Astrology Speaks Loudly ! Predictions On Karnataka Elections Prove On Dot

by astrodocanil

Yeddyurappa does a Vajpayee ahead of Karnataka trust vote? Here’s what happened in 1996

This is with reference to my articles on the Karnataka Elections in the month of May 2018. Proving on dot for the Day and even the time of the day

Article 1.”Karnataka Legislative Assembly Election, 2018: What Stars Foretell ?” link…t-stars-foretell/ dated 7th May 2018 Read the following Text in this article

Considering that the Elections start between 07-00to 08-00 hrs. on the 12th May 2018 clearly point out  Mars the 7th Lord of opposition is much Stronger than Venus the Lord for the Ruling Party Congress. On the day of  Announcement of the Elections Results on the 15th May 2018 , Moon will be placed in the 6th house from the Natal Moon of BJP, Yedurappa and Narendra Modi . Transit Moon will be in the 8th house from the Natal Moon of the Congress Party . Hence it seems that BJP will be the winner and any other Party other than Congress will also support BJP is an indication from the above .

Updating the Election Starting time as per link  Karnataka Assembly Election: Voting for 222 constituencies began at 7 am

Adding some more parameters  on the 12th May 2018 at 09-00 hrs after correction of the election time from 08-00 am to 07-00 am . The Predictions made earlier and after correction are the same except the Navamsha is Malefic for the ruling Govt.

  1. Lagna Prishtodayo
  2. Navamsha Prishtodayo 
  3. Lagna Lord and the 11th Lord in 6/8 axis
  4. Counting from Sun to Lagna 2  
  5. 12th and 8th house have malefics 
  6. Day Lord Saturn in the 8th house and ill placed from the Lagna and Lagna Lord , 7th house and 7th Lord Mars 
  7. Day Lord Saturn  in the yama of Venus placed in the Lagna But Saturn is in6/8 axis with Venus .
  8. Saturn Day Lord has inimical Ithasala with Moon . See the degrees of Moon and Saturn
  9. Moon is not connected to the Lagna Lord or the 11th Lord and they are in 6/8 axis 
  10. Venus the Lagna Lord Debilitated in Navamsha  and Mars the Lagna Lord in the 11th house 
  11. DBA Planets donot signify Success for the Ruling Party 
  12. 7th Lord is Stronger then the Lagna Lord in D1, D3 and D9 . 7th Lord id Exalted in 2 vargas 
  13. UL, AL, CR is Taurus and good for the Ruling Party and this is the only parameter good for the Ruling Govt.  Congress in Karnataka, rest all parameters are suggesting the Opposition Party BJP, JDU will be the winners . I have used the technique of the Results like the Cricket Match in this election and as a matter of Fact the time of the filing of the nominations is required , which is not possible to get . As per the above it seems that though there strong combinations for the win of the opponents , the UL, AL and CR is the same and Taurus and the Lord placed there , but unfortunately on the day of announcement Venus is placed in the sign Gemini and having aspect of Retrograde Saturn , where as Mars is Strong on the day of the  result of Elections . Please do not take failure of Astrology if My predictions fail. This is a Research Analysis and can go wrong , but still my personal opinion Opposition will win and hence BJP, JDU and Other will be the deciding factor to form the Govt. in Karnataka, Congress may not score . Hence the Possibility of BJP forming the Govt. in Karnataka are bright 
  14. Both My Predictions made before the 12th and on the 12th May 2018 after correction of Start of Time of elections indicate BJP win in Karnataka by joining with JDS, Others .As a single largest Party  little difficult.. JDS forming the Govt. by joining with Congress does not seems to go through as per my research  and planetary positions and if so they may split latter 

The BJP was the Largest Single Party and all went according to the above Predictions  , BJP and JD(S) did not join so fall of BJP

Article 2 

“Supreme Court Allows BSY’s Swearing-in: What Stars Foretell” link…t-stars-foretell/  Read this As per mundane astrology  the ingress of Venus in the Sign Gemini is considered to be produce malefic results for India if at the time of the ingress it is afflicted . On the 14th May 2018 at 20.46 hrs Venus changed the sign to Gemini and just before the Election results were announced and has aspects of Retrograde Saturn. The reason is when ever the Lagna or the Lagna Lord of the Foundation chart of the Country is afflicted the Country suffers.. Venus is the Lagna Lord of the India Foundation chart , hence the whole Political system may be shake by these Karnataka Elections. There may be trouble to the Central Govt., State Govt. and it is possible that some serious changes may also be on the cards . All this points out Congress may not leave any stone unturned to make way for their Alliance with JD(S) for Victory in the Karnataka Elections. At the time of the Elections Mercury is the 2nd Lord and a marak and Mars  the 7th and 12th Lord  is also a marak and  the 2 maraks have inimical poorna  ithasala  also points out untoward happenings in the Country . Strikes, Processions against the BJP it so seems

Article 3

Swearing-in Ceremony Of BS Yeddyurappa As CM of Karnataka: What Stars Foretell ?” link…t-stars-foretell/  

Read this The Panchang of the Day

The day is Thursday  a benefic day and the Lord is Jupiter Retrograde in the 5th house of Pada Prapti  and placed in the yama of Gemini sign the Lagna of the chart where 5th and the 12th Lord Venus is placed and has aspects of Retrograde 8th and the 9th Lord Saturn Forming a Rudda Yoga with the Lagna Lord Mercury in the 11th house , Both are Placed in good houses but Saturn Lordship as the 8th Lord is not good , specially the Yama sign connection with a malefic Saturn Retrograde and Saturn having Favourable ithasla with Mercury may give initial good results and latter Termination of the same . Degrees of Saturn 14.22 and that of Lagna Lord and Mercury 11.45  and a difference of  3 degrees  is most malefic .  I have also discussed the Placement of Saturn in the Simhasan chakra which is also not good and placed in the Aasan Nadi with Rahu is a most Venomous parameter in the Oath chart and reduces the Tenure of the CM in the Dasha of Mars, Rahu or Saturn The Figure 3 is also 3 days from the 17th May and on 19th May 2018 he had to resign

Read the last Para also “From the above it seems that the Court will give time to BJP to prove its majority on the floor. The Oath Taking Chart is weak and Moon is not related to the Lagna  Lord or the 10th Lord Jupiter but placed well in the Simhasan Chakra and gives strength. Saturn is not Placed well in the Chart and offers disturbances  and  destructions. The Dasha of Mars for 95 days may bring negative influences  from the day one . Till JD(S) and BJP join together there  may not be good results for either one of them in the long run as per the Day of the elections . BJP tends to gain in the Process but it seems the Tenure of the CM suffers due to Ruddha Yoga as mentioned in the 1st Para of the Article and is most malefic . Read my article Supreme Court Allows BSY’s Swearing-in: What Stars Foretell” link…t-stars-foretell/ the Transit of Venus in the Sign Gemini may produce the most malefic results in Karnataka  and not a good time till Venus in Gemini till 8th June 2018 it so seems ” With in 3 days of the Mars Dasha as pointed out from the day one ,

Article 4

Karnataka Election Crisis. Floor Test 19th May Before16.00 Hrs. : What Stars Have Up Their Sleeves ?…up-their-sleeves/  Read this para”Predictions prove on dot The Rudda Yoga of the Mercury and Saturn may give a big blow to BS Yeddyurappa it so seems since the Oath Taking Chart is showing crystal clear of the happenings with in 3 days and there is difference of Degrees of Saturn and Mercury 3 , it could be interpreted as 3 days also . The Only solution to BJP is if JD(S) also joins them in some way or the other since as per my Predictions of the Election on the 12th May 2018 at 07-00 hrs is BJP, JD(S) and other winning hence if they give support to each other then the game of Congress may fail which seems difficult but not ruled out .On the day of Proving the Majority Moon is in the 8th from the natal Moon of BJP, Narendra Modi and BS Yeddyurappa., but since benefic at the time of elections may not give bad results ” On dot Predictions  of 3 days from the 17th May 2018.

Article 5

SC Turns Down The Plea of Congress, Pro-tem Speaker To Oversee Trust Vote. What Stars Foretell For BJP Floor Test ? :…r-bjp-floor-test/ 

Read the last Para “If as per ill luck the floor test starts before 16.08 hrs. it may not be auspicious for BJP  for the floor test this may please be noted . The start has been good so the end will also be good hence BJP will win the Floor and the Start will take place after 16.10 hrs it so seems , The Most malefic period is from 14.53 hrs to 16.10 hrs for BJP since then the Lagna will be Virgo and also the Yama sign will be Virgo and the Lord is in the 8th house aspects of Exalt Mars from the Pad Prapti is the Most malefic Period, if they pass this period and floor test  after 16-10 hrs then good else they may fail”, My Predictions Prove on dot and Proves ASTROLOGY SPEAKS LOUDLY

This Proves that the Tamil Jyotish Shastra is the Backbone of Astrology . The Following Parameters Played negative role for BJP as predicted by me  in the 5 Articles written on the Karnataka Elections. 

  1. Oath Taking chart most malefic combinations  . The Ruddha Tajik Yoga played amazing role. Mercury and Saturn in Good Houses and difference of 3 degrees  and Since Saturn Retrograde would first give benefic results and then Terminate the same since Retrograde and the Lord of the 8th and the 9th house. 3 degrees = 3 days as mentioned by me in the articles and hence 19th May 2018 a day of Fall for BJP
  2. Yama Moon and Event Moon 6/8 axis supposed to be most malefic in today’s Oath Taking and Floor Test
  3. Transit Moon in 8th house from Natal Moon of BJP, Narendra Modi and BS Yeddyurappa
  4. Time of 14.53 hrs today on the 19th May to 16.08 was most venomous of Virgo Lagna and Day Lord Saturn in the yama of Mercury who who is placed in the 8th house and aspected by exhalted Mars 8th Lord  from the 5th house of Pad Prapti .
  5. Saturn the Planet of Masses , destruction and death in the Aasan Nadi in the Simhasan Nadi.  with Rahu most malefic Period for the Oath taking Chart .
  6. Venus ingress in Gemini sign on the eve of the Election results is most malefic for the Political scenario for India since the sign gemini has only 19 bindoos in the ashtvarga  and has proved most malefic on earlier occasions , hence till 8th June 2018 most malefic and then when afflicted in Cancer sign could further escalate the Political drams in the Country

All the above parameters were pointed out in the above 5 articles written with care and hence proved amazingly on dot even the time and the Date . from 14.53 to 16-08 hrs  3 days from the day of Oath 17th May 2018. ASTROLOGY SPEAKS LOUDLY


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