Chart Of Amit Shah & BJP Foundation Chart What They Has Up It’s Sleeves ?

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“Chart Of Amit Shah & BJP Foundation Chart What They Has Up It’s Sleeves ?”

 Some Astrologers have predicted that the month of April when there is Solar Eclipse in the Sign Pisces on the 8th April 2024 and  planets in 20 degrees , Amit Shah health issues may prove fatal.

Let us examine the above as per the South Indian Techniques of Tamil Classics if the Month April 2024 is Fatal for Amit Shah. We will also examine the foundation chart of BJP also to verify the above, if there is some fatal happening  for the BJP Leaders.

The Chart taken by the astrologers is of the 22nd Oct 1964 05-24 hrs. Mumbai

The Chart is of the Virgo Lagna  and  the Garbashishta Planets are  Venus and Sun Both are Placed well from the 10th house and the 10th Lord and in 3/11 axis and have exchange as explained below.

The Dasha in operation is of Jupiter-Saturn which has started from the 10-1-2024 to 24-7-2026 which is precarious.

There are 2 Exchanges in the horoscope   Sun and Venus and Connected to the 12th house, Moon and Mars again connected to the 8th house, when ever such exchanges take place there are called “Dainya Yoga” and are bad yogas, but if connected to the Lords of the Good Houses as per Bhriat Prashara  Hora Shastra then they are capable to give auspicious results. Here Saturn aspects both the trik bhavas and has mutual aspect of Venus the 9th Lord  is a saving grace.

Constraints in the Present Dasha 

The MCL of the 10th house is Jupiter and ill placed from the 10th house and the 10th Lord Mercury though the 10th Lord with Sun improves the Condition.

Saturn is well Placed from all the Parameters of Garbshishta and the MCL of the 10th house Jupiter, but Saturn is placed in the 6th house and is debilitation Lord of Jupiter hence in the Dasha of Jupiter Saturn the results may not be conducive as per expectations.

For ill health we have to see the following parameters 

Planets in Sarp Dreshkanne—– Mars

22DK sign  Leo Lord Sun Kharesh. The 8th house of the Dreshkanne Chart is termed as Khar Dreshkanne and the Lord Kharesh, Hence Sun is the Kharesh. In this chart we have to see the Saturn dispositor and Saturn is placed in own house, hence the native may be influenced by Cough and Rheumatism, this dreshkanne lord is not associated with Rahu and Ketu to give fatal happenings. Saturn Transit over the 22DK sign  Leo is dangerous. Transit in the Trine from this sign or the Lord is not good for Health. Here Saturn is Transiting in the Trine from the Sun in Libra is precarious, but it should also show in the D6 and D8 Charts for any Fatality

64N   Sign Scorpio Lord Mars

85D    Sign Scorpio Lord Mars

D6 Chart

6th Lord of the Birth chart is Saturn and is not afflicted and placed in the Lagna of the D6 to give fatal problems , also the Most Malefic Planet for Virgo Lagna is Mars and not Saturn whose anter dasha is in operation. In D6 Mars is well placed  from 6th Lord Saturn and therefore stops illness if any. Hence no fatal Illness to the native.

10th Lord of the Birth chart is Mercury and also the 6th Lord of the D6 chart therefore gives fame and name in Profession.

Malefics are not placed in the 6th house of the D6 and 6th Lord  is not afflicted in the Kandra, hence nothing fatal in the present dasha of Jupiter-Saturn as far as the health is concerned. If any it will subside due to Mars good placement.

Relation of the Lagna Lord of the D1 Mercury, Lagna Lord of D3 Chart Saturn are seen from Ketu the disease giving planet. These 2 Planets are not well placed from  Ketu is a concern for cure of the disease.

6th Lord Saturn not placed well from Ketu in the D6 chart hence we can expect troubles in Jupiter-Saturn Dasha  for health.

D8 Chart

To see the chronicity of the disease.

The Lagna is strong with the Lord placed in the Lagna is good for recovery and does not give sudden diseases.

8th Lord of the D8 Chart is Moon and afflicted by Rahu and Ketu, hence life may not be smooth specially in the Dasha/anter dasha  of Moon.

6th Lord Saturn of the Birth chart is not afflicted by Rahu and Ketu hence no fatal disease..

 In this Chart Rahu and Ketu are with Moon and 8th Lord  is not good for Longevity.

Saturn over the Natal Saturn in Transit may not be good and specially when it reaches the same degrees, here Saturn in the birth chart is  5.05 degrees and has already crossed the same and nothing fatal has happened to Amit Shah.

As per Theory of Inevitability of K N Rao, Dasha of most malefic planets who has the capacity to give death like conditions and Eclipse over the Natal Sun on in the 7th house Took place on the 29th Oct. 2023  at 01-53 hrs. at 11 degrees  in  Ashvini and sun is  5 Degrees and not a close Eclipse . Mars will activate these 11 degrees on the 19th-20th Feb 2024. The Eclipse has taken place over the natal moon in Aries who is in Bharini Star and Not in Ketu star , but  even the 2nd star from the eclipse is detrimental. Hence  From the above we can come to the conclusion that Amit shah can have health issues but nothing fatal  as pointed out by  Astrologers on the Facebook. Nothing will happen to Amit Shah, even if he has health issues they will not be fatal for his life as pointed out by many Astrologers .

Let us also see the Progression chart by Manu Smriti after the completion of 59 years of age.

The Chart is of Scorpio Lagna below

1.The Lagna is close to MB. Lagna is 10.57 degrees and MB is 11.20 degrees, but the Lagna nakshatra Lord is not in MB, and neither

2.Moon is not in MB. Moon in Rahu star a tiring year from the Oct 2023 to Oct 2024 and  not much achievements from his side.

3.Influence on the Lagna is by Malefics  not good.

4. For Fatal Happenings Saturn ,8th house and the 8th Lord should be afflicted which is not there.. Hence no fatal happening and no risk to life.

5. Dasha Lords Jupiter and Saturn are connected to the 10th house is good.

6. Diseases of Ardra Nakshatra not ruled out.

7. Next year can be more troublesome then the present year up to Oct. 2024.


CHART OF BJP  of the 6th April 1980 11-45 hrs New Delhi

The Dasha in operation is of Moon-Saturn which is not supposed to be good for the Party, more so Saturn is Fallen, Retrograde and with Jupiter the 10th and the 7th Lord . Jupiter is badly afflicted due to following reasons.

  1. Jupiter Bhadak. Marak and also has Kendra adipatidosh and with malefis becomes first class marak and will behave like a mad elephant who has the capacity to ruin the jungle. Saturn and Jupiter together make both first class marak for Gemini Lagna.
  2. Moon Saturn dasha may bring some untoward happenings in the BJP party.
  3. Saturn over the 22DK Lord Mercury in Aquarius is also not good specially when it reaches the 25 degree mark around the 12th June 2024
  4. Solar Eclipse on the 8th April 2024 over the natal Sun in the 10th house is critical since the Eclipse is taking place at 25 degrees in Revati and Sun in Pisces in the 10th house is at 23 degrees in Revati.
  5. Mars will activate the Eclipse point in Pisces on the 6th July 2024 is explosive not only for BJP but for the Countries and the People who have Sun, Moon in Pisces at 25 degrees.
  6. It has been observed that the Chart of BJP is very weak and much depends upon the Natal Horoscopes of the Politicians.
  7. As per Progression chart of the completion of 44 years in April there is Rajyoga in the 10th house of Lagna Lord Sun in the 10th house with Mercury is most auspicious for the party coming in Power.
  8. There is Possibility of some Politician in the BJP suffering due to above combinations, but we cannot say fatal happenings in any case. Health issues not Only Amit Shah, it could be some other Politician also.
  9. As per the Foundation chart of INDIA of Taurus Lagna the Planetary war in the 10th house  shows some ordinance  by the Ruling Govt. which may be protested by the opposition Party with magnitude, but the ruling Govt. may bring the ordinance in any case since Mars wins in the planetary war. There could be riots and strikes also around the 10th April 2024. The Govt. is already started the Blue Star Operation against the Corrupt Politicians like the June 1984 Indira Gandhi Blue Star Operation and then there was retaliation. This does not sound Good. 


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