Mood Of The Nation Poll 2019: 24 Degrees Sagitarius Saturn Disciplinarian On Wheel Will Swing Moods

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Before I write any thing let me put the most important Parameter Saturn acquiring an important dimension.Saturn the disciplinarian reaching the destination of 24-26 degrees Sagitarius and at the moment crossing 20 degrees on the 25th Jan. 2019 has now attained the status of a Exhalted Planet in Pushkar Navamsha and the results when it was Exhalted earlier at the time of when there was Assasination of Indira Gandhi on the 31st Oct. 1984 and other events and then after 30 years again on the 26th May 2014 when Narendra Modi came in power and Congress defeated . These 2 Events took place when Saturn was 24 degrees in Libra . Remember this 24 degrees Saturn will aspect the Transit Saturn in Sagitarius now and people will reap the results of their karmas then . I dont want to name anybody for this purpose . Saturn will name the People and all what is camouflaged will come out of the bag when Saturn will be with Ketu also Degree conjunct and also Retrograde to review the old Karmas when Saturn was in Exhaltation in Libra at 24 degrees
I have written so many Articles on this and this is my Research and my strong feeling that the above will be instrumental for the General Elections of Lok Sabha 2019
Happenings after 25th Jan. 2019
1.”Siddaramaiah loses it! Manhandles woman for questioning his performance ”
Senior Congress leader and former Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah lost his cool while interacting with a woman on Monday. A video of the incident has gone viral.
In it, Siddaramaiah is seen snatching a mic from the woman which results in her dupatta falling down.
The Congress leader was furious with something that the woman had said and did not even seem to realise what just happened. Siddaramaiah then asked her to shut up and sit down.
The incident took place in Mysuru.
The woman in question was complaining about the lack of developmental work in the constituency. Angry over her questions, the honourable former chief minister leaped forward to pull the mic from her hand.
2.”Tamil Nadu Politician Arrested Over Morphed Photo Of PM Modi On Facebook ”
New Delhi: A member of Tamil Nadu party MDMK was on Sunday arrested for allegedly posting a morphed image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Facebook. The police said the accused caricatured PM Modi and depicted him with a begging bowl.
Sathiyaraj alias Balu, an MDMK worker in Sirkazhi town, was arrested on Sunday on the complaint of a local BJP leader, J Swaminathan. He has been charged with intent to disrupt peace and to create ill-will between classes, news agency AFP reported.
Sathiyaraj has been sent to judicial custody after being produced in court today, the police said.
We will see a lot now wait and see since Saturn has taken over and is on the driving wheel of Politics
Now Read this
“Mood of the Nation poll: Will UPA storm back to power if elections are held today?”
Read My Articles ASTROLOGY HAS PREDICTED LOUD AND CLEAR ON THIS . Saturn Transit in Sagitarius between 24-26 degrees after 10th March, 23rd -30th April, 14th-17th June and 17th July 2019 will changes the Moods of the nation. It is obvious that it will be very difficult for one Political party to come with success with mandate and ththe winning Political Party may need the alliance of other party it so seems
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From the above and what ever is availble as far as the horoscopes of the Political Leaders are concerned it seems that The Winner is Narendra Modi, but may not come with a clear mandate and may require an alliance specially of a political Party led by a Women. Now the Horoscopes of Mamta Banerjee and Mayawati are not available, it seems one of them may be involved indirectly in the win of Narendra Modi else there will be a Hung Parliment .iT IS ALSO POSSIBLE FOR ANY OTHER POLITICAL PARTY TO JOIN HANDS WITH BJP IT SO SEEMS. But as per Planetary positions it seems Narendra Modi will be the ultimate winner the Saturn 24 -26 de gree mark will help Narendra Modi as done at the time of 26th May 2014 and was adverse for the Congress in 2014. Please donot take Failure of ASTROLOGY IF MY PREDICTIONS FAIL. I AM NOT GOD AND I TRY MY LEVEL BEST TO GIVE THROUGH THE BEST CLASSICS OF ASTROLOGY. PLEASE EXCUSE ME IF MY PREDICTION FAILS

Written on 29th Jan. 2019 04-30 Hrs. New Delhi

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