Partial Lunar Eclipse 29th Oct. 2023 : Jupiter 22DK Connected To All Planets Demon Rahu Adverse Gandantha

Jupiter 22DK Lord Connected to All Planets Specially Ketu Crucial For Virus

by astrodocanil
‘Partial Lunar Eclipse 29th Oct. 2023 : Jupiter 22DK Connected To All Planets Demon Rahu Adverse Gandantha’

This is with reference to my Articles on the Eclipses and specially the partial lunar Eclipse of the 29th Oct. 2023 is most Crucial for Virus and Diseases due to the following reasons. We have already discussed the other effects of the Eclipse on the Globe.

  1. Now Have a look at the  Partial Lunar Eclipse chart of the 29th Oct 2023 below at 1.52.30 hrs IST

The Following Parameters are of concern for the Global Deep Recession and also Virus and Diseases and other happenings as mentioned in my earlier Articles  listed at the end of these predictions

  1. Aries sign is considered the Ascendant of the Globe since the Ascendant of the Kaala Purush is also Aries.
  2. The Lunar Eclipse is taking place in the Sign Aries in the Ashvini Satar whose Lord is Ketu and Karka for Virus and Diseases. The Sloka is ‘ Rahu Rog harnam and Ketu rog karnam’
  3. 22DK sign Falls in the sign Pisces the 8th house of the chart and the 12th house of the Kaala Purush and the Lord Jupiter is Kharesh and most malefic planet at the time of Eclipse.
  4. At the time of the 26th Dec. 2019 Eclipse Jupiter was  also the 22DK Lord and involved in the Eclipse  and was with Ketu and we experienced the most explosive time.
  5. Jupiter is also connected to all Planets except Saturn who is the 6th Lord and aspects Jupiter adds fuel to the Fire for Virus and Diseases.
  6. 6th Lord is Retrograde not good for virus and diseases
  7. Rahu Moon and Jupiter in Aries having aspect of Saturn and Rahu in adverse motion and in Gandantha  , hence most crucial for adverse results by Rahu Moon and Jupiter
  8. Venus afflicted by Saturn the 6th Lord .
  9. Venus is also the sign Lord of Ketu and both Jupiter and Venus are in the stars of Venus most venomous.
  10. Venus is the 2nd and the 7th Lord of the Kaala Purush and a marka
  11. Mars  Ketu Mercury and Sun in Libra and Ketu in Mars star and Sun, Mars and Mercury in Rahu Star further adds fuel to the fire for virus and diseases
  12. 2 7 11 triangle in the Rashi Sanghatta chakra afflicted by Saturn Mars Ketu Sun and Mercury this combination is also parameter for Wars  and directly proportional to the Stock Market, Virus and diseases and untoward happenings.
  13. Even before the Eclipse the Vedha in the Nakshatra Sanghatta chakra between Mars and Saturn from the 4th Sept. to 24th Sept. 2023 is explosive  and we have seen what is happening in the Globe.
  14. The Grace is Jupiter is not attichari like the time of Covid and Saturn is not conjunct to Rahu and Ketu in the D8 Chart which shows fatal Virus and diseases. The threat may be till Jupiter In the Star of Venus and till in the Sign Aries till May 2024.
  15. Although the Solar Eclipse in the sign Pisces the 22DK sign of the Lunar Eclipse the Diseases and Virus may continue .
  16. Most Crucial time frame for the Globe is after the 4th Sept. to 24th Sept. 2023 when there will be vedha between Mars and Saturn in the Nakshatra Sanghatta chakra and Rahu will also be adverse. Mars and Saturn will be in 6/8 axis till the 4th Oct. 2023 and then from the 3rd Oct to 16th Nov. 2023 when Mars and Saturn will have vedha in the Rashi Sanghatta Chakra. 
  17. Unfortunately there is  Vedha between Mars and Saturn at the Time of the Solar Eclipse of the 8th April 2024

Rashi Sanghatta Chakra below show war like condition in the world. from the 2nd Oct. to 29th Oct. 2023 these dates are the triggering dates when Mars can prove to be ammunition dump. This can also influence the Political parties and they can be at loggers head. The vedha in the 2 7 11 triangle is explosive between Mars Ketu Sun Mercury and Saturn 

We do not expect any relief till Saturn leaves the sign Aquarius on the 25th March 2025 and joins Rahu in Watery sign Pisces and Jupiter in the sign Taurus after the 1st May 2024.



  1. Brawl Between Nations India and Canada  relations become ugly.
  2. Terrorism —–Congress Leader Shot Dead In Punjab, Canada-based Khalistani Terrorist Claims Responsibility.
  3. Stock Market Looses 800 points on BSE Sensex and 240 points in Nifty on 20th Sept. 2023
  4. Brent crude futures eased from 10-month highs overnight but at $94.26 a barrel are up 30% in three months thanks to Saudi Arabia and Russia vowing to extend output cuts.
  5. Sensex Tanks 450 points and Nifty 120 points at 09-45 hrs  21st Sept. 2023. It seems the Market will tank till the 24th Sept. 2023 along with Crude oil prices may go up .
  6. The Oil Prices predictions are also part of Research and predictions may differ, but will come to some conclusions after this prediction.
  7. Fed indicates increase of interest in the future creating further confusions for investments.

My word of Caution for players in the Stock market to be very vigilant and invest carefully else  you may land in troubles and loose money. The conditions in the Stock market will be volatile as already predicted and then the most crucial time in the Financial sector and may face the toughest time in the year 2023 as already predicted by me in so many articles on my webpage as per the partial Lunar Eclipse falling on the 29th Oct. 2023. It has been observed that ill effect of the eclipses are also felt before the actual eclipse and after the 3rd Oct. 2023 when Mars joins Libra and after the 18th Oct. 2023 when Sun also joins the Libra sign and a parallel combinations in the sign Libra for a Stock Market to take a beating.

I salute my Guru for the Teachings in Astrology.


Written on 25th Sept.  2023 10-00 hrs .

Jyotish Acharaya BVB New Delhi and Astrology Research under the Guidance of Shri  K N Rao

Award Winner In Research in ASTROLOGY




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Disclaimer Clause applicable : The writer of the Article is not responsible for any bodies loss if he invests according to the above Predictions, May be a Individual, Corporate and any Company for that Purpose. The Investor will be responsible for his whims and fancies for the Investment and shall be responsible  for losses incurred. This is only for Educational purpose and the Predictions can be wrong also. This is to see if Astrology has replicable effects 



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