1906 April Earthquake San Francisco 8th Nov. 2022 – 13th March 2023 Prone To Earthquakes Natural Disasters

by astrodocanil

“1906 April Earthquake San Francisco 8th Nov. 2022 – 13th March 2023 Prone To Earthquakes Natural Disasters “

We have Identical Planetary positions  between the 17th Jan to 13th March 2023 for the Placement of Mars in Taurus and Saturn in Aquarius with the 1906 Earthquake in San Francisco which took place 116-117 years back on the 18th April 1906. In this Article I am going to Analyse the Impact of the Planetary positions  for an Earthquake of Dimension in the California US. The Planetary Positions will take most ugly shape after the 24th Sept. 2022 to 13th March 2023 and to be more specific till the 26th April 2023 in this Connection of an Natural Disaster

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A Query  was raised by a resident of the California on the 31st August 2022at 08-41 hrs  New Delhi . Will, there be an Earthquake parallel 1906 in San Francisco  ?

My Analysis as per the Jamakkol Prashna  as Follows 

The Chart is below

The Important Parameters are as below for Earthquake

  1. Udhayam  is Scorpio has Kuligan   Affliction
  2. Udaypati Mars is in the 6th house and own sign
  3. 4th house from the Udhayam is Aquarius and has Jupiter , but the Kavippu approaching the 4th house and with Transit Jupiter  hence there will be loss of the Wealth and Happiness.
  4. 8th House is Gemini and the Snake approaching the 8th house of sudden losses and Death
  5. Planets towards Mrityu Jupiter    Loss of Wealth
  6. Planets towards Saturn Karka for Masses and Longevity Emakandum
  7. Planets towards 8th Lord Rahu-Time .
  8. Planets towards Kuligan Venus
  9. Planets in Kavippu Jupiter

Analysis asper the Transit Planets adverse for Earthquake 

  1. Lagna Virgo afflicted
  2. Lagna has Moon and Mercury
  3. Lagna has Emakandum
  4. 4th house is owned by Jupiter  and placed in the 7th house from the Lagna with Kavippu
  5. Sun having aspect of Mars the 8th Lord  for Virgo Lagna
  6. Both Sun and Moon Life giving forces afflicted


Taking the L.C.M of the Saturn, Jupiter and the Nodes the Lowest Common factor is 30 and 1906 Earthquake took place 117 years approximately till Jan 2023 back and 30×4 =120  Hence there is a Possibility. of an Earthquake In San Francisco till 2025 May when Saturn and Rahu Join Pisces in a Broader spectrum. Note this parameter 

Taking the Cycle of Nodes as 19 years it has completed  6 cycles . and Rahu and Ketu will be in Cardinal signs  parallel to the 1906 Earthquake.

Hence there is a Possibility of an Earthquake in the San Francisco from the 24th Sept. to 26th April 2023

Let us study the Planetary Positions  and parameters important for the occurrence of the same 

1. Earthquakes  normally  follow close to the heels of the Eclipses . In the Present Juncture  the Solar and Lunar Eclipses of the 25th Oct and 8th Nov. 2022 respectively.

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