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Consider Life like Pendulum of Watch The Houses most Important are the 5th, Lagna, 9th and the 10th house the Zenith since the 10th house signifies the Last Breath taken at the time of death. 10th House is Swarg in one word and must be disposed well in the chart
The Pendulum of Watch reminds us that our Life is connected to the 5, 7th Lagna nd the 9th house in intervals to time and if we do good karkas then Our Life will become better and the Dasha of Planets in these houses and the Lords of these houses along with the 10th house the Zenith, Heaven play am important role in our life , if 10th house is connected to 5th house it is considered most auspicious apart from other yogas in the chart

This is with Reference to my articles on the Teaching for How to Assess the Strength of Horoscope

The Following Parameters acquire an Important Dimension to Assess the Strength of the Horoscope

Atma Enters the Horoscope from the 5th house when the Women goes on the family way. When It Reaches the Lagna the house of Freewill the Child is Born and then after doing his duties asper the 10th house the Soul Exits the Horoscope from the 9th house

Please read My Article “‘Life Like Pendulum Of Watch’ Astrological Explanation Astrologer Anil Aggarwala”

I am reproducing the Text for your ready Reference below

Good Karma the Nut shell of Life . Committment to our Country, Family and to the Company we work for is the Best Karma in our Life and should be our Road map like the Japanese
Life Like Pendulum Of Watch . Nature Warns us at Every Point. If we Listen we Gain If we ignore we fail
40 % of our Problems can be solved if we listen to the call of the nature . I have written so many Articles giving examples , but mind you we have also to face the Poorva Janma Karma

Astrology is a scientific study and application of the language of heavenly bodies .These heavenly bodies determined on the basis of astronomy and mathematics, are mapped in the form of a sky map called the Horoscope. At the time of birth of a native the planetary configurations in the transit are freezed, and the soul enters from the 5th house carrying a bag having different compartments with sanchit karmas in the form of Dashas. The different Dasha which are dependent upon our previous karmas generate the heat to stimulate the different planets to give the results. The Transit planets add heat to the planets to be activated and stimulated. The study of the 5th house/lord therefore acquires a special dimension along with Garbshishta ( Planets Maha Dasha and Anter Dasha Lords )

As per Astrology life is like a pendulum of Watch. Have a Look at the chart Below

When the Women Concieves the Atma Enters the Horoscope from the 5th house and Takes Birth after 9 Months and some days when the Atma reaches the Lagna . The Following is the way the Atma moves in the Horoscope

After 5th house it moves in the 4th house where the development of the Body of the Child takes Place and Birth Takes Place when it reaches the Lagna .
The Atma after completing its cycle in the human body exits the body from the 9th house, hence life is like a Pendulam of Watch which vibrates between the 5,7 and the 9th house , its fulcrum being the Lagna and when the Atma exits the body from the 9th house the Watch comes to a standstill and connects the Lagna and the 7th house ( Marka House). Our Maharishis have therefore given importance to the Houses Lagna, 5th, 7th and the 9th house as follows

Being the Fulcrum of the Pendulam in the watch and is there fore most Important house and governs the life of the human being and governs the Free will in our life , Lagna is also the Shookasham house of the Lagna. It is the 9th house from the 5th house and 5th house from the 9th house . It is the Strongest Kendra and the Strongest Trikona
5th House

As mentioned above Atma enters the Horoscope and the Pendulam keeps on touching the 5th house at regular intervals of time in Seconds . 5th house is also the shookasham house of the 9th house . Since it governs the Poorva Janma Karma , the Pendulam of the Watch shows that our Life is connected to our Poorva Janma Karma This is also the house of our Luck

7..If 5th Lord is Deblitated, 5th house has a Deblitated planet then weak and afflicted

  1. 5th house is a dagdha rashi then afflicted
  2. 5th house has a avyogi planet then also afflicted


The native will not have success or happiness and will strive in life if the 5th house is not strong .For the purpose of Parihar for PoorvaPunya dosha one has to see the navamsha and see where the 5th Lord of the birth chart is placed, then the Lords diety is to be propitated. Rahu placement in the signs 3,5,6 and 8 not good for a female in the 5th house. These are aputrabhav and not considered pious for the family. 5th house is the shookshan of the 9th house being the 9th from the 9th, it signifies the PitruDosha, if it has any malefic influence. It means that the native had some way or the other performed an act, that was not good and and therefore , incurred the wrath of the forefathers. The magnitude of this can be analysed by the gravity of the bad influence on the house and the 5th lord.

The afflictions to the 5th house are as under.

Affliction in respect to Sun—Pitru Dosha.

Affliction with respect to Rahu—Putra Dosha.

Affliction in respect to Jupiter is Putra dosha and Deva Dosha.

Affliction inrespect to Saturn—–Kuladevata Dosha.

Venus afflicted will give one Matru or associated Goddess Dosha.

5th house an affliction as stated above, then the native has Poorva Janma Dosha. Dasha at birth and the connection of the 5th house 5th Lord connection to the Lagna ,Lagna Lord one can come to know if a native is immedaitely born after previous Janma death. If there is no connection, then the soul was wondering and is not an good indication in this Janma for Success and Tranquility.

7th house

This house gets Permanantly connected to Lagna when the Atma exits the world and then the Pendulam of the Watch stops to move to and fro .7th Being the Sookasham sthan of 10th from 10th house and 4th from 4th house. As Per age the 7th House works as Marak Sthan . It is there fore the Road map of our life the House of Public Image and attainments and reservior of the 4th and the 10th house

9th house

This House where the Pendulam of the watch touches at regular invervals of Seconds and is the shookashma sthan of the 5th house being the 9th from the 9th and also the house from where the atma exits the body This is also the house of Dharma and shows that our life is connected to our Present Dharma . The Dharma Triangle is connected all the time

Hence from the above we can say that the Shookasham sthan Lagna, 5th house, 9th house 7th house are the Most important houses in the horoscope since they cover all the Kendras as well as the Trikonas .

The Motion of the Pendulam keeps on connecting the above Shookasham sthans of the Kendra and the Trikona , there by indicating that our life is connected to these houses and also coonetced to our Poorva Punya and the Dharma in this Life .

Hence from the above we can say that the Strength of these houses it of utmost importance specially the 5th house for Good Fructifications if connected to the 10th house which is called the Swarg and Zenith . Atma enters from the 5th house the Poorva Janma Karma therefore acquire a special dimension and for this reason the Garbshista Planets which are carried in the Bag depicting the Poorva Janma Karmas also acquire a special dimension in our life and play a major role. They are the seeds of our life and Longevity in an capsule form. What ever is promised by these planets good and bad the Native has to go through the same . Garbshishta Planets are the Maha Dasha and the Anter dasha Lord . These Planets have to be seen in the following Varga charts

    10th House
    When a Child is born and is in precarious condition irrespective of the Lagna and the 5th house are not strong, if the 10th house is strong then the Child may survive such is the importance of the 10th house It is Swarg and the Zenith and if Connected to the 5th or the 9th is most pious
    Since the Pendulum of Watch keeps on touching the Lagna, 5th house, 7th house and the 9th house and if connected to the 10th house then a Person Rocks in life if these houses are strong with their Lords specially when the Dasha is also in operation of these houses . 7th is also Marka hence in 7th Lord Dasha one has to be careful according to age.
    The above Principle also indicates that our Life is connected in seconds to the Poorva Janma Karma, Road Map and the Dharma in our life . We heave the remedies with ourself . Why we depend upon Gems and other Ways . In Japan nobody goes in Temples . They Believe in work is worship and they dont waste time in other then their work. They are committed to their work, Family and the Country . Nature does not want us to waste our time in other things . The Other Day The Japanese Minister who visited India Commented why we need Bullet Train when we have ample time with us to waste on other things . I donot mean we should not believe in God . But I mean Believe in God with Sincerety and Honesty and do our Karma Thats all.
    When we have dasha not connected to these houses we suffer due to our Previous Karmas. Since the Pendulum touches the houses explained if we improve our Karma we will gain is the message of this article and a remedy with in our self

    My Father Never Visited Temples to Pray But he believed in God and worked Honestly and was the most Successful Man in his Career and rose to the Position like a Minister
    I want to Convey this Message to the masses it is time to be spirtual and work Honestly for the nation,for the family thand the Company you work For
    The Next Parameter is the Garbshishta Planet which are the Key Planets and the seeds of our life for getting any thing in life may be good or Bad and these Planets work through out our life. Study of these Planets is of Vital Importance and have to be seen from the Lagna, Lagna Lord, 5th house, 10th Lord and the Moon apart from other Parameters for a Particular aspect in life.

    Detailed Study on this gives wealth of Information about the native

    The Other day I was attending a Conference and Seminar In Astrology and asked some of the Astrologers how they would enter a Horoscope when a Clients come to them ?. The Answer very simple Sir we would Look at the Lagna and the Lagna Lord . Well this appraoch is like the tom dick and hary on the street who would also look at the horoscope in this fashion

    As explained above the 5th House is the Prime house along with Lagna being the Fulcrum and the house of Freewill, and the 9th house . If the 5th house is connected to the 10th house of Zenith and Heaven then Person rises in Life and gets the fruit of the Previous Janma Karmas.

    There are 12 Ascendants from Aries to Pieces sign. I asked the Astrologers which is the strongest Sign amongst these signs to Rise in the ascendant in the natal chart of a person and which is the weakest,none could reply.
    I will explain here the Importance of the signs rising in the Ascendant
    Let me explain here the Logic behind this
    1 Movable signs 1,4,7,10
    2.Fixed signs 2,5,8,11
    3.Dual Signs 3,6,9,12

    Principle is that the Benefics as the Kendra Lords Loose their Beneficainace and Malefics as the Kendra Lord Forget their Maleficiance
    MOVABLE SIGNS 1,4,7,10
    Moon and Venus are Benefics as the Kendra Lords and suffer Kendradhipatidosh,Depending on the Moon is wanning or Waxing hence 2 Planets suffer depending upon their Placement can be seen to give good or Bad Results. But as Benefics they suffer and we have to study this Parameter in Detail to see these Planets in the chart they they donot suffer. Moon as the 7th Lord for Capricorn Lagna suffers the Most and Venus as the Lagna Lord and the 10th Lord Suffers the Most from Kendradhipati dosham Both Moon and Venus should not be blemished for the Movable signs

    FIXED SIGNS 2,5,8,11
    For these Lagnas Venus is the only Planet which suffers from the Kendradipati dosh and Venus as the Lagna Lord for Taurus sign suffers the most followed By 10th Lord for Leo ascendants . Venus therefor for Taurus and Leo should be Placed well and should not be blemished , since in this Kalyug Venus gives us all the Luxuries of Life , For Scorpio Lagna Venus has the minimum Kendradhipati dosha. Narendra Modi Has Scorpio Ascendant Hence Very Strong .

    Rahu Gandhi has Libra Ascendant and suffers from Kendradhipatidosham, Hence at the very Start we can say Narendra Modi Horoscope is stronger then Rahul Gandhi. Moon as the 10th Lord is placed in the 3rd house is not at all considered strong , How the Astrologers say he will become the Primeminister in the Present Scenario. Yes He can but Not in the Present circumstances and the Planetary positions . He has Got what he was Promised in the chart when Venus touched the Natal Venus as per Declination when he became the Chief of the Congress Party. Venus is Placed in the 10th house hence he got an upliftment in his status then

    DUAL SIGNS 3,6,9,12
    For these Lagna the Benefics are Mercury and Jupiter and both Suffer from Kendradhipati dosham and in these cases Jupiter as the Kendra Lord is the Most Malefic and Specially for Gemini Lagna since in this case the Jupiter is the 7th and the 10th Lord and is Bhadak, Marak and has Kendradhipati dosham and if Blemished then he will become a first class marak like a Mad elephant who has the capacity to Ruin the jungle . For Dual Lagnas Jupiter if Blemished ruins the life specially as the 7th Lord and hence for Gemini Ascendants more than for Virgo Lagnas

    By Now One can easily say that the Best Ascendant can be Aquarius, Scorpio Leo, Taurus ascendants Followed By 1,4, 10, 7 signs
    and the worst and Most difficult sign Gemini followed by Pieces,Virgo and Sagitarius
    Mercury Placed with malefic does not suffer from Kendradipati dosham rather he becomes a Malefic and the Kendradhipati doshma is reduced to quite an extent

    I will write More On this In my Next Article

    Astrology is amazing
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