Paush month. Bathing customs and the Paush Purnima Vrat are considered to be very significant because they help people purge themselves of their past and present transgressions and move one step closer to finding redemption (Moksha). In addition to Prayag, two more well-known pilgrimage sites where devotees observe Paush Purnima are Ujjain and Nasik.

 The Full Moon chart is of the 25th Jan. 2024 at 23.22 Hrs IST and is below

The 5 Limbs the Panchang of the Day

 The Day is Thursday and the Lord Jupiter is placed in the 8th house and as the 4th and the 7th Lord has exchange with Mars the 8th Lord and has aspect of the strong 6th Lord is not good. The Day Lord affliction  and connection with 6th and 8th Lord is not good at all 

The Star is Pushya and the Lord of the Star is in the 6th house although the Star is considered most auspicious since short and dynamic and also upward looking

Tithi Full Moon

Yoga Preeti

Karna Bawa

Both  Karna and Yoga are not bad

Bana Agni from 10.18 PM Full Night not good

Hence out of 6 Parameters  2 are Bad

 The Lagna

Lagna is Virgo and has Ketu is not good at all since it is at the MEP of Lagna and signifies Catastrophe, Earthquakes, Explosions, destruction through epidemics, Communal Tensions, Crime and Murder. The Fortnight people will loose faith in religion. There Could Be mass tragedies also. KETU AT MEP IS EXTREMELY BAD FOR THE VIRUS”X’ TO TAKE AN UGLY TURN SINCE IN THE STAR OF MARS THE 8TH LORD 

The Lagnesh 

Mercury is Placed in the 4th house is good but in close degrees with 8th Lord and also having poorna ithasla with 8th Lord  Mars is most explosive, since the Lagna and the 7th house have Rahu and Ketu and  Lagna Lord and 7th Lord both connected to the 8th Lord . Mercury also looses in Planetary war. This parameter is extremely bad for the opposition and the throne of the King.  THE LAGNA AND THE LAGNESH BOTH SUFFER THIS IS BAD FOR THE PEACE OF THE COUNTRY IN THIS FORTNIGHT.

2nd House

This house has aspect of Jupiter is good for stock markets and revenue of the Country, but Jupiter placed in the 8th house is also set and also in Ketu Star in Ketu Star is also good for the 2nd House. Hence some diluted results of the 2nd house can be expected

3rd House

3rd Lord Mars is placed in the 4th house  is not good since it is with 4th Lord and destroys the 4th house hence the peace of the Country can be disturbed by the neighbouring Countries and on account of the Opposition parties. Rail Strikes also possible.

4th House

As mentioned above the 4th house is afflicted badly and has Khalla Yoga. Land Agriculture, Mining, Opposition parties and the King of the throne will be adversely influenced . There will also be Earthquakes and Volcanos in this Fortnight. Discontentment in the Agriculture Industry and the Farmers. Damp weather due to Venus placed in this house. Fire and Explosions are not ruled out.

5th house

 Sun is good   but there could be trouble to the Artists of calibre.

6th House

 Saturn placement and aspect on the 8th and the 12th house is most explosive. The Possibility of Labour strikes and agitation is not ruled out.

7th House

Rahu and in afflicted condition is explosive for spying, terrorism, war, explosions and movement of troops not ruled out.

8th House

Jupiter here is set and afflicted by 6th Lord Saturn also is not good  for religious and legal natives along with financiers and bankers.

11th House Lunation The Most Important house 

Moon in the 11th house in own sign is good but is under affliction by Mars the 8th and the 3rd Lord. This will high light the issues relating to these house and since Mars is connected it could be related to black money. Cabinet Changes and indisposition of the Members of the Parliament is not ruled out specially related to Finance.

12th House

12th Lord in 5th house is not good for the Stock Markets .Saturn aspect on the 12th house has been explained above.


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