Heart Throbbing Results From Jamakkol Prashna Used In South India

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‘Heart Throbbing Results From Jamakkol Prashna  Used In South India’


Astrology is revered as a divine subject. The Astrology follows  the Fundamental Rules  and the philosophies of the astronomy, the science of the the space. The Astronomical science indicates  and locates  the position of the planets ,the stars and the other  heavenly bodies. These are observed entirely by the scientific methods and Principles.

In the Arena of Astrology there are manifold principles and multiple Procedures to be followed in casting a Horoscopes, fixing the positions, assessing their  strengths and finally  deriving the Predictions by way of Analysing the planetary effects and interventions. There are various procedures followed  in the discipline of Astrology to Arrive at Predictions. The Prashnam or the Horary system one of the sure and most effective methods of Astrological divination. The Prashnam has many type of Techniques. Here in this Article I have chosen’ JAMAKKOL PRASHNAM’.

In Fact I already use a 5 Module system to answer any Query as per the Following Methods now adding another one Jamakkol Prashna  which gives instant results

  1. Shakun and Omen
  2. Ashtamangla Prashna  Using 108 Cowries, and Beetle Leaves  used in South India
  3. Prashna chart By Prashna Marg.
  4. Birth Chart using the Tamil and South Indian Techniques.
  5. Declination of Planets .
  6.  The 6th One Technique of Jamakkol Prashna also gives heart throbbing Results  most commonly used in the South India


The Word Prashnam and Arudham mean the same thing. . The Word Jamam or Yamam refers to a time period of 1.5 hrs or 90 minutes of time . Therefore a day fills with 16 Jamam with equal intervals of 90 minutes each. 8 in the Day and 8 in the night . The Jamakkol Prashna uses all the fundamental principles of the traditional Astrology only. The Arudham is the deciding factor in this method of Prashna. Arudham is the strongest feature  in the determination of the Results . Jamakkol Prashnam is when a Question is born , the answer is also born.

The Udhaya  which is equivalent to the Ascendant  in the natal Astrology. The Jama Planet in the outside chart and in the Udhaya and Jama Planet in the 10th house from the Udhaya brings out clearly the mind of the Querist. The Kavippu  which is a unique determinant  in Jamakkol Prashnam method  throws light  on the hidden things of the Query . Once these 3 Parameters are fixed properly the art of Prediction becomes not only a cakewalk, but also most enjoyable at the astonishing results .

This system is to be studies and learned properly to give Predictions in minutes .

The Following 10 Parameters need to be understood properly.

  1. Arudham  The Arudham Time period is 5 minutes and in one hour there are 12 Arudham . Tells the past Happenings, indicates the mind of the native. The Persuading query is identified  by the Astrologer from the Arudham
  2. The Uday Lagna or the Udhaya Most Important
  3. The Veedhi to Calculate the Sun Position as the Jama Graha in the outside of the Chart along with Kavippu.
  4. The Kavippu
  5. The Jamakkol Timings
  6. The Jamakkol Planetary configurations
  7. The Exact timing of the Prashna in seconds
  8. The Transit Planets
  9. The Rashi, Bhava and the Karka for the event.
  10. The Rashmi or the Rays of the Planets .

the outer Planets Called the Jama Planets in the red are4 the most important and show the results . To fine tune the Transit Planets in side the Chart are taken for fine tunning


I cannot write all the Text here but give some Predictions using the Jamakkol Prashna  specially  for the  NOIDA SUPERTECH TWIN TOWER DEMOLITION   on the 28th August 2022 at 14-31-10 hrs Noida . I shall also discuss some other General queries also  by this system of Prashnam

Question is will the Residents get compensation for the Demolition  from the Builder  ?

Residents signified by the Udhayam and the sign Aries. The 9th and the 12th Lord Jupiter moving towards Udhayam  Degrees  Udhayam 11.05 degrees and Jupiter 14.22 degrees . The Outer Planets move in anticlock wise along with Kavippu. Karka for Money is also Jupiter  . Jupiter being the Kartka for Money 9th and the 12th Lord the Concern is for the Money and the Legal action taken by the Govt. and the Loss Incurred by the Residents.

Uday Pati  Mars is not afflicted and placed in the 2nd house for the money of the Residents and also Karka for the Built up Property

4th Bhava Residence has Sun  Govt. and Snake approaching the 4th Bhava Cancer  crystal clear of the happening . Snake will enter and destroy the Building by Sun the Govt. 4th house has the 2nd Lord Venus in Transit and shows loss of  money of the  Residents.

Property signified by 4th Bhava.4th Lord Moon over the Arudha the 7th Bhava Libra where Kavippu is there and approaching the Moon Degrees hence 4th house and the 4th Lord suffer and the Building is totally destroyed.

10th Lord the Govt Saturn Retrograde  in the 8th from the Udhayam and and moving towards the7th house   over Arudham and Kavippu shows the  Demolition . Sun the Karka for Govt Placed over the 4th Bhava where snake is approaching.

Money of the Residents is to be seen from Jupiter  who is approaching the Udhayam  but  Transit Jupiter in the 12th house Jupiter is Retrograde they may not get full compensation . 2nd  house is not afflicted by Snake or Kavippu and the 2nd Lord Venus is placed in the 10th bhava from the Udhayam. The residents may not get full compensation . Only when Jupiter in Transit goes in the 2nd house  Taurus after April 2024 -April 2025 there may be some compensation


The Transit Venus the Lord of the 2nd House of the wealth of the Residents  is placed in the 4th from the Udhayam and Snake is approaching, this Parameter and the 4th house where Transit Venus is placed has the rays of 24 . There will be struggle for the Residents  for getting the Compensation for 24 Months and no compensation will be given to them for 24 months.

7th house  and the Lord is the Builder and the 7th house has Arudham and Kavippu . Hence the Builder may not give any compensation to the Residents.

Builder is signified by the 7th house and since Kavippu is placed he will not give any compensation


Boy and the Girl met for the first time through their Friends contacts. The Boy Proposed the Girl for Marriage  on the 28th August 12-26-15 hrs . The Boy is very well placed financially and also pleasant Looking  and Unmarried and age over 55 years, where as the Girl is Not Placed well Financially and  not married till date and age of about 42 years . The Has assured her full support to the Girl and her Ailing Mother. Now see the Chart Below

The Question is of Marriage and put by the Boy. Will The Girl accept My Proposal for Marriage  ?

The Udhayam is in the sign Aquarius and the Udaypati is placed in the outside of the chart in Aquarius, hence both the Udaypati and the Udhayam are strong. Saturn in Transit went in Retrograde  state on the 5th June 2022. The 4th house from Udhayam has Snake   Snake, the Boy Lost her Mother on the 6th June 2022. Although this has nothing to do with the marriage question the Chart indicates that the Boy Lost his mother who was of 94 years.

For Marriage Question we have to take the Arudha for the Girl which is placed in the 8th house from the Udhayam at 7.30 degrees and Kavippu approaching the Arudham degrees the Girl will refuse the Offer.

The 7th Lord Sun  from Udhayam is placed in the 8th from Udhayam and also being approached by Kavippu.



IND vs PAK match of Asia Cup 2022 will take place on August 28(Sunday) at Dubai International Cricket Stadium in Dubai, UAE. The match begins at 7:30 PM IST (6 PM local time).

In the Jamakkol Prashna the Team which Takes Batting first is signified by Udhayam and the 7tth House from Udhayam the Other team. Hence Pakistan is signified by Udhayam  the sign Cancer at 21-20 degrees and Kavippu is 28.00 degrees and approaching the Udhayam degrees  and the Udaypati Moon is placed in the 12th from Udayam.

Snake is also there from the 11th house from Udhayam in the sign Taurus which crystal clear indicates that Pakistan will loose the match

The opponent team is signified by the sign Capricorn and the Arudha pati Saturn . The 7th House is not afflicted   and neither the 7th Lord from Udayam Saturn . Saturn is placed in the sign Leo its enemy sign, hence success will not come easily and Sun and Moon in Transit in the sign Leo

Performance of the team batting is seen from the 10th house from the Udhayam and is Aries and is bring approached by Snake

11th house and the Lord shows the Success of the Team Bating and Venus the 11th Lord is Debilitated . Hence from the above IT IS CRYSTAL CLEAR THAT THE OPPONENT TEAM INDIA WILL WIN  .

Saturn the 7th Lord from Udhayam has the rays of 4 in the sign Leo Hence India may Win the Match by more then 4 wickets 



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