The Celestial Drama of North Node Rahu From 1st To 16th Feb. 2018

by astrodocanil

All Planets have Physical and Visual Existence , but the Nodes Rahu and Ketu are imaginary points in the Ecliptic and have no Physical Existence, even then Rahu the North node is considered most Powerful and has been allotted the status of a Planet by our Maharishis and Seers . Rahu and Ketu have a Retrograde motion and stay in a Rashi for 1 year 6 month and approx. 18 days and they become stationary and direct   almost twice a month when the Luminaries are approaching then in Transit.

In Hindu Mythology there is an interesting Fiction how Rahu and Ketu came into existence . It is believed that once Gods and the Demons both decided to form an alliance to Produce Nectar that could impart immorality to them. We all know the story of the Nectar how it was produced by churning the Ocean. After the Nectar was produced and the Process of Serving the same to the Gods was there Demon Rahu disguised as the God Sat between the Sun and the Moon to acquire the Nectar. The Demon was recognised by the Sun and the Moon  who complaint of the Demon to Lord Vishnu. On this Lord Vishnu immediately severed the Head of the Demon, but the Demon by then have consumed enough Nectar to make him immortal. The Head of the Demon Rahu thus became immortal and the remaining Corpse of the Demon was Named as Ketu, ever since then Rahu and Ketu became strong enemies of the Luminaries . Solar and Lunar Eclipses occur when Sun and Moon are near Rahu and Ketu who swallow the Luminaries . Rahu is the North Node of Moon and Ketu the South Node  Rahu is a powerful and a malefic planet . It is the most Powerful planet for the Politicians  and gives then great opportunity and power to  rise  in Politics through any means.

Rahu Rules the Thieves, Jail, Magicians, Snakes, Poison and Isolated Places . Rahu also has the Power to confer sudden wealth. Since a shadow Planet no sign has been allotted to Rahu. Rahu is supposed to be most powerful in Taurus and Virgo, through its sign is 11th House of the Zodiac Aquarius which controls our desires.. When Negatively Placed in the chart  can create confusions, depressions, emotional imbalances  and on the other hand when placed strongly in good houses has the capacity to take the native on the highest level of his stream.

The Following Parameters make the North node extremely strong.

1.Rahu placed in the 3,6,11th house.

2. Rahu placed in the 6th house aspected by 9th aspect by Jupiter AshtLakshmi yoga.

3.Rahu Placed in the Kendra or Trikona and the dispositor in the Kona and Kendra respectively , making him a Yoga Karka Planet.

4. Rahu is extremely powerful when placed with a Debilitated Planet , or the dispositor is Debilitated , specially in the house of Moon or Sun, When Dispositor is weak Rahu gets strength.

5. Rahu In dagdha Rashi .

6. Except Mercury Planets with in 5 to 12 degrees are Eclipsed by Rahu and the Planets lose their significations .

Direction of Rahu  South West .

Color Black , Grey, Purple 

Constellations  Ardra, Swati and Satbisha

Friendly Planets  Mercury, Saturn and Venus

Enemies Sun, Moon and Mars 

Neutral Planets Jupiter.

Rahu Has a Maha Dasha Period of 18 years , when adversely placed in the chart indicates arrogance and jealous nature .

Sura Suram Rog harnam and Ketu Rog Karnam, it is clear that in the dasha of Rahu the Diseases come out  and in the Dasha of Ketu one gets disease , Rahu placed well then good for Rog harnam, Ketu is Disease giver. Rahu is not Disease giver , specially when a native is running the Dasha or anter dasha of Rahu and the Ingress of Rahu-Ketu takes Place and the age is in the Multiples of 9 and at the relevant age of the disease the diseases sprout  and cured if Rahu is Placed well.Rahu gives  Fever, Leprosy, snake bite, Restlessness, emotional hurdles .  

Up Karka for Marriage  and decides the quality of married life , if In Direct or Stationary Motion then most malefic 

 Rahu with in 5 degrees of Sun is extremely powerful as per Tamil Texts specially in the good houses and Forms a very strong Rajyoga  specially when aspected by Jupiter . See the Chart of Donald Trump,  Narendra Modi Sun and Ketu in 11th house same degrees , Native 4th May 1948 08-23-20 hrs New Delhi Rahu Placed in the 11th house with Exhalted sun and Mercury and Rahu is in degree conjunction with Sun in Mrityu bhag . On this Basis  of this Parameter I had Predicted the Win of Donald Trump, when 12 Astrologers of the Astrological Institute had Predicted his losing the election due to this Conjunction and proved totally wrong as per Parashar Principles. Rahu never gives things easily and in such cases first  some allegations are also imposed and latter washed off and the native comes out with flying colours. Take the Example of Priya  Prakash , I don’t have the Birth details but I am sure that she has Rahu with Sun with in 5 degrees , hence Rahu in Foreward motion and may be in the 10th or the 11th house  making a strong Rajyoga and  near the Lunar Eclipse of the 31st Jan and Solar Eclipse  16th Feb. 2018 she has got immense recognition and also allegations which will be washed away after 16th Feb. 2018. Now Look for Nirav Modi Into Troubles after 8th Nov. 2016 when Rahu was adverse and then Now when Rahu is again adverse . The PNB Fraud has come to light when the North Node Rahu is in most venomous condition from the 1st Feb to 16th Feb. 2018. Nirav Modi cannot escape the Fraud it so seems and he is also in the age bracket of multiple of 9 depicting that the Transit Rahu is over the Natal Ketu and Ketu Transit over Natal Rahu and his Sun is also eclipsed . Rahu will hold him tight in his clutches till 25th March 2019 till Rahu is in the sign Cancer and Saturn in Sagitarius. Nirav Modi Left the Country before Rahu was adverse and on an Eclipse day on the 31st Jan. 2018 and  and now In Trouble and all his wealth is being taken over by the Govt.. The Tamil Principles work amazingly .  I just happened to search on Google on the link  and found age of Nirav Modi  46 years approx. , His Rahu may be Placed well but Sun is eclipsed and not with in 5 Degrees  and may be with in 5 to 12 degrees hence he has to face the consequences of the Adverse Rahu in his chart Eclipsing Sun . The Lunar and Solar  Eclipses  must be falling in the 1/7 axis of Sun, Moon or the Ascendant  and Rahu in Transit may be over his natal Ketu and vice-versa . 

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Nut Shell 

Those People Caught in Frauds during the 1st to 16th Feb. 2018 have their Dooms Day approaching before Rahu leaves the Sign Cancer on the 25th March 2018, specially Nirav Modi and Priya Prakash will come out with flying colors soon, since she got the best part of the life after Rahu is Adverse and near the Eclipses



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